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Number of Figures Contributed 272

Masters > Masters

Title Description Date Uploaded
Top-Down Poses 3 WWII and Modern   Before Time

Renaissance > Thirty Years War (1618-1648)

Title Description Date Uploaded
Spanish 1 Pikemen / Tercios (10 different)   Before Time
Spanish 2 Pikemen / Tercios (10 different)   Before Time
Spanish 3 Pikemen / Tercios (10 different)   Before Time
Swedes 2 Musketeers (12 different)   Before Time
Swedes 3 Musketeers (12 different)   Before Time

Renaissance > English Civil War (1642-1651)

Title Description Date Uploaded
Parliamentarians Pikemen and Musketeers (15 of each)   Before Time
Royalists Pikemen and Musketeers (10 of each)   Before Time

Renaissance > Others

Title Description Date Uploaded
Russians (1600s) Musket / Axe (14 different)   Before Time

18th Century > Marlburian (1700 - 1720) - War of Spanish Succession, Great Northern War, Queen Anne's War

Title Description Date Uploaded
Sardinian Infantry 8 different   Before Time

18th Century > Seven Years War (1754 - 1763)

Title Description Date Uploaded
Austrian Hussars   01/21/2011
Austrian Hussars   01/21/2011
Baden Musketeer, Grenadier   Before Time
Bavaria 1 Musketeer, Grenadier, Cuirassier, Dragoon   Before Time
Bavaria 2 Musketeers, Grenadiers (6 of each)   Before Time
British Dragoons 1-9th   01/21/2011
British Dragoons 10-14th   01/21/2011
Denmark Musketeer, Grenadier, Artillery, Cuirassier, Dragoon   Before Time
French Musketeer, Artillery, Mounted Commander, Cuirassier, Hussar, Dragoon   Before Time
French Hussars (1758) 4 Different Regiments   Before Time
French Hussars (1762) 4 Different Regiments   Before Time
Generic Sardinia   01/21/2011
Hanover Infantry 1 Musketeer, Grenadier, Dragoon   Before Time
Hesse-Kassel 1 Musketeer, Grenadier, Cuirassier   Before Time
Miscellaneous Cavalry Schaumburg-Lippe Carabinier, Palatinate Carabinier, Franconin Dragoon   Before Time
Miscellaneous Infantry Westphalian Musketeer, Brunswick Musketeer, Palatinate Grenadier, House Cities Grenadier   Before Time
Netherlands Musketeer, Grenadier, Artillery, Cuirassier, Dragoon   Before Time
Prussian Hussar 1-8th   01/21/2011
Russians Musketeer, Grenadier, Artilleryman, Cannon, Cuirassier, Dragoon, Mounted Commander   Before Time
Russians Hussars 5 different regiments   Before Time
Sardinian Infantry 5 7 different regiments   Before Time
Saxon Infantry 1 Musketeers and Grenadiers (6 of each)   Before Time
Saxon Infantry 2 Musketeers and Grenadiers (6 of each)   Before Time
Swabia Musketeer, Grenadier   Before Time
Wurttembergers Musketeer, Grenadier   Before Time

18th Century > Other

Title Description Date Uploaded
British (1742) Musketeers, Grenadiers, Artillery, Dragoon   Before Time
British Dragoons (1742)   Before Time
Early 18th Century Electorate of Saxony Musketeers, Grenadiers, Artillery, Cuirassier, Dragoon, Commander   Before Time
French Dragoons (1733) 6 Different Regiments   Before Time
French Dragoons (1733) 1) 6 Different Regiments   Before Time
Saxony 8 Different Regiments   Before Time

19th Century > Napoleonic Era (1799-1815) & War of 1812

Title Description Date Uploaded
Austrian Cavalry 1 Cuirassier, Uhlan, Hussar, Dragoon, Chevaux Leger   Before Time

19th Century > Colonial Wars

Title Description Date Uploaded
Belgian Colonial 1 Officer and Infantry (blue and white uniforms), Native Askari   Before Time
British Colonial 2   Before Time
British Late 19th Century 1 9 different regiments   Before Time
British Late 19th Century 2 9 different regiments   Before Time
British Late 19th Century 3 8 different regiments   Before Time
German Colonial Infantry Officer, Infantry, Native Askari (2 different)   Before Time
Miscellaneous Colonial English Officer, King's African Rifles, German Marines, Portuguese Officer, Portuguese Colonial Infantry   Before Time
Zulus 2 9 different amabutho   Before Time
Zulus 3 9 different amabutho   Before Time
Zulus 4 4 different amabutho   Before Time

19th Century > Others

Title Description Date Uploaded
1846-1914 2 12 different regiments   Before Time
Austro-Hungarian Infantry 1853-1890 Infantry (7 different) and Jaegers (2 different)   Before Time
Austro-Hungarian Infantry 1890-1909 Infantry (3 different) and Landwehr (2 different)   Before Time
British Heavy Cavalry (1890) 12 different   Before Time
British Hussars (1890) 12 different   Before Time
British Lancers (1890) 6 different   Before Time
French Carabiniers (1860) 2 different   Before Time
French Cuirassier (1860) 10 different   Before Time
French Hussars (1860) 8 different   Before Time
French Lancers (1859) 8 different   Before Time
German Hussars 17 different   Before Time
German Infantry 1846-1914 3 12 different regiments   Before Time
German Infantry 1846-1914 4 12 different regiments   Before Time
German Infantry 1890 Infantry (2 different), Officer, Cannon and Crew   Before Time
German Infantry 19th Century   01/21/2011
German Uhlans 19 different   Before Time
Russian Cossacks 1 6 different regiments   Before Time
Russian Cossacks 2 5 different regiments   Before Time
Russian Dragoons 9 different regiments   Before Time
Russian Lancers 14 different regiments   Before Time

Early 20th > Ships

Title Description Date Uploaded
Russian Ships (Tsushima)   04/23/2011

Cold War > Soviet Union & Warsaw Pact

Title Description Date Uploaded
Soviet Tu-95 Bear Bomber Top-Down   Before Time

Modern > United States

Title Description Date Uploaded
Helicopters (Top-Downs) Chinook (2), Black Hawk, Little Bird, Dolphin   Before Time
Rangers 1 M16 (2 different), M16A1, Officer, Radioman, pre-2001 (black berets and ERDL Woodland camo) and post-2001 (brown berets and MARPAT Woodland camo)   Before Time

Modern > European

Title Description Date Uploaded
British Aircraft (Top-Downs) Phantom, Jaguar, Harrier, Tornado, Sea King (4), Gazelle, Lynx   Before Time
French Foreign Legion 1 MAT49 (2 different), Officer (olive green, CECAM camo, Lizard camo)   Before Time
French Paratroopers MAT49, FAMAS, MAS49, MAS56, Officer (olive green, CECAM camo, and Lizard camo)   Before Time

Modern > Weapons

Title Description Date Uploaded
Weapons 2 Assault Rifles, SMGs, LMG, Milan anti-tank weapon Dirk Schoenberger   Before Time

Modern > Others

Title Description Date Uploaded
Australian SAS . M16 (2 different), Officer (olive green, AUSCAM camo)   Before Time

Modern > Micro-Scale

Title Description Date Uploaded
British Type 45 / Daring Class Destroyers   06/04/2011
Danish Thetis Class Frigate   06/18/2011
Dutch De Zeven Provincien Class Frigates   06/18/2011
Dutch Holland Class OPVs   06/18/2011
Dutch Jacob van Heemskerck Frigates   06/18/2011
Floreal Class Frigates French, Moroccan   06/18/2011
FREMM Class Frigates French, Italian   06/18/2011
French La Fayette Class Frigates   06/04/2011
German Frigates   06/18/2011
Horizon Class Frigates French, Italian   06/18/2011
Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen Class Frigates   06/18/2011
Russian Steregushchy Class Corvettes   06/04/2011
Spanish Frigates   06/18/2011
Ticonderoga Class Cruisers   06/04/2011

Top Downs > Ancients

Title Description Date Uploaded
Imperial Rome Cavalry, Blades, Auxiliaries, Light Horse, Scorpions, Psiloi, Warbands   Before Time
Kushite Egyptian Chariots, Cavalry, Spears, Bows, War Bands, Psiloi   Before Time

Top Downs > Renaissance

Title Description Date Uploaded
Artillery Dutch, English, Irish   Before Time
Cavalry English (6), Danish (5)   Before Time
Danish 12 different   Before Time
English 6 different   Before Time
English Cavalry 4 different   Before Time
French 6 different   Before Time
Hugenot 6 different   Before Time
Irish 1 12 different   Before Time
Irish 2 12 different   Before Time
Irish Cavalry 10 different   Before Time
Miscellaneous 6 different   Before Time

Top Downs > 19th Century

Title Description Date Uploaded
British Colonial (Zulu Wars) British, British Command, Natal Native Contingent, NNC Command, Natal Native Horse Dismounted, NNH Command, NNH Horse Holder, Royal Artillery   Before Time
Confederat Infantry (2), Infantry Command (2), Cavalry (2), Artillery   Before Time
Union Infantry (2), Infantry Command (2), Cavalry (2), Artillery   Before Time

Top Downs > Early 20th Century

Title Description Date Uploaded
WWI Aircraft RE-7, SE 5a, Sopwith Camel, Morse S-4, Sopwith Pup, Spad VII, Morane-Saulnier N, Fokker D VII, Fokker Dr. I, Albatross D III   Before Time

Top Downs > World War II

Title Description Date Uploaded
Aircraft B-17, P-51, P-47, Me-262, FW-190a   Before Time
Allied Artillery US M1, M115, M5, M101, M1A1, M1, M3, British 25 Pdr, 17 Pdr, 6 Pdr, 2 Pdr, 60 Pdr, 7.2 inch, Soviet Zis-2, 122mm, B-4, M1957, 152mm   Before Time
British Vickers MMG, Cromwell VI, Humber Scout Car, Bren Team, Bicycles, Command, PIAT, 2in Mortar, Universal Carrier, Infantry, Observers, Engineers, 3in mortar, 4.2 in mortar, Scots, Paratroopers, White Scout Car   Before Time
British Aircraft Spitfire V, Mosquito, Gloster Gladiator, Gloster Meteor, Bristol Beaufighter   Before Time
British Armor ACW, Matilda, Sexton, Wasp, Bob Sample, Marmon Herrington, Schofield, Dingo, Sentinel   Before Time
British Infantry Infantry, Command, Observation, 3 in Mortar, 4.2 in Mortar, Paratroopers, Engineers, Scots   Before Time
British Vehicles Matilda II, Daimler Scout Car, Universal Carrier, A-34 Comet-I, Priest, Centurion Mk V, Vickers Mk II Cmd, Valentine Mk I/II Cmd, Grant I Cmd   Before Time
British Vehicles & AA Guns A39, Beaverette III, Carden-Loyd Mk VI, Scorpion III, Bedford Truck (3), Leyland Hippo, Morris Truck (6), Bofors 40mm AA (4)   Before Time
British Vehicles (Desert) Mk IVA, Matilda II, Sherman (2), Valentine, Vickers Mk II, Mi IV, M3 Lee, Priest, Universal Carrier, AEC Dorchester, M3 White Scout Car, Humber Scout Car   Before Time
Canadian Armor Trucks, 40mm Bofors, Lunx, Fox, Skink, GMC, Grizzly, Ram, Badger, Kangaroo, WIndsor, Otter   Before Time
Finnish Armor T-26, Vickers E2, Vickers E1, FT-17, T-28, OT-130   Before Time
French 2 Char B1 bis (2), FT-17, Hotchkiss H-39, Panhard 178, Renault R-35 (2), Somua S-35, 25mm ATG, 47mm ATG, 75mm ATG   Before Time
French and German Armor Panzer 35(t), Panzer Ib, Char D2, AMC P16, FCM 36   Before Time
German Nebelwerfer, 20mm Flak, 37mm Flak, Infantry, Command, Engineer, Flamethrowers, Winter Camo, Recon, 120mm Mortar, Panzerschreck, Gun Crew, Bicycle   Before Time
German Afrika Korps Pz II C, Pz III F, Pz IV F1, Pz IV G, Infantry (2)   Before Time
German Aircraft 1 Me-323 Gigant, FW Ta-183, BandV Ae607, Hs P-87, He-111z, BandV P.170   Before Time
German Aircraft 2 Ho XVIIIa, Ho XVIIIb, Ar 555/1, Me-109 TL, Hs P.135   Before Time
German Aircraft 3 Dornier Do-217, Arado Ar-68, Dornier Do-335, Dornier Do-17   Before Time
German Armor PzB, Pz III, Kfz 15, Sdkfz 251, Pz IV, Sdkfz 250, Ostwind, Wirbelwind, BergeTiger, Elefant, Jagdpanther, Maultier, RSO, Dettendrad, FlammPz, Assault Boat, Bridgelayer   Before Time
German Armor Pz II, Sdkfz 251, Motorcycles, Brumbar, Grille, Kfz 70, Jagdtiger, Sdkfz 6, Wurframmen 40, Artillery Limber, Field Wagon, Tiger, JgPz IV   Before Time
German Armor 1 Pz Cmd, Pz IV A, Pz IV E, Pz IV F1, Pz IV F2, Pz Iv G, Pz IV H, Pz V D, Pz VI E, Tiger II   Before Time
German Armor 2 GW 38(t) M, GW 38(t) H, StuG III A-D, StuG III F, StuG III G, StuG IV, Marder II, Marder III, Wespe, Hummel, Hetzer, Nashorn   Before Time
German Armor 3 Karl, Sdkfz 231 8 Rad, Sdkfz 231 6 Rad, Sdkfz 232, Sdkfz 234/2, Sdkfz 234/3, Sdkfz 234/4, Sdkfz 250/1, Sdkfz 250/3, Sdkfz 250/7, Sdkfz 250/8, Sdkfz 250/9, Sdkfz 250/10   Before Time
German Armor 4 Pz III (3), Pz IV, Pz VI, Pz I Flame, 221, 251/6, 251/8, 140/1, Pz 38 (2), PzBefWg (2), 234/1, 250/11, 251/17, 251/11, Sand and Grey   Before Time
German Armor 5 P-1000, Maus, Sturm Tiger, MTW Kaetzchen, Flak 88 on Sdkfz 8 and 9, Sdkfz 252 (2), Sdkfz 304, StuH 42, Vk1602 Leopard, DAF M39   Before Time
German Artillery 75mm, 50mm, 37mm, 105mm, 150mm, 88mm   Before Time
German Guns and Artillery 88mm Flak 43, 88mm Pak 43/41, Nebelwerfer, 200 Flak 38, 37mm Flak 18, 20mm Flak 38, Mobelwagen   Before Time
German He-177 Bomber   Before Time
German Infantry LMG, MMG, Patrol, SMG, ATR, Paratroopers - MMG, LMG, Recon, Eng, 80 mm Mortar, Infantry, command, Weapons, Observers   Before Time
German Infantry Cavalry, MG, SMG, ATR, 50mm Mortar, Paratroopers, 80mm Mortar, Flamethrower, Command, Waffen SS, Cossack Cavalry, Observers   Before Time
German Vehicles Sdkfz 223, Sdkfz 4, Sdkfz 7, Sdkfz 7/1 Flak, Sdkfz 9, Sdkfz 10, Sdkfz 10/4, Sdkfz 10 tr, Kfz 15, Kfz 70, Kubelwagen, Schwimmwagen, Opel Blitz, Opel Blitz tr, Opel Blitz Ambulance, Krupp Protze   Before Time
German Vehicles (Desert) Pz I, Pz II, Pz III (2), Pz IV, Marder III, StuG III, 221, 222, 223, 250/1, 250/3, 250/10, 251/1, 251/3, 251/1C, 231, 232, 247, Pzjg I, 20mm (2), 10/4, 88mm, 105mm (3), 150mm, 50mm, 37mm, Sdkfz 7, Sdkfz 10, Kettenkrad   Before Time
Italian Armor Autoblinda, Scudato, Semovente (3), CV29, Lancia (2), Fiat 611 (2), CV L3 (6), Fiat 3000A (3), Catto Commando, Lancia Flamme (4), Lince Scout Car (4)   Before Time
Miscellaneous Aircraft P-38 Lightning, Curtiss Hawk, Arado Ar-65, Bristol Bulldog, Bolton-Paul Defiant   Before Time
Miscellaneous Armor and Vehicles 1 Panzer Ib, Krupp Protze (2), Sdkfz247 (2), Su-76 (2), T-28e, T34/76 (2), M4, M4A1, M4A2, M4A3 (3), M4A4, Centaur IV (2), Cromwell, Churchill II (2), Churchill III (2), Churchill IV, Churchill V, Churchill VII, Churchill VIII, Sherman Firefly, Churchill Crocodile, Archer, Tetrach (2), AEC Matador (4), AEC Dorchester, Humber, Chevy 30cwt   Before Time
Miscellaneous Armor and Vehicles 2 M4A3E2 (2), Carro Armato (4), Semovente (2), Vickers Mk VI (24), Churchill III and IV, Pak 40 on H-39, Sdkfz 7, sdkfz 9, Pzjg 35r, 15cm sIG on Pz I, Pz 38, Ferdinand, Jagdpanzer, Pz IIIL, Sdkfz 260, Sdkfz 8, Loraine, Tiger   Before Time
Miscellaneous Armor and Vehicles 3 sdkfz 222, 234/4, 251/17, 250/11, 9, 8, 260, 135/1, Pz IV Bridgelayer, M18, LVT-1, LVT-2, LVT-3, DUKW (2), Jeep, Pazerschreck, MG, Bazooka, Flamethrower   Before Time
Miscellaneous Armor and Vehicles 4 UE Chenilette (2), Valentine IX - XI, Valentine CS, Mk III, Krupp Armored Car, DAF M39, M3 75mm GMC, M3 T48   Before Time
Poland 1 Infantry (2), Cavalry, Wz 29, Wz 34, TKS, 7TPjw, 7TPdw, Vickers E2 6t, Vickers E1 6t, Bofors 37mm, Armata 75mm   Before Time
Soviet Aircraft Yak-1, I-16, I-15, La-7, I-153, MiG-5, LaGG-3, Su-1   Before Time
Soviet Armor 1 IS-2, T-26s, T-27, T-26, T-28, T-34/76, T-34/85, T-35, M16 MGMC   Before Time
Soviet Armor 2 OT-130, M4A3, M3, M4A1, Valentine II, SU-76, SU-85, SU-100, SU-122, ISU-152, BA-10, BA-20   Before Time
Soviet Armor 3 A-20, A-32, BA-11, BA-6, FAI-M, IS-4, KV-1 (2), KV-2, SG-122, SMK, T-100, SU-14BR2, SU-11, SU-12, T-12, T-18 (3), T-24, T-43, T-22, Valentine IX   Before Time
Soviet Infantry 47mm ATG, 76mm Field Gun, 76mm ATG, Motorcycles, Command, Inf Cmd, Recon, ATR Cmd, ATR, Eng Cmd, Eng, 120 mm Mortar   Before Time
Soviet Infantry 82mm Mortar, Infantry, SMG, MMG, Flamethrower, Gun Crew, Ski, Observers, Cavalry, Artillery Limber, Supply Wagon, 120mm Mortar, Command, ATR, Engineer, Recon   Before Time
Soviet Infantry Motorcycle, Gaz Truck, Artillery Tractor, T-35 Recovery, ISU-152, T-37, T-60, T-70, Zis-5, 47mm ATG, Jeep, 76mm KV-85, 76mm ATG, BT-5, BT-7, White Scout Car, BA-20, T-38, T-40, T-20, Tractors   Before Time
Soviet Rifle Battalion HQ, Rifle Coys, Weapons Coy, SMG Coy, Anti-Tank Coy   Before Time
Soviet Vehicles BA-64, White Scout Car, BM-13 Katyusha, T-34 Recovery, Zis-5, Zis-5 tr, Zis-42, Gaz-67, Gaz Truck, Gaz Cmd, Gaz Truck open, Gaz tr   Before Time
Top Down British WW2 Tanks bW   01/21/2011
Top Down German BW Tanks   01/21/2011
Top down WW2 BW Tanks   01/21/2011
US and British Armor and Vehicles Valentine III-IV, Bishop, Priest Matilda II-III, Crusader I-II, Cruiser II, Archer, Daimler AC, Rolls Royce AC, M4 Sherman (6), Daimler Scout Car, Cruiser Mk I-III, Crusader I-III, Matilda II-III   Before Time
US Armor and Vehicles 1 M10, M4A3, M3, M5A1, M4A1, M24, M8, M26, M3 Halftrack (3), M16 MGMC   Before Time
US Armor and Vehicles 2 WC-63 (2), CCKW-353 (2), WC-51 (2), Mg 37mm GMC, White Scout Car, M7, M3   Before Time

Top Downs > Cold War

Title Description Date Uploaded
Artillery US M561, M151, M109, M274, M110, M109 (2), M48, M50, M551, M198 (3), M167, Italian mod 56, GDF-001   Before Time
British Armor Rapier, Saracen, Trojan, Hornet, Samson, Saladin, Chieftain 2, Arden, Braveheart, Challenger 1 & 2, Centurion V & X   Before Time
French Armor VBC1, Leclerc 2, AMX-13d, 10, 30, 30s, 50, 13, ERC-90, ELC, EBR-75, AML   Before Time
German Armor Iltis, Kraka, Leopard (8), Marder (5), SP Hs-30, SP10 Kurz   Before Time
Helicopters German Bo-105, French Alouette 2 & 3, British Westland Scout, US Sious, Iroquios & Kiowa   Before Time
Miscellaneous Armor Twardy, Rosomak, Ariete C-1, Centauro, Iveco, YP-408, XA-180, Bv-206, M71, Ikv-91, M41, Pbv-302, Strv-103, Cv-9040, M-42, M-44, M114, M-50   Before Time
Russian Artillery T-54, BTR-40 (5), ZU-23 (2), D-20 (2), D-30 (2)   Before Time
Soviet Aircraft IL-28, MiG-15 Dirk Schoenberger   Before Time
Tanks Jordanian M60A3, US M60 (7), M48 (6), M47   Before Time
Warsaw Pact Armor Pion, BTR-50, Otter, Giatsin, Dana, BVP-1, Vodnik, MAV, Zil (3), BREM-1, GMZ-3, VT-34, BMD-3, TAB-71, OT-62 (2), OTC-64 (3), Pszh-IV   Before Time

Top Downs > Modern

Title Description Date Uploaded
Armor Russian Tigr, BMP-T, BMD-2, BTR-4, US Stryker (3), M1128, LAV (4), M1117   Before Time
Armor Austrian (8), Czech (2), Chinese (7), Danish, German (5), French, British (2), Korean (5)   Before Time
B-2 Bomber   Before Time
British Eurofighter 2000 Typhoon   Before Time
Civilian Cars Nissan Truck (4), Dodge Charger Police Car   Before Time
German Vehicles Fennek, Dingo, Fuchs (2), Jaguar (2), Marder (3), MAN Roland, 110 SFLARS (2), Luchs (2), Gepard, Wiesel (4), PZH 2000   Before Time
Helicopters Mangusta, Eurocopter Tiger, Gazelle, Rodvalk, Havoc, Hokum   Before Time
Jets 1 F-22, F-15, F-117, F-35A-C, F-111   Before Time
Jets 2 J-8, J-10, JF-17, Mig-21, Mig-29, Su-27   Before Time
Miscellaneous Armor British Fv432/30, Aus M113 (2), Hungarian Mistral, Russian MT-LBu, Chinese ZLC 2000, ZBD 2000, Type 96, PTL-02, ZSL-92, ZSD-89   Before Time
Russian Helicopters Mi-8 Hip, Mi-2 Hoplite, Mi-4 Hound   Before Time
Russian Helicopters Mi-6 Hook, Mi-26 Halo   Before Time
Russian Mig-29   Before Time
Russian Missiles & Artillery SS-20, Scud-B, Gvozdika, Akatsiya, Tyulpan, Tunguska, Nona-S, Buratino, Msta-S, MB-21, BM-27, MB-30, Shturm-C, Frog-3 & 7, SA-4, 6, 8, 9, & 13, RM-70   Before Time
Russian S-37   Before Time
Russian Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA   Before Time
Russian Tu-95 Bear Bomber   Before Time
Russian Vehicles ACRV-3, PRP-3, UAZ 469, GAZ 66, KrAZ (2), Zu-135, Zil (3), MAZ-543m, BAV-485, Ural 375 (3)   Before Time
Soviet Vehicles ASU-85, BMD-1, BRDM (7), BRM, BTR (11), PT-76, MT-LB, T-55, T-62, ZSU (2)   Before Time
Tanks Russian T-72 (5), T-80 (4), T-90, T-95, Ukrainian T-72 (5), T-84 (3)   Before Time
Top Down Modern BW tanks   01/21/2011
Top-Downs 10 SK-105 (2), Pandur (2). BLR-600, BMR-2, BMR-600 (2), VEC Pegasus, AMX-10P (6), YPR-765   Before Time
Top-Downs 11 French Eurocopter Tiger, Eurocopter Puma, NH90   Before Time
Top-Downs 12 Piranha (5), Puma (2), Camilino, Ariete, Centauro, Dardo, Fiat 6614, OF-40, VCC/TUA   Before Time
Top-Downs 13 F-16, A-4, Mi-24 Hind   Before Time
Top-Downs 14 F-102, F-105, F-94   Before Time
Top-Downs 15 F-84, F-84F, RF-101, F-101B, F-104, F-86D   Before Time
Top-Downs 2 M1 Abrams, M1A1 (4), M1A2, Leopard 2 (4), Challenger II (3), VAB   Before Time
Top-Downs 3 Humber GV1609, SpH Abbot, Chieftain, Ferret, Sultan, Fox, Fv432, Land Rover (4), Wolf, Scimitar, Scorpion, Spartan, Stormer, Striker, MFV-80 Warrior   Before Time
Top-Downs 4 Leopard 2 (4), Challenger II (3), VAB   Before Time
Top-Downs 5 USA, M809 truck (2), M35 truck (2), M1078, M548, M1025, M242, M113, M113 TOW, M106   Before Time
Top-Downs 6 Russian BMP-5, BMP-2, BMP-1, T-72, T-80, T-80U   Before Time
Top-Downs 7 French VABs, 12 different   Before Time
Top-Downs 8 AMX-10P, AMX-13 (5 different), AMX-30, Leclerc, AMX-10RC, AU-F1, AML-90, VBL, ERC-90, VBC-90   Before Time
Top-Downs 9 Infantry, US, Thailand, French, British, Swedish, Russian, Italian, Israeli,   Before Time
US Aircraft Predator A & B, A-10 Thunderbolt, OV-10 Bronco   Before Time
US Helicopters Little Bird, Black Hawk, Cobra, Apache, Comanche   Before Time
US Helicopters Sikorsky S-65 & S-58   Before Time
US V-22 Osprey   Before Time
US Vehicles MTVR, M977, M1077-9, M1083-6, M142, LAV-300, 150, M706, M29, Weasel, Commando Ranger, LVT, AAAV, ASV-150   Before Time
US Vehicles 2 M996-8, Avenger, M1025-6, M1035-8, M1042-6, M1069, M1079, M1097, M1109, M1113-6, M1121, Desert and Forest Camo   Before Time
US Vehicles 3 M1123, M1145, Bradley (15), M6, M7, Desert and Forest Camo   Before Time
Vehicles 1 AAVP7A, LAV-25, LAV-300, LVTP7, M109 Paladin, M1126 Stryker, M113 ACAV, M163 Vulcan, M2 Bradley, M551 Sheridan, M88, M992, M270 MLRS, Lynx   Before Time

Fantasy > Fantasy-Top Down

Title Description Date Uploaded
'Hi Tech' Dwarves   01/16/2011
Barbarians   01/16/2011
Beggar Army   01/16/2011
Border Territories   01/16/2011
Brownies   01/16/2011
Centaurs/Beastmen   01/16/2011
Chaos Forces   01/16/2011
Chinese   01/21/2011
City States   01/16/2011
Corsairs   01/16/2011
Dwarves   01/16/2011
Elephant men of South East Asia   01/16/2011
Elves of the great plains   01/16/2011
Fantasy Samurai   01/21/2011
Fire Elves   01/16/2011
Garden Gnomes   01/16/2011
Gnomes   01/16/2011
Goblin Steppe Devils   01/21/2011
Goblin Tribes   01/16/2011
Goblins of the North   01/16/2011
Goblins of the South   01/16/2011
Halfling   01/16/2011
High Elves   01/16/2011
Hill Dwarves   01/16/2011
Hordes of the Chaos Queen   01/21/2011
Indo-Amazons   01/16/2011
Kingdom of the Desert   01/16/2011
Kingdom of the Lily   01/16/2011
Lizardmen Empire   01/16/2011
Lizardmen, late empire   01/16/2011
Medieval City State s (generic)   01/16/2011
Medieval Lizardmen   01/16/2011
Mediterran High Elves   01/16/2011
Misty Mountains Coalition   01/16/2011
Mounted Barbarians   01/16/2011
Mythical Japanese   01/21/2011
Nordic Bronze Age   01/16/2011
Oriental Orcs   01/21/2011
Ostlinge   01/16/2011
Persians   01/16/2011
Priests of the Forgotten Gods   01/16/2011
Pseudo-Indic Principalities   01/16/2011
Rat Men   01/16/2011
Sand Lizardmen   01/16/2011
Sand Orcs   01/16/2011
Sea Elves   01/16/2011
Steppe Devils   01/21/2011
The Empire   01/16/2011
Theocracy   01/16/2011
Tribal Lizardmen   01/16/2011
Trogs/Cave Orks   01/16/2011
Undead   01/16/2011
Wood Elves   01/16/2011