Helpful Links


Title Description Website
Canon Creative Park Grab bag of papercraft
Dave Graffam Models Papercraft buildings
Fat Dragon Games Paper buildings for RPGs
Germy Papercraft Buildings
Heritage Models Historical Buildings
Iceberg Bouwplaten Paper buildings
Paper Haunted Mansions Paper miniatures by Ray Keim
Paper Landmarks Detailed paper landmarks for purchase


Title Description Website
(French) Le Forum en papier Active paper figure community
(German) CFM Verlag Papercraft 3D Models
Fiddlers Green Paper Models and 3d Figures
Free Paper Toys Link list of paper craft toys
Game Icons Icons for your games
Gaming Geek Paper figures by pasiphilo
Genet Models Paper models and Toys
Heroics and Ros Small scale Miniatures
Junior General Deviant Art Support Group Unoffical Deviant art page, lots of extra figures
One Monk Miniatures
Paper Tiger Armaments 3d Foldup models
Papercraft Dungeon
Peter's Paperboys Paper wargame figures
Pixel Marshal Deviant Art Treasure trove of figure
PT Dockyard 1/300 Miniatures
Scotia Grendel 1/300 Miniatures
Ship Bucket A massive resource for naval figures
Zen Paper Miniatures Link site for paper miniatures


Title Description Website
Chaotic Shiny Site with a lot of random generation tools
Fantasy Name Generator Tons of generators for names, tools and other things
Rangen Site with a few solid generators and writing challenges
Seventh Sanctum Large set of random generators
Springhole Random Generators Random Generators for Gaming


Title Description Website
1879 Zulu War Forum about British and Zulu Wars WWW.1879ZULUWAR.COM
Civil War Maps Maps by Hal Jespersen
Encyclopedia mythica Articles on Mythology
Histomil Active forum about history
Military History Encyclopedia Thousands of articles on military history


Title Description Website
(German) Deutsche Fotothek Large set of maps
Mapire Historical Map Portal
RPG Map Share Free maps for RPGs and Wargames


Title Description Website
Cool mini or not Resource for miniatures
Plastic Solder Review Review of 1/72 Plastic Figure Set
The Miniatures Page Deep resource for all things miniatures
The plastic corner Ancient Wargame Plastic Figures
Valiant Miniatures WW2 Plastic and Metal Figures


Title Description Website
Alex's Flags Historical Flags
Alternate History Forums with discussions about alt history
Battle of Chaeronea Tabletop Simulator Juniorgeneral game rebuilt in tabletop simulator
Best of History Resource for Teachers
Blueprints Massive repository of blueprints
Card Modelers Cardstock Figure Sources
Cube Craft Printable characters
Drawing Database Resource for 3d models, or 2d ones!
Geoblox Providing unique educational products and services at reasonable prices
Litko Litko Game Accessories
Mapsymbs Military fonts such as aircraft and nato symbols
Modelismo y Maquetas Paper model website
Ninjatoes' papercraft website Papercraft website
Paper Kraft Resource for paper kraft
Paper Makeit Board game Accessories
Paper Modelers Forum for paper modelers
Papercraft Museum Huge list of papercrafts to print
Pixel Marshal Forums Forums with discussions about history and drawings
Sci-fi ship schematics Sci-fi ships such as Star Trek
Spiele Material Game Resources
Star Decals Decals for Plastic Models
Visions in Paper History of
War Flag Tons of awesome flags


Title Description Website
Review of Agincourt Game Review of JG Agincourt game by Macrowargamer
Thorwald Hrodgerson - Episode 22 Video about Juniorgeneral
Xaxk PixelMarshal Youtube Channel Great tutorials on how to create figures and vehicles


Title Description Website
Boardgame Geek Huge community of board game fans
Cotton Reel Tank Portable Wargames Online wargames using Juniorgeneral figures
Engle Matrix Games Start with a problem. Say what happens next
Free wargame rules
Grand Manoeuvre Rules for large scale games
Honours of War Wargame for Seven Years War
Jim Wallman Free Wargames In-depth free wargames
Kriegspeiel Featuring Kriegsspiel, the 19th Century military training system and other map related, umpire moderated wargames
Masters of the Field Historical Wargaming Group
Megablitz WW2 Wargame Rules
Pendraken Forum Forum for Pendraken Miniatures
PIGames Wargames and disposable figures
Rapid Fire Rules WW2 Wargame Rules
Wargame Developments Dedicated to developing wargames
Warpspawn Games Treasure trove of free card, board and other types of games