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Number of Figures Contributed 263

Masters > Accessories

Title Description Date Uploaded
DBA Based Terrain   07/27/2013
DBA Based Terrain and Camp Embellishments   07/27/2013
DBA Based Terrain Built Up Area   07/27/2013

Ancient > Prehistoric

Title Description Date Uploaded
Beaker People Dagger, Axe, Bow, Leader   08/25/2012

Ancient > Ancients to 500 AD

Title Description Date Uploaded
Acheans Chariot, Blades, Warband, Pikemen, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Anglo Saxons Spears, Horde, Cavalry, Warband, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Avar Cavalry Light Horse, Cavalry   02/02/2013
Avar Cavalry   02/02/2013
Barbarians Ealry Northern Europe Chariot, Cavalry, Warband, Psiloi   02/16/2013
Bedouins Chariot, Camelry, Auxilia, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Burial Mound Culture Warband, Bowmen, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Canaanites Chariot, Bow, Blade, Auxilia   02/02/2013
DBA Based Camilian Romans   07/27/2013
DBA Based Campanians   07/27/2013
DBA Based Canaanites   07/27/2013
DBA Based Cherusci   07/27/2013
DBA Based Early Bronze Age Aunjetitz   07/27/2013
DBA Based Early Bronze Age Aunjetitz   07/28/2013
DBA Based Early Hebrew   07/27/2013
DBA Based Early Hebrew People   07/28/2013
DBA Based Early Lybians   07/28/2013
DBA Based Early Macaanites   07/28/2013
DBA Based Early Myceneans   07/28/2013
DBA Based Early to Middle Egyptian   07/28/2013
DBA Based Etruscan League   07/28/2013
DBA Based Geometric Greek   07/28/2013
DBA Based Germans 4th Century   07/28/2013
DBA Based Hallstatt Culture   07/28/2013
DBA Based Hittite Empire   07/28/2013
DBA Based Hyksos   07/28/2013
DBA Based Iberians   07/28/2013
DBA Based Indians   07/28/2013
DBA Based Late Westromans   07/28/2013
DBA Based Later Carthaginians   07/28/2013
DBA Based Later Mycenaean Achaeans   07/28/2013
DBA Based Mitanni   07/28/2013
DBA Based Neo Hittites   07/28/2013
DBA Based New Kingdom Egypt   07/28/2013
DBA Based Nubians   07/28/2013
DBA Based Parthians   07/27/2013
DBA Based Parthians   07/27/2013
DBA Based Polybian Romans   07/27/2013
DBA Based Pyrrhic Epirotes   07/28/2013
DBA Based Samnites   07/28/2013
DBA Based Sea Peoples   07/28/2013
DBA Based Submycenean Greek   07/28/2013
DBA Based Sumerian   07/28/2013
DBA Based Trojans   07/28/2013
DBA Based Urnfield Culture   07/28/2013
DBA Based Villanova Proper   07/28/2013
DBA Early Bedouins   07/27/2013
Egyptians Chariot, Bow, Blade, Psiloi, Horde   02/02/2013
Egyptians (New Kingdom) Chariot, Blade, Bow, Warband, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Emishi Cavalry, Psiloi, Bow   02/02/2013
Emishi Bow, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Germanic Warband   09/13/2013
Germanic Warband   02/02/2013
Greek Dark Ages Chariot, Warband, Cavalry, Blade, Auxilia, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Greek Dark Ages Chariot, Warband, Cavalry, Blade, Auxilia, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Hebrew Auxilia, Warband, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Hittites Chariot, Spear, Psiloi, Horde   02/16/2013
Hyksos Chariot, Blades, Auxilia, Psiloi, Horde   02/02/2013
Incans Litter, Auxilia, Psiloi, Warand   02/16/2013
Indian Light Horse, Elephant, Blade, Auxilia, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Japanese Cavalry, Bow, Auxilia, Psiloi, Bow   02/02/2013
Japanese Cavalry, Bow, Auxilia, Artillery   02/02/2013
Makkan Warband, Cavalry, Camelry, Bow, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Mayans Auxilia, Psiloi   02/16/2013
Melanesians Spear, Psiloi   02/16/2013
Minoans Chariot, Pikemen, Auxilia, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Mitanni Chariot, Horde, Auxilia, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Mixtecs Auxilia, Psiloi   02/16/2013
Muslim Cavalry, Bow, Light Horse, Psiloi, Warband   02/02/2013
Native Americans (Northwest Coast) Bow, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Neo Hittites Chariot, Auxilia, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Nubian Bow, Warband, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Parthians Knights, Psiloi, Light Horse, Auxilia   02/02/2013
Picts Cavalry, Spear, Light Horse, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Polynesians Blades, Psiloi   02/16/2013
Romans Cavalry, Spear, Blade, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Romans (Late Western) Knight, Artillery, Blade, Cavalry, Auxilia, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Romans Camilian Cavalry, Blades, Spears, Psiloi   02/16/2013
Romans Polybian Cavalry, Blades, Spears, Psiloi   02/16/2013
Samnites Cavalry, Auxilia   02/02/2013
Sea Peoples Chariot, Blade, Auxilia, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Slavs Cavalry, Auxilia, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Sumerians Chariot, Pike, Blade, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Trojans Chariot, Blade, Auxilia, Spear, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Urnfield Culture Chariot, Blade, Cavalry, Spear, Psiloi   02/02/2013
Villanova Italians Cavalry, Chariot, Warband, Auxilia, Psiloi   02/02/2013

Medieval > Medieval 500 - 1500 AD

Title Description Date Uploaded
DBA Based Anglo Saxons   07/27/2013
DBA Based Asuka to Nara Period Japanese   07/27/2013
DBA Based Avars   07/27/2013
DBA Based Avars   07/27/2013
DBA Based Carolingians   07/27/2013
DBA Based Emishi   07/27/2013
DBA Based Late Heian to Early Kamakura Japanese   07/27/2013
DBA Based Picts   07/27/2013
DBA Based Slavs   07/27/2013

Renaissance > Others

Title Description Date Uploaded
DBA Based Aztecs   07/27/2013
DBA Based Classical Mayan   07/27/2013
DBA Based Fidjians   07/27/2013
DBA Based Incan Empire   07/27/2013
DBA Based Mixtecs   07/27/2013
DBA Based North West Native Americans   07/27/2013
DBA Based Polynesians   07/27/2013

Top Downs > Ancients

Title Description Date Uploaded
Akkadian DBA Style, I/11a   06/14/2014
Alexandrian Imperial DBA Style, II/15   07/04/2014
Alexandrian Macedonian DBA Style, II/12   05/30/2014
Ancient Spanish DBA Style, II/39c   03/07/2015
Ancient Spanish DBA Style, II/39b   02/21/2015
Ancient Spanish DBA Style, II/39a   05/30/2014
Anglo Danish DBA Style, II/71   05/30/2014
Asiatic Early Successor DBA Style, II/16b   07/04/2014
Asiatic Early Successor DBA Style, II/16a   07/04/2014
Aztecs DBA Style, IV/63   05/30/2014
Britons DBA Style, II/53   08/28/2015
Caledonian DBA Style, II/60   06/14/2014
Campanian DBA Style, II/8b   07/04/2014
Classical Indian DBA Style, II/3   05/30/2014
Cuman DBA Style, III/79   06/14/2014
Dacians DBA Style, II/52   08/28/2015
Dog Peoples and Pueblo Cultures DBA Style, III/41   05/30/2014
Early Achaemenid Persian DBA Style, I/60a   10/04/2014
Early Armenian DBA Style, II/28b   09/12/2014
Early Bedouin DBA Style, I/6a   08/28/2015
Early Bedouin DBA Style, I/6b   08/28/2015
Early Carthaginian DBA Style, I/61a   03/13/2016
Early Egyptian DBA Style, I/2b   05/30/2014
Early Frankish DBA Style, II/72b   05/30/2014
Early German DBA Style, II/47e   06/14/2014
Early Hebrew DBA Style, I/27   05/30/2014
Early Hoplite Greek DBA Style, I/52c   07/04/2014
Early Hoplite Greek DBA Style, I/52d   07/04/2014
Early Hoplite Greek DBA Style, I/52f   07/04/2014
Early Hoplite Greek DBA Style, I/52h   07/04/2014
Early Hoplite Greek DBA Style, I/52b   05/30/2014
Early Libyan DBA Style, I/7b   06/14/2014
Early Northern Barbarians DBA Style, I/14d   03/07/2015
Early Northern Barbarians DBA Style, I/14a   05/30/2014
Early Sumerian DBA Style, I/1c   05/30/2014
Eastern Forest Americans DBA Style, IV/9   05/30/2014
Etruscan League DBA Style, I/57a   05/30/2014
Fanatic Berber DBA Style, III/74   06/14/2014
Gauls DBA Style, II/11   08/28/2015
Geometric Greek DBA Style, I/30b   05/30/2014
Graeco Bactrian and Indian DBA Style, II/36a   05/30/2014
Hasmonean Jewish DBA Style, II/50   03/13/2016
Hatra DBA Style, II/22c   03/13/2016
Hawaiians DBA Style, IV/12c   05/30/2014
Hittite Empire DBA Style, I/24b   06/14/2014
Huns DBA Style, II/80a   08/28/2015
Huns DBA Style, II/80d   08/28/2015
Illyrian DBA Style, I/47   08/28/2015
Italian Hill Tribes DBA Style, I/36   06/14/2014
Kappadokian DBA Style, II/14   08/28/2015
Kassite DBA Style, I/21a   06/14/2014
Khwrizmian DBA Style, IV/24   06/14/2014
Koguryo Korean DBA Style, II/76   06/14/2014
Kushan DBA Style, II/46b   05/30/2014
Late Imperial Roman (Eastern) DBA Style, II/78b   06/14/2014
Late Imperial Roman (Western) DBA Style, II/78a   06/14/2014
Later Amorite DBA Style, I/15   03/13/2016
Later Carthaginian DBA Style, II/32   06/14/2014
Later Moorish DBA Style, II/57   06/14/2014
Later Mycenean DBA Style, I/26   12/13/2014
Later Pre-Islamic Arab DBA Style, II/23c   03/13/2016
Later Visigothic DBA Style, II/82a   05/30/2014
Latin DBA Style, I/55c   05/30/2014
Lysimachid DBA Style, II/17   07/04/2014
Maccabean Jewish DBA Style, II/43   05/30/2014
Marian Roman DBA Style, II/49   06/14/2014
Medes DBA Style, I/40c   02/21/2015
Melukhkhan DBA Style, I/10   03/07/2015
Meroitic Kushite DBA Style, I/58   03/13/2016
Middle Anglo Saxon DBA Style, III/24a   05/30/2014
Middle Assyrian DBA Style, I/25a   05/30/2014
Minoan DBA Style, I/18   06/14/2014
Mitanni DBA Style, I/19   05/30/2014
Mixtec DBA Style, IV/53   05/30/2014
Mound Builder American DBA Style, IV/10   06/14/2014
Neo Assyrian DBA Style, I/51   05/30/2014
Neo Babylonian DBA Style, I/44a   05/30/2014
Neo Elamite DBA Style, I/42   05/30/2014
New Kingdom Egyptian DBA Style, I/22b   06/14/2014
Nobades and Blemmye DBA Style, II/55a   06/14/2014
North Western American DBA Style, IV/11   05/30/2014
Nubian DBA Style, I/3   05/30/2014
Old Saxon DBA Style, II/73   06/14/2014
Paekche Korean DBA Style, II/75   06/14/2014
Papal Italian DBA Style, III/76   06/14/2014
Parthian DBA Style, II/37   09/12/2014
Patrician Roman DBA Style, II/83a   06/14/2014
Philistine DBA Style, I/29b   06/14/2014
Polybian Roman DBA Style, II/33   07/04/2014
Polynesian DBA Style, IV/12a   06/14/2014
Polynesian DBA Style, IV/12b   06/14/2014
Prussian DBA Style, IV/28   05/30/2014
Ptolemaic DBA Style, II/20a   07/04/2014
Pyrrhic DBA Style, II/27a   08/28/2015
Pyrrhic DBA Style, II/27b   08/28/2015
Republican Indian DBA Style, II/1   05/30/2014
Rus DBA Style, III/48   03/07/2015
Samnite DBA Style, II/13   05/30/2014
Sarmatians DBA Style, II/26   05/30/2014
Sassanid Persian DBA Style, II/69   05/30/2014
Scots Irish DBA Style, II/54a   06/14/2014
Seleucid DBA Style, II/19a   07/04/2014
Seleucid DBA Style, II/19c   06/14/2014
Shang Chinese DBA Style, I/13b   05/30/2014
Sicilian DBA Style, IV/5a   06/14/2014
Silla Korean DBA Style, II/77b   06/14/2014
Skythian DBA Style, I/43a   06/14/2014
Syracusan DBA Style, II/9   05/30/2014
Tarascan DBA Style, IV/19   05/30/2014
Teutonic Orders DBA Style, IV/30   02/21/2015
Thracian DBA Style, I/48   02/21/2015
Tullian Roman DBA Style, I/59   05/30/2014
Uratian DBA Style, III/39b   09/12/2014
Vedic Indian DBA Style, I/23a   03/07/2015
Villanovan Italian DBA Style, I/33b   05/30/2014
Zagros Highlanders DBA Style, I/4a   06/14/2014

Top Downs > Medieval

Title Description Date Uploaded
Albanian DBA Style, IV/69   07/19/2014
Burgundian DBA Style, II/70a   03/13/2016
Early Crusader DBA Style, IV/7   06/14/2014
Early Flanders DBA Style, IV/57a   08/28/2015
Early Lombard DBA Style, III/2   08/28/2015
Early Polish DBA Style, III/62a   08/28/2015
Early Samurai DBA Style, III/54   08/28/2015
Fatimid Egyptian DBA Style, III/65   03/13/2016
Fatimid Egyptian DBA Style, III/35b   03/13/2016
Germans DBA Style, IV/13b   08/28/2015
Hundred Years War English DBA Style, IV/62   07/04/2014
Hussite DBA Style, IV/80   06/14/2014
Later Pre-Islamic Arab DBA Style, II/23a   03/13/2016
Later Swiss DBA Style, IV/79   06/14/2014
Medieval French DBA Style, IV/64b   07/04/2014
Medieval German DBA Style, IV/13a   03/13/2016
Medieval Scandinavian DBA Style, IV/54b   06/14/2014
Medieval Scandinavian DBA Style, IV/54a   06/14/2014
Medieval Swedish DBA Style, IV/54c   06/14/2014
Middle Frankish DBA Style, III/5a   03/13/2016
Norse DBA Style, III/40b   07/19/2014
Norse Irish DBA Style, III/46   08/28/2015
Ottoman DBA Style, IV/55b   09/12/2014
Russians DBA Style, IV/44a   08/28/2015
Saxons Infantry, Elite Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, Skirmishers, General, Priest   02/12/2011
Scots Common Army DBA Style, IV/16   07/04/2014
Wallachian DBA Style, IV/65   07/04/2014
West Frankish DBA Style, III/51   06/14/2014

Top Downs > Renaissance

Title Description Date Uploaded
Aztec Warriors Atlatl, Priest, Javelin, Command, Bow, Jaguar Warriors, Infantry   03/05/2011
Inca DBA Style, IV/81   03/13/2016
Vlad's Army Infantry, Cavalry, Cannon, Bombard, Archers, Crossbows   03/05/2011

Top Downs > Early 20th Century

Title Description Date Uploaded
American Army Infantry, MG, Mortar, Medical   03/05/2011
Commonwealth Army Tank, Mortar, MG, Infantry, Sikh, Canadian, Trench Raiders, Flamethrower, Medical   03/05/2011
German Army Infantry, Flamethrower, Trench Raiders, Commandos, MG, Mortar, Medical   03/05/2011

Sci-Fi > Science Fiction & Alternative History

Title Description Date Uploaded
Space Colonies Greenies Space colony series   11/24/2012
Space Colonies Militia Space colony series   11/24/2012
Space Colonies Regulars Space colony series   11/24/2012
Space Colonies support troops Space colony series   11/24/2012
Space Colonies Tank troops Space colony series   11/24/2012

Sci-Fi > Alt-History

Title Description Date Uploaded
trouble in New Orleans voodoo priests, voodoo zombies, allies and investagators   07/24/2011

Fantasy > Fantasy-Top Down

Title Description Date Uploaded
Dragon Army Micro topdowns   03/04/2011