Wargames for Everyone



Title Description
Kadesh (1300 BC) Chariots lead the way as the Egyptian and Hittite empires face off in this bronze age battle. (Miniature Battle)
Battle of Marathon (490 BC) The outnumbered Athenians drive the Persians into the sea. A good scenario for beginners. (Miniature Battle)
Battle of Thermopylae (480 BC) The Spartans make a stand against the mighty Persian army in the narrow mountain pass (Miniature Battle) by LifeStar
Battle of Salamis (480 BC) Only the Greek navy can save Greece from the Persians (Miniature Battle)
Battle of Chaeronea, 338 BC Philip II of Macedon and his son Alexander want to take control of Greece, but the Theban Sacred Band is ready to fight to the death to stop them (Miniature Battle) by Brett Drake
Granicus (334 BC) Alexander the Great invades Persia. His first challenge: crossing the Granicus River in the face of a Persian army. (Miniature Battle)
Punic Wars - Battle of Trebbia (218 BC) Hannibal crosses the Alps and crushes a Roman army. (Miniature Battle)
Punic Wars - Battle of Cannae (216 BC) Hannibal's legendary victory was a catastrophic defeat for Rome. (Miniature Battle)
Punic Wars - Battle of Zama (202 BC) The legendary Hannibal meets his match in Scipio. A spectacular battle. (Miniature Battle)
Roman Civil War - Pharsalus (48 BC) The decisive battle of the war between Caesar and Pompey. (Miniature Battle)
Battle of Adrianople (378 AD) The Visigoths score an upset against the Romans. An important step in the decline of the Roman Empire. (Miniature Battle)
Battle of Chalons (451 AD) Attila and the Huns invade Western Europe. (Miniature Battle)


Title Description
Medieval Castle Siege "Have fun storming the castle!" (Miniature Battle)
Battle of the Barons A power struggle set in feudal Europe during the late Middle Ages (Map Game)
Battle of Hastings(1066 AD) The Normans conquer England. (Miniature Battle)
The Crusades - Battle of Hattin (1187 AD) Saladin breaks the power of the Crusader kingdoms (Miniature Battle)
The Mongols - Battle of Liegnitz (1241 AD) Saddle up and join the Mongols as they ride over their enemies (Miniature Battle)
The Barons' Wars - Siege of Kenilworth Castle (1266 AD) The longest siege in English history finds King Henry III with his hands full against the rebellious nobles (Matrix Game)
Hundred Years War -Battle of Agincourt (1415 AD) Henry V and his English longbow men face a powerful French army (Miniature Battle)
War of the Roses- Battle of Towton (1461) This Yorkist victory, the bloodiest battle on British soil, confirmed Edward IV as King (Miniature Battle) by Graham Harrison


Title Description
Blood and Gold (1492 - 1763 AD) The European Powers compete to establish empires in the New World (Map Game) Developed by Matt Unsworth
Aztecs vs. Conquistadors (1519-1521 AD) Cortes and his Spaniards are marching towards the capital. What will Montezuma do about it? (Map Game) Developed by Matt Unsworth
Aztecs vs. Conquistadors (1521) AD Cortes attacks the Aztec capitol of Tenochtitlan (Miniature Battle)
Lepanto (1571) AD Control of the Mediterranean is the prize when Don Juan leads the Holy League against a powerful Turkish fleet (Miniature Battle)
Spanish Armada (1588) AD The English sea dogs take on the mighty Spanish Armada (Miniature Battle)
Samurai Japan: Sekigahara (1600 AD) Two large Japanese armies fight to make their leader Shogun, ruler of a united Japan (Miniature Battle)
Thirty Years War -Breitenfeld (1631 AD) King Gustavus of Sweden teaches the Imperials a lesson in modern warfare (Miniature Battle)
English Civil War - Marston Moor (1644 AD) The Scots enter the war on the side of Parliament and help win a major victory over the Royalists in the north of England (Miniature Battle)
English Civil War - Naseby (1645 AD) The New Model Army wins a crucial victory over King Charles I and the Royalists (Miniature Battle)

18th Century

Title Description
Great Northern War: Kliszow (1702) Facing an alliance of Saxony, Denmark, and Russia, Charles XII of Sweden decides to try and knock Saxony out of the war. (Miniature Battle)
War of the Spanish Succession: Blenheim (1704) The Duke of Marlborough proves the French aren't invincible after all (Miniature Battle)
War of the Spanish Succession: Ramillies (1706) The Duke of Marlborough drives the French out of the Spanish Netherlands (Miniature Battle)
Great Northern War: Holowczyn (1708) Charles XII decides to invade Russian through the "river gates" of Poland. The Russians dig in behind a stream determined to stop the Swedes. (Miniature Battle)
Great Northern War: Lesnaya (1708) Peter the Great uses a "scorched earth" strategy to slow the Swedish invasion of Russian. He seizes the opportunity to attack the Swedes defending the critical supply wagons. (Miniature Battle)
Great Northern War: Poltava (1709) Russia vs. Sweden in a decisive battle that helped Russian and Peter the Great replace Sweden as a major European power (Miniature Battle)
Jacobite Uprising: Prestonpans (1745) Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Highlanders catch the English napping, raising hopes among the Jacobites and fear among the English (Miniature Battle)
Siege of Louisbourg: 1745 & 1758 The great French fortress in Nova Scotia surrendered twice by Rod Redden
Jacobite Uprising: Falkirk (1746) The Jacobites win another victory on the rain soaked battlefield at Falkirk Moor (Miniature Battle)
Jacobite Uprising: Culloden (1746) The Duke of Cumberland brings the Jacobite Uprising to an end with this devastating victory over the "Young Pretender" (Miniature Battle)
Seven Years War: Leuthen (1757) Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, uses his oblique attack order to score a famous victory against Austria (Miniature Battle)
French & Indian War: Ticonderoga (1758) Montcalm leads the French to victory despite the courageous attack of the Black Watch by Rod Redden
French & Indian War: Quebec (1759) The fate of French Canada hangs in the balance as Wolfe and Montcalm face off on the Plains of Abraham by Stephen D. Smith
The American Revolutionary War - The Battle of Saratoga (1777) Benedict Arnold is the hero as the Americans defeat the British, leading to the surrender of an entire British army and encouraging France to enter the war. (Miniature Battle)
The American Revolutionary War - The Battle of King's Mountain (1780) Loyalist and Patriot militias fight a bitter battle in the mountains of North Carolina by Rod Redden (Miniature Battle)
The American Revolutionary War - The Battle of Guilford Courthouse (1781) The largest battle in the south is a ruinous victory for Cornwallis and the British. (Miniature Battle)

19th Century

Title Description
Trafalgar (1805) Admiral Nelson leads the British to one of history's most decisive naval victories (Miniature Battle)
Salamanca (1812) Wellington's great victory in the Peninsular Campaign by Rod Redden (Miniature Battle)
The War of 1812 - Battle of Lake Erie (1813) Commodore Perry challenges the British for control of the lake by Peter Pellegrino (Miniature Battle)
War of 1812 - Chippawa (1814) Winfield Scott's famous "Grey Jackets" take on the British and win. (Miniature Battle)
Waterloo (1815) The defense of Hougoumont may have been the key to victory (Miniature Battle)
Quatre Bras (1815) Marshal Ney must capture the strategic crossroads for Napoleon by Graham Harrison (Miniature Battle)
Latin American Wars of Independence - Maipo (1818) San Martin's great victory liberates Chile from Spanish rule.
Latin American Wars of Independence - Boyaca (1819) The liberation of Colombia is the result when Bolivar catches the royalist army crossing a bridge
Latin American Wars of Independence - Carabobo (1821) Bolivar's victory wins the independence of Venezuela.
Latin American Wars of Independence - Ayacucho (1824) The last Spanish army in South America is defeated, ending Spanish colonial rule of the continent.
The Alamo (1836) Santa Anna won the battle, but the Texans won the war. (Miniature Battle)
The American Civil War - The Battle of First Bull Run (1861) Hopes for a quick end to the war were dashed with the South's first victory. (Miniature Battle)
The American Civil War - Civil War in Thirty Minutes (1862) A combination of matrix game and map movement simulates the eastern campaign in 1862. (Matrix and Map Battle)
Battle of Hamptons Road (1862) The first battle between ironclad warships.
The American Civil War - The Battle of Gettysburg (1863) This scenario focuses on the Rebel attacks on Devil's Den and Little Round Top. (Miniature Battle)
The American Civil War - The Battle of Gettysburg (1863) This scenario focuses on Pickett's Charge (Miniature Battle) by Jarrett Voight (Miniature Battle)
Camerone (1863) The French Foreign Legion go to Mexico and fight like devils (Miniature Battle)
The American Civil War - The Battle of Mobile Bay (1864) Design and fight a Civil War ironclad by Peter Pellegrino (Miniature Battle)
The American Civil War - Anaconda, Civil War Blockade Game (1864) Can the Union blockade force the South to surrender before the mounting casualties force the Union to sue for peace by Peter Pellegrino (Card Game)
The Austro-Prussian War - Battle of Lissa (1866) Ironclads and wooden steamships battle at sea for the first time by Prior Aelred Glidden (Miniature Battle)
Battle of Little Bighorn (1876) The Sioux and Cheyenne team up to count coup on Custer and the 7th Cavalry. (Miniature Battle)
Zulu Wars - Isandlwana (1879) The Zulus inflict a stinging defeat on the British (Miniature Battle)
Zulu Wars - Isandlwana (1879) A different set of rules for the battle by Matt Unsworth (Miniature Battle)
Spanish American War - Battle of San Juan Hill (1898) The battle that made Teddy Roosevelt's reputation, go behind the myth and find out what really happened (Miniature Battle)
Russo-Japanese War - Battle of Tsushima Strait (1905) Admiral Togo leads the Japanese fleet to a decisive victory by Peter Pellegrino ( Miniature Battle)

Early 20th

Title Description
WWI - Aerial Combat (1914-1918) Hop into the cockpit and try to become an ace (Miniature Battle)
WW I - Trench Assault (Verdun 1916) The Germans hit the French with a hurricane barrage then try to storm their trenches (Miniature Battle)
WWI - Jutland (1916) The great naval battle of the war pitted the dreadnoughts of Germany and Britain against each other (Miniature Battle)
WW I - Zeppelins Over London (1916) German zeppelins are on their way to bomb London, the RAF scrambles to intercept them Peter Pellegrino (Miniature Battle)


Title Description
World War II - Skirmish Fast and Easy rules for skirmish battles using plastic army men or other figures, plus 10 scenarios by Brett Drake. (Miniature Battle)
World War II - Air Combat Fast and Easy rules for fighters and bombers by Mic McGoldrick & Bill Molyneaux. (Miniature Battle)
World War II - Air Combat Can you survive long enough to become an ace? Fighter vs. Fighter combat using a card based maneuver system developed by Mic McGoldrick. (Miniature Battle)
World War II - Battle of Britain (1940) France has fallen and Hitler is planning the invasion of Britain. Can the Royal Air Force save the day? Developed by Matt Unsworth
World War II - Sink the Bismarck (1941) The British Royal Naval intercepts the German Battleships Bismarck and Prinz Eugen by Peter Pellegrino (Card and Miniature Battle)
World War II - Attack on Pearl Harbor (1941) Japan's surprise attack on the US Navy by Peter Pellegrino (Miniature Battle) Updated!
World War II - Battle of the Atlantic (1942) Supply convoys trying to cross the Atlantic face the deadly menace of German U-boat "wolf packs" Peter Pellegrino (Card and Miniature Battle)
World War II - Guadalcanal (1942) Japanese and American naval task forces run into each other at night, sparking a confusing, close range night battle Peter Pellegrino (Miniature Battle)
World War II - Battle of Midway (1942) This carrier duel was the turning point in the war in the Pacific. (Miniature Battle)
World War II - Kursk (1943) Germany gambles everything on a desperate final offensive aimed at knocking the Soviets out of the war. The greatest tank battle of the war ends in victory for the Soviets. (Miniature Battle)
World War II - Kursk (1943) A different set of rules for the Battle of Kursk developed by Matt Unsworth (Miniature Battle)
World War II -D-Day (1944) Join the first wave as they begin the liberation of France by assaulting Bloody Omaha Beach. (Miniature Battle)
World War II - Bombers over Germany (1945) B-17s escorted by the Tuskegee airmen encounter a force of German interceptors which includes some jet aircraft (Miniature Battle)

Cold War

Title Description
Korean War - Air Combat (1950-1953) Jet vs. Jet combat as Migs battle Sabres in Mig Alley. This is a variant of the WW I aerial combat battle. (Miniature Battle)
Korean War - Inchon Landing (1950) A surprise amphibious landing to relieve the pressure on the Pusan Perimeter. by Brian Irish (Miniature Battle)
Vietnam - Ia Drang (1965) Col. Moore and the 7th Cav fight in "the battle that changed the war in Vietnam" (Miniature Battle)