Michael Smith

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Statistic Amount
Number of Figures Contributed 122

Masters > Masters

Title Description Date Uploaded
Bases Snow, Dirt, Grass, Pavement, short, medium and tall grass   Before Time

Masters > Accessories

Title Description Date Uploaded
Urban Battlefield Accessories Destroyed Car, Civilian Truck, IED, Oil Drums, Weapons Stockpile   Before Time

19th Century > # American Civil War (1861-1865)

Title Description Date Uploaded
Confederate Infantry 2 Sack Coat and Kepi, Sloppy with Slouch Hats, Zouaves, Two Officers   Before Time
Union Infantry 2 Infantry (3), Mounted Commander, Officer (2)   Before Time

Early 20th > World War I Ground Forces (1914-1918)

Title Description Date Uploaded
US Marines 1 Riflemen (6 different), Machine Gun, Loader   Before Time

WW2 > Germany

Title Description Date Uploaded
German Infantry (Western Front) K98 (8), MP-40 (2), Officer, Sniper   Before Time

WW2 > Britain & Commonwealth

Title Description Date Uploaded
Paratroopers 10 Lee-Enfield (5), Sten (5), Bren Team, PIAT, Sniper (2), Officer, Medic   Before Time

WW2 > Japan

Title Description Date Uploaded
Heavy Weapons Hand Mine (2), Knee Mortar (2), Rifle Grenade (2), Type 92 HMG (2), Lunge Mine (2)   Before Time
Infantry 7 Arisaka Rifle (6), Type 96 LMG (2), Sniper, Type 100 SMG, Officer   Before Time
Infantry 8 Banzai Charge, Arisaka Rifle (5), Flag, Officer   Before Time

WW2 > United States

Title Description Date Uploaded
101st Airborne 6 Garand, Carbine, SMG, NCO, Sniper, BAR, Captain, Medic, Radio   Before Time
Airborne Normandy Carbine, M1 Garand, BAR, Thompson SMG, Bazooka   Before Time
M4A4 Sherman Tank 105mm, 75mm (2 different)   Before Time
Marine Raiders 1 Thompson (2), Springfield Rifle, Sniper, Reising SMG (2), Garand (2), Carbine (2), BAR, Trench Gun   Before Time
Marines 11 Iwo Jima, Rifle (7), Thompson (3), BAR (3), Sniper, Flamethrower (2), Bazooka (2), Carbine (5), Shotgun (2), Radio (2), Corpsman   Before Time
Marines 9 Garand (4), BAR (2), Carbine (4), Thompson (2), Winchester (2), Springfield (2), Sniper (2), Bazooka, Flame Thrower, Navajo Code Talker, Corpsman, Officer   Before Time
Rangers Normandy Carbine, M1 Garand, BAR, Thompson SMG, Flamethrower, Omaha Beach and Pointe du Hoc   Before Time
Willys Jeep 2   Before Time

Cold War > Korean War (1950-1953)

Title Description Date Uploaded
US Marines   03/02/2012

Cold War > Vietnam War (1947-1954, 1957-1975)

Title Description Date Uploaded
M151 Mutt 2 Jeep w/ M60   Before Time
PBR 3 Patrol Boat River MK II, w/ crew., 2 different   Before Time
USN Seals Rifles (3), Grenadiers (2), Radio, MG (2), Swimmer, Team Leader, Spotter, Sniper, Weapons   Before Time
Watch Tower (3-D)   Before Time

Modern > United States

Title Description Date Uploaded
AAVP 7/A1 RAM/RS with MICLIC Amphibious Assault Vehicle   Before Time
ARFF P-19 Crash Trucks Sand, Green   Before Time
Blackhawk Helicopter 2 Mini-Gun and Sniper (Somalia 1993)   Before Time
Blackhawk Helicopter 4 Delta Force Sharpshooters (Somalia 1993)   Before Time
Blackhawk Helicopter 5 Army (Iraq)   Before Time
Blackhawk Helicopter 6 Army Medevac UH-60 Q   Before Time
CIA SAD 2 Leader, Riflemen (2), Pointman, Sniper   Before Time
CIA SAD 3 Field Operatives (5), SOG Field Operatives (5)   Before Time
Cougar MRAP 4 Basic, Gun Shield, w/ Electric Sensor and Camera, 2 different add-on turrets   Before Time
Delta Force (1993) 1 Delta Force, Snipers, Medic   Before Time
Delta Force (1993) 2 Rifle, Breacher, Sniper, SAR Medic   Before Time
Delta Force (Black Hawk Down) Three different   Before Time
Green Berets (Afghanistan) Leader, Grenadier, Riflemen, MG, Medic, RTO   Before Time
HEMTT M997 5 Gun Truck, Green and Desert   Before Time
HMMWV TOW w/ TOW missile launcher   Before Time
HMMWVRCWS Remote Control Weapon System   Before Time
HMMWVs Up-Armored w/ .50 cal MG, M240 MG, 3 of each   Before Time
Huey UH-1N 1 Marine Helicopter   Before Time
Huey UH-1N 2 Marine Helicopter   Before Time
Hummer Fire & Rescue Units Sand, Woodland Camo   Before Time
Infantry 2 Infantry wearing digital ACU pattern uniforms   Before Time
Infantry 4 Infantry wearing digital ACU pattern uniforms, Special Forces (4), Snipers (2), Javelin, Infantry (6)   Before Time
LAV-25 Light Armored Vehicle   Before Time
Little Bird Helicopters MH-6 and AH-6   Before Time
M1A1 Abrams 1 Main Battle Tank   Before Time
M1A1 Abrams 2 Main Battle Tank   Before Time
M2A2 Bradley w/ TOW   Before Time
Marine Corps 2 Small arms, MGs, Sniper, AT Weapons, Armed Humvees (3 different)   Before Time
Navy Development Group Riflemen (4), Corpsman, Gunners (2), EOD Specialist, Sniper, Team Leader   Before Time
Navy EOD Team Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team (3), Robot, Cougar EOD Vehicle   Before Time
Navy Seals 2 Fire Teams, 6 different   Before Time
Navy Seals VBBS Team 1 Visit Board Search and Seizure team, Breacher, Assault Team (4), Overwatch Sniper Team (2)   Before Time
OshKosh MK 23 MTVR Truck 3 Gun Truck w/ Armor and MK19 Grenade Launcher and Tow Bar   Before Time
Polaris MV7   01/21/2011
Rangers (1993) 1 Rifles, Medic, Asst. Gunner, M-60 Gunner, Radio Man, Grenades, SAW, Leader   Before Time
Rangers (1993) 3 Rifles, LAW, M-60, Medic, Radio, Chalk Ldr, M203, M249   Before Time
Rangers 2 Fire Team (5 different), Motorcycle, RSOV   Before Time
Special Ops (Iraq/Afghanistan) Four different, armed HMMV   Before Time
Stryker 105mm w/ 105mm Gun   Before Time
Stryker ATGM w/ Anti-Tank Guided Missile   Before Time
Stryker CMD Command Variant   Before Time
Stryker ESV Engineer Support Vehicle   Before Time
Stryker ICV Infantry Carrier Vehicle w/ Infantry (9 different)   Before Time
Stryker Medic Medical Evacuation Vehicle   Before Time
Stryker Mortar w/ Mortar   Before Time
Stryker RPC Cage w/ Anti-RPG Cage   Before Time
US Army Light Infantry Platoon Rifle Squad (3), HQ Squad   Before Time
US Army Rifle Platoon Rifle Squad (3), Weapons Squad, HQ Squad   Before Time
USMC (Iraq) 3 M-16 (12), M249 (2), Team Leader, Officer, Marksmen (2), Sniper (2), RTO, M240 (2), SMAW, Corpsman.   Before Time
USMC SRT Team Special Response Team, M4 (2), MP5 (2), M9, M9 w/ Shield, with and without gasmask   Before Time
USMC SURC Small Unit Riverine Craft   Before Time

Modern > Middle East & Near East

Title Description Date Uploaded
Insurgents 1 11 different, mortar, RPG, Sniper Rifle, AK-47s   Before Time
Insurgents 2 RPG Team, Sniper Team, Mortar Team, Recoilless Rifle Team, MG 08 machine gunner   Before Time
Iraqi Civilian Contractors 3 Three Different, SUV   Before Time
Iraqi Civilian Contractors 4 Little Bird OH-6 Helicopter   Before Time
Iraqi Civilian Contractors 5 Armed contractors (3 different), vehicle   Before Time
Iraqi Civilian Contractors 6 Armed contractors (6 different), Armed Vehicles (2 different)   Before Time
Iraqi Police 4 National Police (5), Police Services (5), SUV, Truck (2)   Before Time
Iraqi Police and Army Armed Police Car, Police Officer, New Iraqi Army soldiers and Humvees   Before Time

Modern > Asia

Title Description Date Uploaded
Hong Kong Special Duties Unit 12 different, casual and tactical clothing   Before Time

Modern > Africa

Title Description Date Uploaded
African Militia 1 Bolt Action Rifles (4), AK-47s (8)   Before Time
African Militia 2 RPK-74 (4), RPG-7 (4)   Before Time
African Technicals Unimog 404 w/ RPG, Toyota Land Cruisers w/ .50 cal MG (2), Recoilless Rifle   Before Time

Modern > Law Enforcement & Emergency

Title Description Date Uploaded
Ambulance Ambulance and EMTs   Before Time
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Undercover (2), Search Team (4), Raid Team (4)   Before Time
Fire Chief's Truck Rescue Ladder   Before Time
Fire Truck 1 Pumper Truck   Before Time
Fire Truck 2 Aerial Ladder   Before Time
Fire Truck 3 Rescue Ladder   Before Time
Firefighters Regular, Axe, Halligan Tool, Fire Extinguisher, Saw, Fire Hose Teams, with and without respirators, Jaws of Life, Fire Chief, HAZMAT suit, Forest Fire Fighters (4 different)   Before Time
Firefighters 2 Regular, Axe, Halligan Tool, Pike, Rescue Saw, Medic, with and without respirators, Chief, Pump Man, Hose Team   Before Time
Firefighters 3 Regular, Axe, Halligan Tool, Pike, Rescue Saw, Medic, with and without respirators, Chief, Pump Man, Chain Saw, Rapelling Gear, Bolt Cutters, Blass Breaker, HAZMAT Suit, Ventilation Fan, Generator, Jaws of Life Team, Hose Teams, Metal Shears Team, Ladder, Hoses, Hydrant   Before Time
Firefighters 4 Regular, SCBA Gear, Extinguisher, Halligan, Axe, Climbing Gear, Pike, Chief, Sledge Hammer, Medic, Rescue Saw, Chain Saw, Hose Teams, Jaws of Life, Metal Shears, Hydrant, Generator, Hose Lines, Ladders, Fan, Traffic Cones   Before Time
Firefighters Wild Land Shovel, Fire Rake, Hoe, Fire Swatter, Chain Saw, Axe, Pulaski Tool, Drip Torch, Hose Line, 2 of each   Before Time
Mercedes Benz 1124F Ecoliner Fire Truck 4 Different   Before Time
Mercedes Benz 1124F Ecoliner Fire Truck 4 Different   Before Time
New York Fire Department 1 Pumper Engine, Officer, Chauffeur, Control, Nozzle Man, Back up   Before Time
New York Fire Department 2 Rescue Ladder Truck, Chauffeur, Officer, Roof/Vent Team, Search Team   Before Time
Police Glock 17 (3), Nova Pump Shotgun (3), Taser (2), Spray (2), Nightstick (2), Patrolmen (8), Undercover, Traffic, Detectives (2), CSI (2), K-9   Before Time
Police Cars 1 SUV, Marked, Unmarked, Detective, K-9, SWAT APC   Before Time
Police Cars 3 Crown Victoria, Black and White (4), Sheriff's Interceptors (4)   Before Time
Police Cars 4 Unmarked Crown Victoria (6)   Before Time
Riot Police 1 Riot Shields, Gas Grenade Launcher, Shot Guns   Before Time
SWAT 5 MP-5 (4), M-4 (4), Nova Pump Shotgun (2), L-96, Glock 17 (3), CS Gas Launcher, with and without Gas Masks   Before Time
USCG Helicopter Accessories Rescue Swimmers in sling (2), Litter, Rescue Basket, Survivor   Before Time

Modern > Weapons

Title Description Date Uploaded
AT and Explosives Anti-Tank Weapons, Mines, Homemade Bombs, Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers   Before Time
Law Enforcement Weapons Handguns, SMGs, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Non-lethal Weapons   Before Time
Russian Made Weapon 1 AKs, RPK, PKM, RPG, Dragunov   Before Time
US Weapons MGs, Rocket Launchers, Shot Guns, SMGs, Assault Rifles, Grenade Launchers, etc.   Before Time
Weapons 7 MGs, Rocket Launchers, Shot Guns, SMGs, Assault Rifles, Grenade Launchers, etc.   Before Time

Modern > Civilian Vehicles

Title Description Date Uploaded
Dump Truck   Before Time
Freightliner FL80   01/21/2011
Hummer H3   Before Time
Modern Trucks BW Dodge RAM, GMC Yukon, F150, Toyota, Chevy siverado, F250, Chevy silverado, Chevy Z71, F350   01/21/2011

Modern > Others

Title Description Date Uploaded
Australian LRPV   Before Time
Construction Workers Engineer, Supervisor, Flag Man, Jackhammer, Torch, Welder, Wheelbarrow, Cement Mixer, Work Truck, Generator, Workers (7)   Before Time
VIPs General. Fire Fighter, VIP   Before Time

Top Downs > Cold War

Title Description Date Uploaded
Vietnam War US Infantry Radio, MG Team, Infantry (2), Base   Before Time

Sci-Fi > Alt-History

Title Description Date Uploaded
Ghost Recon Ghost Team   01/21/2011