John Wirth

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Number of Figures Contributed 41

Masters > Accessories

Title Description Date Uploaded
Buildings (Micro-Scale) Inn, Farm House, Barn, Town House, Cottage, City Gate, Mansion, Clock Tower, Church (2)   Before Time
Coach & Carriage 4 Horse Team   Before Time

Ancient > Ancients to 500 AD

Title Description Date Uploaded
Later Roman Cavalry 2 Spearmen, Sword, Horn, Standard   Before Time
Later Roman Infantry 1 Spearmen, Standards, Commanders   Before Time
Later Roman Shields and Standards Shields and Standards, Legions IX, II, VI, XX V   Before Time

Medieval > Medieval 500 - 1500 AD

Title Description Date Uploaded
Saxons 5 Spearmen, Axes, Flags, Spare Heads   Before Time

Renaissance > Samurai (15th - 17th Centuries)

Title Description Date Uploaded
Ii Clan (Wakae) Same as above   Before Time
Kimura Clan (Wakae) Same as above   Before Time

18th Century > American Revolution (1775 - 1783)

Title Description Date Uploaded
Continental Regiments 6 1778, 1779, 1782, Artillery Crew (5), black and blue uniforms, LTC, Flags   Before Time
French 10 Saintonge, Soissonois, Bourbonnois, Touraine, Agenois, Atinois, Royal Deux-Ponts, LTC, Artillery Crew (4), Flags.   Before Time
Hessians 14 Prinz Karl, Garde, Rall, Erb Prinz, Dittfurth, Donop, Lossberg, Knyphausen, Trumbach, Mircach, Landgraf, Lieb, Fissenback, Stein, Huyn, Bunau, Asnpach, LTC   Before Time

19th Century > Napoleonic Era (1799-1815) & War of 1812

Title Description Date Uploaded
British Infantry 2 Line Infantry and highlanders, Flags   Before Time
French Artillery and Ammo Team of Horses 8 different   Before Time
French Artillery Supply Wagon 4 different   Before Time
French Covered Wagon 4 different   Before Time
French Eagle Bearers 4 Different   Before Time
French Infantry 1 12 Different   Before Time
French Infantry Ammunition Wagon 4 different   Before Time
French Supply Wagon 4 different   Before Time
French Tumbrel 6 different   Before Time
French Wagon Artillery   01/21/2011
French Wagon Team of Horses 8 different   Before Time
Highlander Command Infantry Scots Highlanders   Before Time
Miscellaneus Artillerymen British and French Artillery Crew, Mounted Officer   Before Time
Miscellaneus Limbers and Teams Limbers and Horses, British and French   Before Time
Miscellaneus Mounted Commanders Generals and Colonels on horseback, Portuguese, French, British   Before Time
Portuguese Infantry 3 Line Infantry, Command, Flags   Before Time
Spanish Infantry 3 6 Different   Before Time
Spanish Infantry Colors Color bearers and Command Stands   Before Time

19th Century > # American Civil War (1861-1865)

Title Description Date Uploaded
Union and Confederate Armies (Peralta) Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Flags, Officers   Before Time
Union and Confederate Flags (Peralta)   Before Time

19th Century > Colonial Wars

Title Description Date Uploaded
British Artillery Guns (2), Gatling, Limbers (2), Horses (4), Mules (2), Mounted (5), Officer (2), Crew (10)   Before Time
British Cavalry Officer (2), Sgt, Trooper, 27th Lancers 1st & 2nd Squadrons, Ravi Lancers   Before Time
British Infantry Mounted Officer, Officer (2), Sgt (2), Private, South Essex, North Surrey, Argyle & Dumbarton Highlanders, Kurram Rifles, Bangalore Pioneers   Before Time
British Mountain Battery Mountain Gun, Packed on Mules (5), Officer (3), Sepoy Gunners (5)   Before Time
British Siege Gun 40lb Gun, Bullocks Team   Before Time
British Survey Team Mules (3), Muleteer, Royal Engineers (2), Sepoy Guards (5)   Before Time
Gurkha Infantry Mounted Officer, Foot Officer (2), Gurkhas (3)   Before Time
Sikh Infantry (Saragarhi) Havildar Singh, Naik Lal Singh, Lance Chanda, Naik Singh   Before Time

Top Downs > World War II

Title Description Date Uploaded
Top down British Ships   01/21/2011
Top Down German ships   01/21/2011