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Number of Figures Contributed 54

Masters > Masters

Title Description Date Uploaded
Color Palette 2 Skin tones   Before Time

Medieval > Medieval 500 - 1500 AD

Title Description Date Uploaded
City Militia and Patrician Levies   08/14/2015
Late Byzantine Heavy Infantry   08/22/2015
Venetian Armored Infantry and Crossbowmen   08/14/2015

Renaissance > Samurai (15th - 17th Centuries)

Title Description Date Uploaded
Oda Clan Banners, Yari, Bow, Naginata, Arquebus, Commanders   05/14/2011

Renaissance > Others

Title Description Date Uploaded
Serb and Croatian Grenzers   07/14/2012

18th Century > Seven Years War (1754 - 1763)

Title Description Date Uploaded
Austrian Infantry Regiment Austrian Infantry Regiment, late 18th century   01/29/2011
Hungarian Infantry Regiment Hungarian infantry regiment, Austria, late 18th century   01/29/2011

Cold War > Vietnam War (1947-1954, 1957-1975)

Title Description Date Uploaded
American AH-1 Cobra Gunship   Before Time
US AH-1 Cobra Gunship   Before Time
US Vought F-8E Crusader   06/30/2012

Cold War > Asia

Title Description Date Uploaded
Japanese F-15J Eagle Fighter Plane 707officer   Before Time
Taiwanese LVTP5A1   Before Time

Modern > United States

Title Description Date Uploaded
Blackhawk BW   01/21/2011
F-22A Raptor   Before Time
HH-60G CSAR Helicopter Air Force, 56th Rescue Sqdrn   Before Time
MH-60K Helicopter Army, 160th SOAR   Before Time
USMC AH-1Z Viper Helicopter   Before Time

Modern > European

Title Description Date Uploaded
French Eurocopter AS565 Navy Multi-Role Helicopter   Before Time
French GIGN Counter Terrorism and Hostage Rescue, 7 different   Before Time
French VAB APC   01/21/2011
French VAB(Bosnia) 2 different   Before Time
French Vought F-8P Crusader   08/18/2012
French VRBG Patrol, Riot Control 707officer   Before Time
Greek Super Puma Helicopter   Before Time
Netherlands Bell 412SP Tweety Helicopter   Before Time
Netherlands Cougar Helicopter   Before Time
Swiss Super Puma Helicopter Rescue Helicopter   Before Time

Modern > Russia & Former Soviet Union

Title Description Date Uploaded
Belarussian Su-24   05/07/2011

Modern > Middle East & Near East

Title Description Date Uploaded
Israeli F15I Ra'am Fighter Jet   Before Time

Modern > Asia

Title Description Date Uploaded
Chinese Nanchang Q-5 Fantan   05/21/2016
Chinese Paratroopers   06/09/2012
Chinese Peacekeepers Jungle Camo   06/15/2012
Chinese Peacekeepers   06/15/2012
Chinese Shenyang Jian-81 Finback   06/09/2012
Chinese Shenyang Jian-811 Finback   06/09/2012
Chinese Shenyang Jian-811 Finback   06/09/2012
Chinese Z-9C Helicopter   Before Time
Hong Kong Puma L2 Helicopter   Before Time
Hong Kong S70 Helicopter   Before Time
Hong Kong SWAT WZ551 Armored Personnel Carrier   Before Time
Japanese UH-60J Helicopter   Before Time
Phillipines Puma Presidential Helicopter   Before Time
South Korean AH-1F Cobra Helicopter   Before Time
South Korean F15K Fighter Jet   Before Time
South Korean Special Mission Bttn SMG (2), Medic, Leader, MP-5 (2), Pistol, Sniper Team   Before Time

Modern > Law Enforcement & Emergency

Title Description Date Uploaded
USCG Eucrocopter Dauphin 2   Before Time

Modern > Weapons

Title Description Date Uploaded
Chinese Infantry Weapons QZBs, QBBs   Before Time
FN P90 Submachine guns   Before Time
G3 and CETME Assault Rifles   Before Time
Precision Rifles   Before Time
SG550   Before Time

Modern > Central & South America

Title Description Date Uploaded
Brazilian Cougar Helicopter   Before Time
Venezuelan UR-53AR50 Tiuna   Before Time