John Acar

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Number of Figures Contributed 21

Masters > Masters

Title Description Date Uploaded
Top Down Ancients (colored) Infantry, Cavalry, Elephants, Chariots   01/15/2011
Top-Down Poses 2 Napoleonic artillery, crew, limber   Before Time
Topdown Green Base, 8 x 4   01/15/2011
Topdown Green Base, 8 x 8   01/15/2011
War of Spanish Succession Infantry   09/29/2012

Ancient > Ancients to 500 AD

Title Description Date Uploaded
Early Saxons Spear (5), Sword (2)   Before Time
Later Roman Cavalry 3 Spearmen (4), Sword, Standard   Before Time
Later Roman Cavalry 4 Horse Archers (2)   Before Time
Later Roman Infantry 2 Spearmen (4), Sword, Horn, Standard   Before Time
Later Roman Infantry 3 Archers (2), Javelins (2), Sling, Staff Sling   Before Time

18th Century > Marlburian (1700 - 1720) - War of Spanish Succession, Great Northern War, Queen Anne's War

Title Description Date Uploaded
British Grenadiers   09/29/2012
British Guards   09/29/2012

Top Downs > Ancients

Title Description Date Uploaded
Carthaginians Elephants, Gallic, Numidian, Punic, and Iberian Cavalry   02/05/2011
Carthaginians African Veterans, Caetrati, Celts, Citizen Spearmen, Gaesatae, Libyans, Scutarii, Slingers   02/05/2011
Greek Hoplites, Archers, Light Infantry, Light Cavalry John Acar   Before Time
Greeks Theban, Athenian, Spartan Hoplites, Skirmishers, Archers, Light Cavalry   02/12/2011
Persians Heavy Cavalry, Horse Archers, Levy Archers, Theban Hoplites, Sparabara, Skirmishers   02/12/2011
Pyrrhic Army Agema, Elephants, Tarantines, Peltasts, Thessalians, Armored Pike   01/15/2011
Romans Equites, Hastati, Princepes, Triari, Velites   01/15/2011

Top Downs > Medieval

Title Description Date Uploaded
Normans Spearmen, Dismounted Knights, Archers, Crossbowmen, Knights, Bretons   01/22/2011
Saxons Thegns, Huscarls, Fyrd, Archers   01/22/2011