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Paper Soldiers for Junior Generals

Many files have a black & white version available here. Simple rules you can use for battles with these figures can be found on the home page.  Contributions, Questions, and Feedback Welcome! Contact Matt

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Britain & Commonwealth
Soviet Union
United States


WW2 Battle Sheets
Ungern\'s US WW2 troops
Polish Air Force
Pacific island battlefields, 1943-1945
North African Campaign, 1940-1943
Belgian Military
Battle Of Wilno


File LocationDescriptionDesigner
Infantry (Norway) Pistol, Rifle, SMG, LMG, MG Night Wolf
P. 23 Karas Recon Aicraft Brtczech
Polish Armored Train Nr. 11 Daduta & Nr. 12 Poznanczyk, Locomotive, Artillery Wagon, Assault Wagon Teodor
Polish Armored Train Flatcar Pdkz Type VIIIC Teodor
10th Mechanised "Black" BrigadeInfantry (3), Motorcycles (2)Night Wolf
10th Mounted Rifle Regt.81mm Mortar, Bofors ATG, Browning MG, RiflesNight Wolf
155mm Field GunPrototypeN.O.
15th Poznan RegimentReichswehr
1st Airborne The Viking
1st ArmorTank, Crew (2), Sniper, Rifle, BrenNight Wolf
1st Polish AirborneRifles, Stens, Bren, PIATNight Wolf
24th Uhlan Regt.81mm Mortar, Bofors ATG, Browning MG, RiflesNight Wolf
25TP TankPrototypeNight Wolf
37mm Infantry GunArmy, Cavalry, Mountain TroopsNight Wolf
75mm SPGSelf-Propelled GunNight Wolf
7TP dw Tanksw/ Hotchkiss (3), w/ Browning (3)Night Wolf
7TP TanksJapanese Camo (2), PrototypeNight Wolf
AccessoriesHats, Helmets, Bags, BeltsNight Wolf
Aid StationMedic, Stretcher Bearers, Tent, Guard, CasualtyNight Wolf
AirborneSniper, Medic, Rifle, Browning, Officer, RadioNight Wolf
Armor7TP Tank, E Type A, B, dw, VAU-33, Dozer, Trench Digger, 9TP, C 7PTeodor
Armor7TPjw, TKS (3)Night Wolf
Armor 1FT-17 Gas Tank, Peugeot Armored Car (2), Ford-FTB Armored Car, Austen Armored Car, TK-3, TKS w/ MG and 20mmNight Wolf
Armor 2Wz. 34 Armored Car (2), Wz. 28 Armored Car (2), Vickers ENight Wolf
Army in Exile4 differentNight Wolf
Artillery37mm Bofors ATG w/ limber and Crew (3), 75mm Schneider Field Gun w/ limber and Crew (4)Jakub Sawicki
Artillery75mm Schneider Field Gun & Crew (4), Bofors 40mm AA (2), Bofors 37mm ATG w/ CrewNight Wolf
Carden-Loyd Mark VI2 DifferentNight Wolf
CavalryCavalry (4), Officer (2), helmets and caps, 6 RegimentsJakub Sawicki
CavalryCommand, Bofors 37mm Gun, Anti-Tank Rifle Team, Browning MG, Taczanka, 75mm GunLechplech
Cavalry (1939)10 differentNight Wolf
Cavalry DismountedOfficer, Browning (HMG and MG), Mauser (3), Horse Holder, Taczanka w/ Browning HMGJakub Sawicki
Cavalry ResistanceMG, Supply Depot, Cavalry (2), Dismounted, Anti-Tank GunNight Wolf
Citroen P.19 Half-TracksHalf-Track, Towing 120mm GunNight Wolf
Cromwell Mk IV Tank1st Free Polish Armored DivisionJames Stanner
Fiat 508 CarsStaff, Military (3), MedicNight Wolf
Fiat 621 TruckCovered, UncoveredNight Wolf
First ArmoredHalf-Track, Tank, JeepNight Wolf
Free Polish 1st Armored 1Rifle (4), Thompson SMG (2), Officer, Sten (2), Bren, Helmets and Berets Major Munro
Free Polish 1st Armored 2Tank Crew (8), Infantry (4), Sherman Tank Leigh Morrall Leigh Morrall
Free Polish 1st Armored 3Infantry (5), Sherman TankNight Wolf
Grenade LauncherWZ 36 Grenade LauncherNight Wolf
Home Army (Warsaw Uprising) 1:stg-44 Assault Rifles (2 different), MP-40 SMG (6 different), Mauser (6 different), Lee-Enfield (2 different), Bren (2 different), MG-42 (2 different), Molotov Cocktail and FlagKen Sliviak
Home Army 34 different, TankNight Wolf
Home Army 45 differentNight Wolf
Horse Artillery37 mm ATG Gun w/ limber and Crew (3), 75mm Field Gun w/ Limber and Crew (4)Jakub Sawicki
Hotchkiss Armored CarsWZ 25 (4), SA-18 (2)Marvin Schneck
Infantry5 DifferentNight Wolf
Infantry3 DifferentNight Wolf
InfantryWZ.29, NCO, Medic, Sniper, WZ.28, OfficersMarvin Schneck
Infantry Polak
Infantry (1939)MG, Rifle (5), Medic, Officer, Browning MG (3)Night Wolf
Infantry (1939)Vasily Zaitzev
Infantry (1939) 1Mauser (4), Sniper, Officer, General. Browning HMG, Browning MG, AT RifleJakub Sawicki
Infantry (1939) 4Lt (2), Maxim MG, Cpl, Flag, Able Seaman, Naval Lt, MP38, Mauser, MosinNight Wolf
Infantry (Battle of Wilno 1939)Wz. 29, Browning MG, ATR, 40mm AA, 37mm ATG, Sniper, Medic, G88, Maxim MG, Night Wolf
Infantry (Tobruk 1941)Rifle, Bren, MMGPolak
Infantry (Tobruk 1941)Polak
Infantry (Warsaw 1944)Infantry (13), Halftrack, TankNight Wolf
Infantry (Winter) Night Wolf
Jeep2 differentNight Wolf
KU Armed BoatsNight Wolf
Lublin R-XIIID Recon Aircraft Night Wolf
Lublin R-XIIID Seaplane Night Wolf
Mail MenBike, FootNight Wolf
Mail MenTruck, MotorcycleNight Wolf
Major Hubal and PartisansNightwolf
MotorcyclesCWS M55 w/ Browning, Sokot 1000 w/ Browning (2), CWS M55 w/ RadioNight Wolf
Mountain Troops7 differentNight Wolf
ON Battalion Type 1 Riflemen, LMGsNight Wolf
P-39 AiracobraForrest Gump
Paratroopers 1Lee Enfield, Bren, Spotter, Vickers MG, Sniper, Bazooka Team, Officer Billy Skibesky
Paratroopers 2Lee-Enfield (5), Sten (3), Bren, OfficerAndrew White
People's ArmyInfantry (5), TankNight Wolf
People's Army 1Riflemen (3), PPSH (2), Officer Virgilio Virgilio
PoliceArmored, SMG, Pistol, RifleNight Wolf
Police CavalrySaber, OfficerNight Wolf
Polish 1939Polish, Westerplatte 1939Night Wolf
Polish Armor Tankettes and Armored CarsPolak
Polish Armored Carswz. 34 (2), wz. 29, wz. 33Teodor
Polish Army Tracks and Cars 1939Nightwolf
Polish Army, Westerplatte, 1939Nightwolf
Polish Artillery105mm (2), 155mm, 120mm, 75mm, 100mm, 220mm MortarJames Stanner
Polish Fiat 508Nightwolf
Polish Field KitchenPanzerwolf
Polish Fodhalan RifleNorway 1940Nightwolf
Polish Home ArmyWarsaw UprisingVasily Zaitzev
Polish Home Army DefencesNightwolf
Polish InfantryMake your ownNight Wolf
Polish InfantryNightwolf
Polish Motorbike Sokol 1939Nightwolf
Polish Naval Garrison at Westerplatte 1939Nightwolf
Polish Navy Nightwolf
Polish Navy Troops at Westerplatte 1939Nightwolf
Polish PartisansNightwolf
Polish Partisans (2)Nightwolf
Polish Peoples ArmyNightwolf
Polish Tank Crew (1939)NightWolf
Polish TanksExperimental Designs, 10TP, 4TP, PzInz 130, 14TP, PzInz 160, 25TPTeodor
Polish Tanks7TPjw, 7TPdw, VickersTeodor
Polish Tobruk 1941Polish troups at Tobruk 1941Night Wolf
Polish WeaponsNightwolf
Postal WorkersRifles, Pistols, Grenades, Railway WOrkerNight Wolf
Prisoners of War4 differentNight Wolf
PZInz 222 Half-TrackCovered, UncoveredNight Wolf
PZL 38 Wilk Night Wolf
PZL P. 11 Night Wolf
PZL P.11Polish Fighter Plane, 2 differentJohn Gypson
Rifle PlatoonRifles, Commander, ATRNight Wolf
Sherman Firefly TankScott McPherson
Sherman Tanks1st Polish Armored Division, Sherman 1 (4), Sherman II A, Sherman V, Sherman VCClive
Sherman Tanks1C (3), A1, A2James Stanner
String Phone LinesDog teams, menNight Wolf
Support Weapons (Winter)Browning MG w/ Dog Sled, Maxim MG Team, Browning MG Team, ATR, Light MGs, 81mm Mortar TeamNight Wolf
T-34 TankPolak
T-34 Tanks Polak
T-34/85 TankPolish People's ArmyNight Wolf
Tank Crew9 differentNight Wolf
TankettesCarden-Loyd Mark VI, TK-1, TK-2, TKW 1933 & 1934, TK-3, TKS, TKS 20mmTeodor
Tanks4 differentNight Wolf
TKD Light Self-Propelled GunsGreen, Camo, Captured GermanPPS-43
TKW Tank1933 & 1934 ModelsNight Wolf
Tp7DW Light Tank6 differentMarvin Schneck
Tp7JW Light Tank6 differentMarvin Schneck
Uhlan RegimentInfantry, Half-Track, Carrier, Armored CarNight Wolf
Uhlans (Battle of Wilno 1939)Officer, Banner, Uhlans (3), Browning MG on wagon, 37mm ATG, TanketteNight Wolf
Vickers E TanksBlack Brigade, 121st Light Tank CompanyNight Wolf
Wz. 39 47mm Anti-Tank GunPrototypeNight Wolf


File LocationDescriptionDesigner
25mm Anti-Tank Gun 25mm SA Mle 1934 Gun, Crew Ungern
FM 24/29 MG Team Standing, Prone Ungern
Heavy Weapons Officer, FM MAC LMG Teams, HMG Teams, 60mm Mortar Team, 25mm ATG Team Ungern
Trucks Somua MCG 4, 5, 11, Recovery, w/ 155mm Gun, 2/ Ammo Limber, w/ 105mm Gun Montjoie Saint Denis
194mm GPF Saint-ChamondTroop Carrier (2), Gun Carriage (2), Troop Carrier towing Gun CarriageMontjoie Saint Denis
25mm Anti-Tank GunGun & CrewUngern
2nd Chasseurs d'AfriqueM4A4 (4), Jeep, M4A1Ungern
75mm Self-Propelled GunFree French w/ 8th Army, 75mm on Ford Truck, Covered and UncoveredClive
AFV PrototypesAMX, Somua, EBR, Panhard, Batignolles - ChatillonN.O.
AMC-34/YR Tank6 DifferentNight Wolf
AMD 35 Panhard 178 Armored Car4 Different, CapturedUngern
AMR TanksAMR-33, AMR-35 w/ 7.5mm MG & 13.2mm MGTeodor
AMR-35 Tank6 DifferentNight Wolf
ArmorChar B1 bis, Chenillette UEJames Stanner
Armored CarsColonial, Panhard 165/175 & 179, Laffly 80, Berliet VUDBMontjoie Saint Denis
Armored CarsAMR P28 & P16, AMC 34 & 35, PanhardMontjoie Saint Denis
Artillery155mm, 90mm, 220mm, 47mm, 75mmN.O.
Bell P-39 Airacobra2 DifferentChristopher Reichert
Bristol Blenheim MKIVichy (1941)Marcel Ahlers
Char FCM 2C TankTeodor
Chenillette TractorsChenillette 31R with and without Trailer, 31R Chine, 36R TRC, 31R with 25mm GunMontjoic Saint Denis
Citroen Kegress HalfracksP17 towing 47mm & 25mm, P19 (8)Montjoie Saint Denis
Dewoitine D. 520 1:French Fighter, 1940John Gypson
Dewoitine D. 520 2:Vichy French Fighter, 1941John Gypson
Dewoitine D.520 FighterBlack & White OutineChristopher Reichert
Dodge Trucks and Armored CarsFree French w/ 8th Army, 1/2 ton truck, 1/2 ton truck w/ 75mm, Armored Car, AmbulanceClive
FCM-36 Light Tank2 DifferentTeodor
Foreign Legion1907/15 Riflemen, Officer, KepisVirgilio
Free French Anti-Tank UnitRegiment Bline de Fusiliers Marins, M-10 (4), Armored Car, Jeep (2)Ungern
Free French Recon Unit2nd Regiment de Spahis Algerien Recon, Half-Track, M8 HMC, Meep (3), Armored Car (3), Rifle (6), BAR (2), Pistol, MGUngern
French 280mm TR Saint-ChamondTractor (2), Gun (2), Tractor towing GunMontjoie Saint Denis
French AA Guns75mm (4)James Stanner
French Armor Prototypes FCM F1, ARL-41, Renault G1N.O.
French Artillery105mm (4), 155mm (4)James Stanner
French Artillery220mm (4), 155mm (3)James Stanner
French Artillery145mm (4), 155mm (4)James Stanner
French Artillery75mm (4), 105mm (2), 25mm (2), 47mm, 37mmJames Stanner
French Infantry1940, Rifle, LMGNight Wolf
French Mountain Artillery65mm, 75mm (2), 105mm (2)James Stanner
French OfficersEdwRom
French TanksRenault D1 & D2, B1 bis, Somua S35Montjoie Saint Denis
Group Franc10th Company (9), 15th BCA (9), 601st Air Infantry (9), Thionville (9), Motorized Infantry (9)Ungern
Heavy TrucksRenault, BernardN.O.
Heavy WeaponsMG Teams, 81mm & 60mm Mortars, BazookaUngern
Hotchkiss H39 TankFrance 1940 (3 versions) and German markingsPedro Pato
Infantry1940, MAS-36, NCO, MAS-38, FM 24-29, OfficersMarvin Schneck
InfantryMAS-36, MAS-38, ChatelleraultViktor2a5
Infantry '39-'40 1Riflemen (5), MG, Officer, CavalryJames Byers
Infantry '39-'40 2MAS-36 Rifle (3), Hotchkiss MG, Sergeant, OfficerDaniel Harper
Infantry '44-'45Sherman Tank (2 different), Halftrack, Scout CarErnesto Tramontana
Infantry (1940)Ungern
Infantry 1Khaki, Rifle (6), FlagMatt Hazelton
Infantry 2Blue, Rifle (6), FlagMatt Hazelton
Laffly 15 TractorsV15T w/ 25mm, W15T w/ 47mm & 25mm, W15TCC w/ 47mm, S15R, S15T, S15T Colonial (2)Montjoie Saint Denis
Laffly S 15 Tractorw/ 75mm, w/ 105mmMontjoie Saint Denis
Laffly S20 VehiclesS20 TL Dragon (2), w/ 25mm ATG, Colt, CiterneMontjoie Saint Denis
Light Trucks and Carslatil, Bernard, Peugeot, Citroen, LafflyN.O.
Lorraine Tractors 37L, 38L, 39LMontjoie Saint Denis
M-4A2 Sherman TanksChasseurs D'Afrique 1945James Stanner
Medium TrucksRenault, MatfordN.O.
Medium TrucksPanhard, Berliet, CitroenN.O.
Morane Saulnier M.S. 406:French Fighter, 1940, 2 differentJohn Gypson
Moroccan GoumiersBar (2), Rifle, Pistol, JeepNight Wolf
MotorcyclesRene Gillet G1 & L1, Gnome & Rhone AX2, Terrot VATT Montjoie Saint Denis
Prime MoversLorraine, Latil, Laffly, N.O.
Regiment Blinde de Fusiliers MarinsHalftrack, Armored Car, Truck, Jeep, TankUngern
Renault FT-17 Tank:MG and 37 mm cannon versionsPedro Pato
Renault R35 TankFrance 1940 (2 versions), Vichy 1941, German 1943Pedro Pato
SAu-40 TankNight Wolf
Sdkfz 251Free French, R-35 Tank TurretUngern
Section d'artillerie Portee de LargeauGeneral Leclerc
Somua S-35 and Char B1 bis TanksFrance 1940Jon Oldham
Somua S-35 Tanks4 differentTeodor
Stuart Light TanksM-3A3 (2), M-5A1James Stanner
Supermarine SpitfireFlame Design
Tank CrewsOn Foot (3), On Tanks (10)Ungern
TanksAMR 33, AMR 35 (9), CrewDoughnut Dude
TanksHotchkiss H35, H38, H39, Renault R35, R39, R40, FCM 36Montjoie Saint Denis
TOE Armored CarsLaffly 50 AM (2), Laffly S15 TOEMontjoie Saint Denis
Top Down French Vehicles Black and White Top Down French vechicles, Souma S-35 47mm H-39, Panhard 178, FT-17, 75mm gunJon Oldham
TrucksSomua MCL5, w/ Trailer, Trailer with Somua S35 and Renault B1bis, w/ 155mm Gun, Heavy RecoveryMontjoie Saint Denis
UNIC P107 Artillery Tractor2 different, 75mm Gun, Crew (4)Ungern
UNIC P107 Engineer Half-Track3 differentUngern
Unic P107 TractorTowing 105mm, (2), 75mm (2), Limber, Engineer (2)Montjoie Saint Denis
Vichy1907/15 Riflemen (4), 9mm Erma-Vollmer (2), Tropical Hats and HelmetsVirgilio
Vichy 2Rifle (6), OfficerMatt Hazelton
Vichy ColonialFM24/29 MG, Officer, Zouaves w/ riflesVirgilio
Vichy Dewoitine D.520Flame Design
Willys JeepJames Stanner


File LocationDescriptionDesigner
Churchill Mark III Tank captured tank Logan Minard
Fieseler Fi-156C Storch John Gypson
Flakpanzer IV Ostwind Grey, Camo The Viking
Focke-Wulf 190 Matt Fritz
Focke-Wulf 190 Alex Kremer
Focke-Wulf 190 Alex Kremer
Focke-Wulf 190 Alex Kremer
Focke-Wulf Super TL Mike Brady
Gustav Train Gun Part 1 ALOTEF
Gustav Train Gun Part 2 ALOTEF
Gustav Train Gun Part 3 ALOTEF
Heavy Artillery Captured Guns, 150mm K403, 220mm Morser Clive
Heavy Artillery Gun Crews Afrika Korps, 42 different Clive
Heavy Artillery Gun Crews Afrika Korps, 42 different Clive
Heinkel He-111H Part 1 John Gypson
Heinkel He-111H Part 2 John Gypson
Horch 901 Vehicles North Africa, Personnel Car (2) Cable Carrier, Signal Car, Survey Car, Early Warning Car EdwRom
Infantry Late 1944, Kar 98K, MG-34, MG-42, Pistol, MP-40 Ungern
Infantry Rifle, StG-44, MP-40, MG-42 Viktor2a5
Infantry (Normandy 1944) Two SquadsVance Cannell
Junkers Ju-87 Stuka Matt Fritz
Junkers Ju-87b Stuka Dive Bomber Half-Track
Junkers Ju-88 Desert Acrin
Junkers Ju-88 Bomber John Gypson
Junkers Ju-88 Bomber John Gypson
Light Anti-Aircraft Artillery Crews Clive
Light Anti-Aircrat Artillery Crews Luftwaffe Clive
M4 Sherman Tank captured tankLogan Minard
Messerschmitt Bf-109 Alex Kremer
Messerschmitt Bf-109 Alex Kremer
Messerschmitt Bf-109 Matt Fritz
Messerschmitt Bf-109E Paul Rogers
Panzer I Tanks North Africa EdwRom
Panzer IV (3-D) Building Instructions Teodor
Paratroopers Kar 98k, G-43, StG-44, MP-40, FG-42 Viktor2a5
Paratroopers (Winter) Officer, NCO, Military Police, Sniper, Schwimmwagen, PPSH, K98K, Gewehr 42, Panzerfaust, Mortar Team, Radio, Mg034 Team, ATR Matthijs
Rommel's Aircraft Heinkel He111 H-6, Fieseler Fi 156 Storch EdwRom
105mm on Panzer IVbClive
105mm, Grey, Winter, Summer, AnorakMountain Artillery Crew
105mm, Waffen SSMountain Artillery Crews
120mm Captured GunN.O.
128mm Dual Purpose Field & Anti-Tank Guns128mm K44, K81/2, K81/1, K81/2Clive
128mm Self-Propelled Gun128mm K L/61 on Panzer VI chassisClive
150mm Self Propelled Guns150mm sIG33 AusfH and Ausf M on Pz 38 (t) Chassis, 150mm sIG33 on Jgd Pz 38(t) Hetzer, Munition panzer 38(t) Ausf MClive
155mm K418 ArtilleryClive
15cm sIG33Self-Propelled Heavy Infantry GunClive
37 mm ATG GermanGun and 4 CrewAlex Kremer
44 camoAlex Kremer
50mm ATGs50mm Pak 38, 50mm (Grey and Sand), 75mm Pak 97/38Clive
60 cm SearchlightFlak-Sw 36 Searchlight, Generator, Crew Clive
65mm, Waffen SS CrewMountain Artillery
75mm ATG on T26 Chassis75mm Pak 97/38 on Pz T26, w/ and w/out additional armor shieldsClive
75mm Pak 40 Somua MCGUngern
75mm Pak 50 Infantry GunClive
81 mm Mortar German:Mortar and 2 CrewAlex Kremer
88mm ATG Emplacements3 differentAndrew White
88mm Flak 18 ZugkraftwagenClive
Afrika KorpsJohn Gypson
Afrika Korps VehiclesVW Beetle, SdKfz 7 w/ Trailer, towing Flak 18 (2), towing Pzjg IEdwRom
Airborne Artillery75mm, 105mm, CrewsClive
Airborne Artillery CrewGrey, Winter, Blue, CamoClive
Airborne Artillery Crew75mm, Grey-Green, Camo, Tropical, BlueClive
Algemeine SS Rifle, SMG, Pistol, BannerBrandon Wells
Alkett VsKfz 617 Mine RollerPrototypeRDB1972
Alpine InfantryRfarr60
Alpine TroopsKar 98k (2), MP-44, MG-42Screaming Eagle
Anti-Aircraft Artillery50mm Flak 41 (2)Clive
Anti-Aircraft ArtilleryLight, Captured, 20mm (5), 37mm (5)Clive
Anti-Aircraft ArtilleryLight, Captured, 40mm, 20mm (3), 37mm, 25mm (2)Clive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery88mm Flak 37 auf Zugkraftwagen 18t, Firing, TravellingClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery Crew Reichsarbeitsdienst, Hitler YouthClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewLight AA, Heimat FlakClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewWaffen SS, 20mm, 88mmClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery Crew20mm Flak 38 Crew, Grey, Camo, North AfricaClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewMountain, 20mm Flak 38Clive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewsKriegsmarine, Light Captured GunsClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewsReversible Winter Uniforms, Light GunsClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewsWehrmacht, Light Captured GunsClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewsKriegsmarine, Light GunsClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewsLuftwaffe, Light Captured GunsClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewsLuftwaffe, Light Captured GunsClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewsLuftwaffe, Light Captured GunsClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewsWaffen SS, Light GunsClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewsWaffen SS, Light GunsClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewsWehrmacht, Light GunsClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewsWehrmacht, Light GunsClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewsFlak Helpers, Light ArtilleryClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewsForeign Flak Helpers, Heavy ArtilleryClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewsWhite Denim Fatigue uniformClive
Anti-Partisan CavalryK98a (5), NCO, MP-40 (2)Clive
Anti-Tank Gun CrewsGun & Crew (6), 37mm, 50mm, 76mm, 75mm (3), 88mmClive
Anti-Tank Guns (Afrika Korps)50mm ATG w/ Crew (6), 76mm ATG w/ Crew (7), 75mm ATG w/ Crew (7), 88mm Flak 18 (3) w/ Crew (16) Clive
ArmorHetzer, Panther, Jagdpanther, JagdtigerJames Stanner
ArmorKing Tiger, Pz IIF, Pz IIL, Sdkfz 251/C, Pz IVDJames Stanner
ArmorPanther, Pz IVH, Jagdpanther, Jgpz IV, Sdkfz 250/1Jorge 44
Armored Cars231, 232, 263Montjoie Saint Denis
Armored Cars 1221, 222, 223, three of eachTeodor
Armored Cars 2221, 222, two of eachAndrew White
Armored Cars 3Captured British 15cwt Truck ChassisClive
Armored Train ArtilleryLeonhard Siegmeier and
Armored Train BR 57Leonhard Siegmeier and
Armored Train FlakLeonhard Siegmeier and
Armored Train KommandoLeonhard Siegmeier and
Armored Train TenderLeonhard Siegmeier and
ArtilleryCaptured Guns, 105mm Kan 340, 76.2mm FK 26, 57mm Pak 208, 37mm Pak 164, 45mm IG 186Clive
Artillery and ATGs105mm Howitzer, 150 mm Howitzer, Nebelwerfer, 75mm ATG, 37mm ATG, Gun crewJakub Sawicki
Artillery and ATGs 2:88mm flak 36 (with and without wheels), 20mm flak 38, 81mm mortarJakub Sawicki
Assault Gun Crew6 differentDaniel Harper
Bachem BA 349 NatterGerman Rocket Powered Fighter, 3 differentJohn Gypson
BergepantherFrance 1944James Stanner
BergepanzersBergepanzer (3), Bergepanther (3), Bergetiger (3)Andrew White
Bergpanzer KW ICaptured KV 1 Recovery TanksUngern
Bicycle TroopsWaffen SS, MP-40, Officer, Kar98k, Mountain DivisionClive
Bicycle TroopsLuftwaffe, MP-40, Officer, Kar98k, MG34Clive
Bicycle TroopsMP-40, Officer, Kar98k, MG34, G43, MP44Clive
Bicycle TroopsZeltbahn, Great Coats, Reversible Winter Camo, MP-40, Kar98k, MG34Clive
Bicycle TroopsOfficer, 50mm, AA Tripod, Anti-Tank, MP-40, Kar98k, MG34, w/out RidersClive
Bicycle TroopsOfficer, MP-40, Kar98k, Mountain DivisionClive
BMW R12 MotorcycleThe Marine
BMW R75 MotorcyclesWith Riders and sidecars, 4 differentAndrew White
Brown ShirtsPatridor
Camo Patterns 1:16 different, use to create new drawingsOttobear
Camo Patterns 2:10 different, Splinter Pattern, BasesFrancisco J.M. Rodrigues
Captured ArmorM-3 Lee, BA-20, H-35 (2), B1 bis, KV-1, James Stanner
Captured ArmorLorraine 37L (3), FCM 36, H 39 (2), B1 bis (2), H 38James Stanner
Captured ArmorM-4A2, Valentine Mk III, Vickers Light Tank VIC, Renault FT-18, T-34/76 (2), KV-1e, T-26sJames Stanner
Captured French TanksTank Destroyers and Gun Motor CarriagesUngern
Captured GunsBelgian 75mm (3), French 75mm (4), English 83.8mm (3) & 87.6mm, Norwegian 75mm (2), Dutch 75mm (2)Clive
Captured HowitzersBelgian 105mm, French 105mm (2), English 114mm, Norwegian 120mm, Dutch 120mm & 105mmClive
CasualtiesEarly & Late War, Afrika KorpsChristopher Reichert
CavalryK98a (9), Officer (3), NCO (2), MG-34Clive
Cavalry 1:Kar 98K (4), MP-40, OfficerDaniel Harper
Cavalry 2:8th SS Florian Geyer, Kar 98K (4), MP-40, OfficerDaniel Harper
Chaplains6 differentPanzer Wolf
Chenillette TractorsCaptured, 7 DifferentMontjoic Saint Denis
Coastal Artillery 50mm50mm KwK 38 & 39, Gun Pit, Crew Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe, WehrmachtClive
Comet TankCapturedJames Stanner
Cossack CavalryRiding Motorcycles, DismountedVance Cannell
Cossacks in German Service:Mounted and on Foot, Don, Siberian, Kuban, TerekPanzer Wolf
Daimler Benz JagerExperimental FighterMike Brady
Dornier Do 335 A-02EdwRom
Dornier Do 335 A-1Fighter / BomberEdwRom
Dornier Do 335 A-10Two Seat TrainerEdwRom
Dornier Do 335 A-12Two Seat TrainerEdwRom
Dornier Do 335 A-4ReconEdwRom
Dornier Do 335 A-6Night FighterEdwRom
Dornier Do 335 ArrowPrototypeEdwRom
Dornier Do 335 V5PrototypeEdwRom
Dornier Do 335 V7PrototypeEdwRom
Dornier Do-335 B-2EdwRom
ElefantAndrew White
Elefant 1Wojciech Bota
Elefant 23 different camo patternsAndrew White
Field Artillery105mm (3), 75mm (6)Clive
Field ArtilleryItalian 100mm (5)& 75mm, Yugoslavian 100mm (3), Greek 100mmClive
Field ArtilleryItalian 75mm (7), Yugoslavian 75mm (4), Greek 75mmClive
Field ArtilleryPolish 75mm (2) & 100mm (2), Austrian 76mm & 100mm (2) & 80mm, Czech 76mm & 80mm, & 100mm (2)Clive
Field Artillery CrewMid to Late War, Grey & CamoClive
Field Artillery CrewWarm WeatherClive
Field Artillery LimberSix Horse Team & LimberClive
Field Commanders 1:Rommel, Guderian, Manstein, Paulus, Hausser, Peiper, SkorzenyPanzer Wolf
Field Commanders 2:Dietrich, Diefenthal, Student, von Manteuffel, Mohnke, CariusPanzer Wolf
Field Commanders 3:Dkorzeny, Peiper, Paulus, Richtofen, Von Manstein, Rommel, Dietl, Von Ravenstein, Dietrich, Hausser, Guderian, Kesselring, Von Vietinghoff, Von Manteuffel, Von RundstedtDaniel Harper
Field HeadquartersOfficer, Radiomen (3), Guards (3 different uniforms)Xaxk
Field HospitalBrandon Wells
Field KitchenCook, Field Kitchen, Food, Beer, Cigarettes Panzer Wolf
Field PoliceWearing Zeltbahn, MG34, K98, MP40, NCO, OfficerClive
Fieseler Fi-156 StorchEdwRom
Fieseler Fi-156 StorchEdwRom
Fieseler Fi-56 StorchWinter CamoEdwRom
Fieseler Fi-56 StorchWinter CamoEdwRom
Flakpanzer IAFlakpanzer IA (4), Munitions Carrier (3)EdwRom
Flakpanzer IASnow Camo, Flakpanzer IA (4), Munitions Carrier (3)EdwRom
Flakpanzer IV WirbelwindAA Gun, two turretsLeonhard Siegmeier
Flakpanzer T-34AA Gun on T-34 chassisJonathan Nikitas
Focke Wulf FW-190 A9Mike Brady
Focke Wulf FW-190 F9Mike Brady
Focke Wulf FW190 D9Mike Brady
Focke Wulf FW210 (Speculative)Part 1, "Amerika Bomber"Mike Brady
Focke Wulf FW210 (Speculative)Part 2, "Amerika Bomber"Mike Brady
Focke Wulf FW210 (Speculative)Part 3, "Amerika Bomber"Mike Brady
Focke-Wulf 189 A-1Recon PlaneUngern
Focke-Wulf 189 A-1Recon PlaneUngern
Focke-Wulf 189 A-1Recon PlaneUngern
Focke-Wulf 190D-9 Fighter Tank Destroyer
Focke-Wulf Super TL: 2Mike Brady
Focke-Wulf Super TL: 1Mike Brady
Ford Maultier TruckRegular, Covered, Ambulance, 20mm Flak 38Vizenz
Ford Truck w/ Pak 38Tibor Horvath
Ford Truck w/ Pak 38Tibor Horvath
Free India LegionSummer & Winter UniformsPanzer Wolf
French Waffen SS (Berlin)Kar 98K, StG 44, Panzerfaust, MG-42, MP-40, PPSh 41, PistolUngern
FW160(Model is in two pieces)Mike Brady
FW160Mike Brady
Georgian LegionRifles, Panzerfaust, Rifle Grenade, MG Team, Squad LeadersVance Cannell
German Anti Tank Gun CrewsWW2 German Anti Tank Crews 4 types 3.7cm PAK, 5.0cm PAK 38, 7.6cm PAK 36, 7.5cm Pak 41, 8.8cm PAK 43Clive
German Anti-Tank Guns28mm (2), 42mm, 75mm PAK 41, 80mm PAW 600, 76.2mm PAK 36 & 39, 88mm Puppchen, 88mm PAK 43 & PAK 43/41Clive
German Army Artillery50mm Pak 38 on Panzer IV C Bridgelayer Clive
German ArtilleryCaptured Anti-Tank Guns, 15 DifferentClive
German Field ArtilleryCaptured Soviet Guns, 76.2 mm (8)Clive
German Field ArtilleryCaptured Soviet Guns, 122 mm (4), 115mmClive
German Heavy Field Artillery Misc UniformsClive
German InfantryFall 1939, Kar 98K, Radio, Medic, NCO, OfficersMarvin Schneck
German Infantry (Western Front)K98 (8), MP-40 (2), Officer, SniperMichael Smith
German ParatrooperParachuting (2)Screaming Eagle
German WW2 WeaponsVarious
Gestapo6 differentXaxk
Goliath 1:Remote-Controlled BombUbersoldier
Goliath 2:Remote-Controlled Bomb, Carrier (mounted and dismounted), OperatorDan Casquilho
Gun Crews (Field Artillery)Early to Mid War, 60 DifferentCliva
Half-Truck:Christoph Patzer
Halftrack3 differentAndrew White
HalftrackAlex Kremer
Halftrack 250/8Jonathan Nikitas
Halftrack 251 D1944, three differentAndrew White
Halftrack 251 DDesert Camo, three differentAndrew White
Halftrack 251 DLate War, Seelow HeightsMarvin Schneck
Halftrack 251 DLate WarMarvin Schneck
Halftrack 251 DAfrika KorpsMarvin Schneck
Halftrack 251 DWinter Camo, three differentAndrew White
Halftrack 251/1 D2 differentVizenz
Halftrack 251/22Late WarMarvin Schneck
Halftrack 251/22Late War, Seelow HeightsMarvin Schneck
Halftrack 251/22 IRLate War, Infra-Red SightMarvin Schneck
Halftrack 251/23Marvin Schneck
Halftrack 251/6 C4 different, Waffen SS in autumn camoHalf-Track
Halftrack 251/9 DLate WarMarvin Schneck
Halftrack 251/9 DLate War, Seelow HeightsMarvin Schneck
Halftrack 251/9 D2 differentVizenz
HalftracksSdkfz 250/9, 250/5, 250/3Half-Track
Halftracks Afrika Korps (Desert)2 differentWar Wolf
He-162Flame Design
Heavy Anti-Aircraft Artillery75mm Flak L/60, 88mm Flak 1917, 88mm Flak 18, 105mm Flak 38, 128mm Flak 40Clive
Heavy Anti-Aircraft ArtilleryCaptured British Guns, 75mm Flak Vickers (2), 94mm Flak Vickers M39 (2)Clive
Heavy Anti-Aircraft Artillery128mm Flakzwilling 40 (left & right guns), 88mm Flak 41, 88mm Flak 36/43Clive
Heavy Anti-Aircraft ArtilleryCaptured Soviet Guns, 76.2mm Flak M31, Flak M38, 85mm Flak M39Clive
Heavy Anti-Aircraft ArtilleryCaptured French 75mm Guns, 4 differentClive
Heavy Anti-Aircraft ArtilleryCaptured Czech Guns, 75mm, 76.5mm, 83.5mm, 90mmClive
Heavy Anti-Aircraft ArtilleryCaptured Italian Guns, 75mm (3), 90mm, 88mmClive
Heavy Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewsWinter Reversible UniformsClive
Heavy Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewsWehrmacht, German GunsClive
Heavy Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewsZeltbahnClive
Heavy Anti-Aircraft Artillery CrewsWhite Denim Fatigue UniformsClive
Heavy Anti-Aircraft Crews1939-45, Waffen SSClive
Heavy Anti-Aircraft Crews1939-45, KriegsmarineClive
Heavy Anti-Aircraft Crews1939-45, Luftwaffe, captured gunsClive
Heavy Anti-Aircraft Crews1939-45, LuftwaffeClive
Heavy Anti-Gank Gun88mm Flak 18 auf Zugkraftwagen 12tClive
Heavy Artillery150mm K16, K18, K39 & SK C, 170mm K18, 210mm Mrs 18Clive
Heavy ArtilleryCaptured Italian Guns, 150mm K 408 & 410, 210mm H 520Clive
Heavy ArtilleryCaptured Belgian Guns, 150mm K 429, 155mm K 431 & 432, 220 mm Morser 530Clive
Heavy ArtilleryCaptured French Guns,155mm K 418, 419 & 424, 145mm K 405Clive
Heavy ArtilleryCaptured French Guns,155mm K 425, 416 & 422, 220mm K 532 & Morser 531Clive
Heavy ArtilleryCaptured French Guns, 105mm (4), 155mm (4)Clive
Heavy ArtilleryCaptured British Guns, 152mm (2), 127mm (2)Clive
Heavy ArtilleryCaptured Soviet Guns, 152mm, 122mm (3)Clive
Heavy ArtilleryCaptured Soviet Guns, 152mm (4) , 107mm (3)Clive
Heavy ArtilleryCaptured Czech Guns, 210mm, 150mmClive
Heavy ArtilleryCaptured Soviet Guns, 152mm (4), 203mmClive
Heavy Artillery100mm (2), 105mm, 150mm (4)Clive
Heavy ArtilleryCaptured Italian Guns, 105mm (4), 150mm (3), 152mm, 155mmClive
Heavy ArtilleryCaptured Yugoslavian Guns, 105mm (2), 150mmClive
Heavy ArtilleryCaptured Austrian & Czech Guns, 105mm (2), 150mm (4)Clive
Heavy ArtilleryCaptured Polish Guns, 105mm (2), 120mm (2), 155mm Clive
Heavy ArtilleryCaptured Dutch & Danish Guns, 105mm (2), 150mm (2), 152mm Clive
Heavy Artillery Gun CrewsWarm Weather, 70 DifferentClive
Heavy Artillery Gun CrewsReversible Winter Uniforms, Snow Camo & Field Grey, 70 DifferentClive
Heavy Artillery Gun CrewsReversible Winter Uniforms, Splinter & Tan Camo, 70 DifferentClive
Heavy Artillery Gun CrewsLate War Uniforms, M44 uniform, Zeltbahn Worn as Cape, 56 DifferentClive
Heavy Artillery Gun CrewsField Grey Panzer & Italian Camo Uniforms, 56 DifferentClive
Heavy Artillery Gun CrewsMid War Uniforms, Great Coat & Camo Uniforms, 56 DifferentClive
Heavy Artillery Gun CrewsMid War Uniforms, M43 Uniforms, Long Marching Boots, 42 DifferentClive
Heavy Artillery Gun CrewsEarly War Uniforms, 56 DifferentClive
Heavy Artillery Gun CrewsEarly War Uniforms, Greatcoats, Zeltbahn Worn as Cape, 56 DifferentClive
Heavy Motorcycles8 Different, 3 of eachClive
Heavy Motorcycles8 Different, 4 of eachClive
Heavy Motorcycles w/ Side Cars7 Different, 4 of eachClive
Heavy Motorcycles w/ Sidecars18 DifferentClive
Heavy Motorcycles w/ Sidecars24 DifferentClive
Heavy Motorcycles w/ Sidecars33 DifferentClive
Heinkel He-111 H-2Mike Brady
Heinkel He-111 H-2Black & White outlineMike Brady
Heinkel He-162Acrin
Heinkel He-162 Salamander2 DifferentJohn Gypson
Heinkel He-177Tank Destroyer
Heinkel He-177 BomberTank Destroyer
Heinkel He-177 BomberTank Destroyer
Heinkel He-177 Bomberarmed w/ Hs 293Tank Destroyer
Heinkel He-219Tank Destroyer
Heinkel Lerche II2 DifferentMike Brady
Henschel HS-123 Dive BomberRussian FrontJohn Gypson
Henschell Hs-129w/ 73mm CannonMike Brady
Henschell Hs-129Mike Brady
Herman Goering DivisionMP 44 (6), MP 40 (2), Officer, Helmets, HeadsJonathan Nikitas
Hetzer 1Assault GunWojciech Bota
Hetzer 22 different camo patternsAndrew White
Horch 108 CarrierTrooop Carrier, Carrier w/ MG-34, w/ 20mm AA (3), towing 37mmEdwRom
Horch 108 CarrierAmbulance (2), towing searchlight (2), telephone, amplifierEdwRom
Horch 108 VehiclesTroop Carrier, Towing 20mm Flak, 37mm, Telephone (3)EdwRom
Horch 108 Vehicles (North Africa)Troop Carrier (2), w/ Mg-34, w/ 20mm AA (2), Towing 20mm Flak, Twoing 37mmEdwRom
Horch 108 Vehicles (North Africa)Ambulance, Amplifier, Towing Searchlight (2), Telephone (2)EdwRom
Horch 830 Car Civilian, Military, Light Truck, AmbulanceEdwRom
Horch 830 Car Personnell (3), Towing 37mm, Radio, Cable CarrierEdwRom
Horch 830 R VehiclesPersonnel Car (3), Twoing 37mm, Carrying Signals (2)EdwRom
Horch 901 CarOpen, Closed, Carrying Cable, Signal Car, Survey, Early WarningEdwRom
Horch 901 CarRadio (3), Telephone, Commander's CabrioletEdwRom
Horch 901 Sdkfz 12 (North Africa)Devon Findlater
Horch 901 VehiclesNorth Africa, Radio Car (2), w/ Antenna Extended, Telephone, Commander's CarEdwRom
Horch 901 VehiclesNorth Africa, Personnel Car (2), Cable, Signal, Survey, Early WarningEdwRom
Horch 901 VehiclesRadio Car (2), Telephone, Radio, Early WarningEdwRom
Hummel Winter 1943-44James Stanner
IF5 MG Wagon 36Infantriefahrzeug 5 Maschinegewehr Wagen 36, Infantry Unit, Cavalry Unit, In ArctionClive
Infanterie Schlepper UE 630(f)Captured French Renault 31R UEUngern
InfantryGew43, MP-41, MP-40, VG-1Xaxk
Infantry Rifle, Flag, SMG, Panzerschreck, MG TeamJames Stanner
Infantry Winter Camo, Rifle, Flag, SMG, Panzerschreck, MG TeamJames Stanner
InfantryOfficer, MP-40, G-43, STG-44, MG-34, K98KChristopher Reichert
InfantryWinter, MP-40, MG-34, K98K, G-43, STG-44Christopher Reichert
InfantryRifle, MP-40, MG-34Viktor2a5
InfantryRifle, MP-40, MG-34, WinterViktor2a5
InfantryDavid Willis
Infantry1944, Rifle, MP-40, LMG, Stg-44Mike Brady
Infantry1941, Invasion of Yugoslavia, Rifle, Radio, Medic, NCO, OfficerJudiel Lumbad
Infantry Winter, Rifle, MP-40, Sniper, MG-42, officerJudiel Lumbad
InfantryWearing Zeltbahn, MG34, K98, MP40, NCO, OfficerClive
InfantryWearing Zeltbahn, NCO'sClive
InfantrySummer UniformVasily Zaitzev
Infantry Winter, Eastern FrontVasily Zaitzev
Infantry ('Volksmarine'):Riflemen (3), MP40 (5), Flag, Policeman, Officer (2), LMG Team, Panzerschreck TeamOttobear
Infantry (1940)Kar 98K, MP-40, Radio, Medic, NCO, OfficersMarvin Schneck
Infantry (Anti-Tank)Hand Held Anti-Tank WeaponsClive
Infantry (Bastogne)Kar 98K, G43, Panzerschreck, Panzerfaust, MP-40, MG Team, MG-44, Snipers, OfficersHalf-Track
Infantry (Berlin 1945)12 DifferentMike Brady
Infantry (Hermann Goring Division)SMG, Rifle, Panzerschreck, LMG, Medic, Assault RifleMatthijs
Infantry (Late 1944)Kar 98K, MG-34, MG-42, StG-44, PanzerfaustUngern
Infantry (Normandy):Riflemen, Panzerschreck, Assault Rifle, OfficerLong Nguyen
Infantry (North Africa)Officer, MP-40, MG-34, K98KChristopher Reichert
Infantry (North Africa)Rifle, MP-40, MG-34Viktor2a5
Infantry (Poland 1939)Officer, SMG, Rifle, MG Team, Rifle GrenadeVance Cannell
Infantry (Stalingrad 1942)Vasily Zaitzev
Infantry (Stalingrad) 1:Kar 98K (7), Mosin (3), MP-40 (5), Ppsh-41 (3), Sniper (2), Officer (4), MG-34 (2)Half-Track
Infantry (Stalingrad) 2:Infantry (11), Officer, Wounded (2), Surrendering (2)Ungern
Infantry (Trenches):Kar 98K, Stg44, Panzerfaust, Panzerschreck, Observer, Officer, MG42, MP40Clive
Infantry (Winter)East Front 1941-2, Rifle, MP-40, Officer, NCO, MG-34, 50mm Mortar, ATR, MG-26Clive
Infantry (Winter)East Front 1941-2, MG-34, MG-37, 80mm Mortar TeamsClive
Infantry (Winter)East Front 1941-2, 37mm PAK, 75mm IG, 150mm IG, Gun CrewsClive
Infantry 10:Rifles (3), SMG (5), LMG Team, Panzerschreck Team, Flag, Officer (2)Ottobear
Infantry 11:Early War, Rifles (6), SMG (2), MG34 bipod and tripod, Panzerfaust, PPSh-41 (3), MP-40 (2), OfficerDaniel Harper
Infantry 12:Late War, Rifles (6), SMG (2), MG34 bipod and tripod, OfficerDaniel Harper
Infantry 13:Rifles(6), SMP (6), MG Teams (2), Offices (2), Flag, Panzerschreck, PanzerfaustBurca Eduard
Infantry 14:Winter, Rifle (4), SMG (2), Officer (2), Sniper, Panzerschreck Team, MG Team, Panzerfaust, FlagHernaldo Rios
Infantry 15:MP-40 (9)Francisco J.M. Rodrigues
Infantry 16:MP-40 (9)Francisco J.M. Rodrigues
Infantry 17:Parade Rest, 9 differentAndrew White
Infantry 18:Winter, Infantry (3), Armed carNight Wolf
Infantry 1:Officers, Navy, Air Force servicemenAlex Kremer
Infantry 2:1939-1942, MP-44 and MauserAlex Kremer
Infantry 3:KAR 98K, Gewehr 43, Sniper, MP40, Officer, Panzerschreck, MG-42Matt Smith
Infantry 4:Wearing Gas Masks, Cavalry, Sniper, MP-40Mark A.
Infantry 5:Winter Gear, Kar 98k (3), Sniper (2), MP40 (3), Officer, Panzerschreck, MG42, PanzerfaustWar Wolf
Infantry 6:Kar 98K, Bergmann MP35, Mauser G98, MG34, PM39/40, Walther G43, SergeantJosh Hazelton
Infantry 7:Winter Gear, Panzerfaust, Sniper MP40, Ka r98k (2), Panzerschreck, MG42Xaxk
Infantry 8:Early War, Rifles (3), SMG, LMG, Officer, ChaplainDaniel Harper
Infantry 9:Walking poses, Kar 98K (15), MP40 (3), MG34 (3)Clive
Infantry Afrika Korps (Desert) 1:KAR 98K, (2 different) Sniper, MP40, Officer, MG-42Matt Smith
Infantry Afrika Korps (Desert) 2:Hats, Helmets, and Tropical Helmets KAR 98K (2 different) Sniper, MP40 (2 different), Officer, MG-42 (bipod and tripod), General. Military Police, Artillery Crew (5 different), Anti-Tank Gun Crew (2 different), Mortar Crew (2 different), Observers (2 different)Jakub Sawicki
Infantry Afrika Korps (Desert) 3:Kar 98k (5), MP-40 (3), MG-34, Officers (3)Half-Track
Infantry Afrika Korps (Desert) 4:Rifle, SMG, Pistol, GrenadeJosh Hazelton
Infantry and Cavalry:Sniper in Winter Camo, SS CavalryMarvin Schneck
Infantry Field GreyKar 98k, Stg-44 (2 different), Panzerschreck, Panzerfaust, MP-40 (3 different), Officers (2 different), MG-42 (bipod and tripod), Mortar Crew, Anti-Tank Gun Crew, Artillery Crew, Observers (2 different)Jakub Sawicki
Infantry Guns75mm IG 18 (3), 150mm IG 33, 75mm IG 37, 75mm IG 42, 37mm IG 152, 76mm IG 260, 76mm IKH 290 (2), 94mm IKH 302Clive
Internal Security TroopsSchutzpolizei, Milice, Police - Poland, Russia, Ukraine, 3 of eachDaniel Harper
JagdpantherMike Brady
JagdpantherThe Viking
Jagdpanzer IVL/70 and L/48 gunsLeonhard Siegmeier
Jagdpanzer VFrance 1944James Stanner
Jagdpanzer V 1Wojciech Bota
Jagdpanzer V 88mm Pak43Teodor
JagdTiger 1Assault GunWojciech Bota
JagdTiger 22 different camo patternsAndrew White
Ju-87B Stuka Dive BomberNorth AfricaHalf-Track
Junkers 87b Stuka Dive BomberHalf-Track
Junkers Ju-188Mike Brady
Junkers Ju-52Mike Brady
Junkers Ju-87 Stuka Dive BomberAcrin
Junkers Ju-87B-12 DifferentHalf-Track
Junkers Ju-87D5 Dive BomberMike Brady
Junkers Ju-87G1 Dive BomberMike Brady
Junkers JU-88 A-4 BomberOperation Barbarossa, 1941Marvin Schneck
Junkers Ju-88 A-4 BomberSummer 1941Marvin Schneck
Junkers Ju-88 BomberWinterAcrin
Junkers Ju-88 BomberSummerAcrin
Junkers Ju-88 BomberWinter, Eastern FrontMike Brady
Junkers Ju-88 G-6Mike Brady
Junkers Ju-88 G-6Mike Brady
Junkers Ju-88 G-6Night FighterMike Brady
Karl Morser Ammo TenderJeff High
Karl Morser MortarJeff High
King Tiger 1Sand, with ParatroopersFrancisco J.M.Rodrigues
King Tiger 10Andrew White
King Tiger 11Winter CamoAndrew White
King Tiger 2Green, with ParatroopersFrancisco J.M.Rodrigues
King Tiger 3Spring CamouflageFrancisco J.M.Rodrigues
King Tiger 4Spring CamouflageFrancisco J.M.Rodrigues
King Tiger 5Autumn CamouflageFrancisco J.M.Rodrigues
King Tiger 6Autumn CamouflageFrancisco J.M.Rodrigues
King Tiger 7Camouflage, with ParatroopersFrancisco J.M.Rodrigues
King Tiger 8Porsche Turret Camo w/ ZimmeritFrancisco J.M.Rodrigues
King Tiger 9Henschel Turret Camo w/ ZimmeritFrancisco J.M.Rodrigues
KriegsmarineOfficer, MP-40, MG-34, K98K, G-43Christopher Reichert
Krupp L2 H143 TrucksTroop Carrier, w/ MG-34, Artillery Tractor w/ 37m, towing 37mm, towing 20mm, w/ 20mmEdwRom
Krupp L2 H143 TrucksTowing Searchlight (2), Telephone (2), Radio Mast, Command CarEdwRom
Krupp L2 H143 VehiclesTroop Carrier (2), AA Gun Tractor w/ 20mm, Towing 20mm, Artillery Tractor w/ 37mm, Towing 37mmEdwRom
Krupp L2 H143 VehiclesTowing Searchlight (2), Telephone (2), Radio, CommandEdwRom
Kubelwagen (3-D)Sand, GreyVizenz
Kubelwagen (3-D)Summer & Winter CamoMaciejka
Le SPW U304(f)German Armoredq body on French Unic Kegresse P107Clive
Leichte PanzerspahwagenMontjoie Saint Denis
Light Motorcycles (North Africa)BMW R35, DKW RT125, NSU 2510SL, Triumph BD250W, Phanomen Ahoi, Zundapp BD200Clive
Light Motorcycles (North Africa)BMW R35, DKW RT125, NSU 2510SL, Triumph BD250W, Phanomen Ahoi, Zundapp BD200, 4 of eachClive
Lippisch P-13jetMike Brady
Lorraine Schlepper (f)CapturedUngern
Lorraine Self Propelled GunsLorraine, Lorraine Observation Post, w/ 150mm, w/ 75mm, w/ 105mm gunsClive
LuftwaffeGround Crew, Munitions Cars, ParachutistChristopher Reichert
LuftwaffeWearing Zeltbahn, MG34, K98, MP40, NCO, OfficerClive
Luftwaffe InfantryKar 98k (3), MP-40 (3), Panzerfaust, OfficerAndrew White
M-8 Greyhound Armored CarCapturedJames Stanner
Machine GunsMG-42, MG-34Screaming Eagle
Marder III 1Self Propelled ATG, 76.2mm F22 Gun, 75mm Pak 40 (2)Clive
Marder III 22 different camo patternsAndrew White
Mark VI Tankscaptured tanks, MkVI, 105mm, Command, MunitionsClive
MedicsMedics (5), Armed Medics (3), Casualties (6)Xaxk
MedicsMedics (2), Stretcher Team (3)Ungern
Medium MotorcyclesBMW R 4, DKW NZ 350, Victoria KR35 SN and WH, Triumph B350 and S350, Puch 350, 4 of eachClive
Mercedes Benz Trucks4 differentVizenz
Mercedes-Benz Type L VehiclesNorth Africa, Troop Carrier, Towing 37mm, Ambulance, Field Workshop, Light Truck, Command CarEdwRom
Messerschmitt 262 1Jet fighter plane Matt Fritz
Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-2June 1941Tank Destroyer
Messerschmitt Bf-109Acrin
Messerschmitt Bf-109 C1Mike Brady
Messerschmitt Bf-109 E4Mike Brady
Messerschmitt Bf-109 G10Mike Brady
Messerschmitt Bf-109 G10Mike Brady
Messerschmitt Bf-109 G2Mike Brady
Messerschmitt Bf-109 G2Mike Brady
Messerschmitt Bf-109 G2Mike Brady
Messerschmitt Bf-109 G6Mike Brady
Messerschmitt Bf-109 G6Mike Brady
Messerschmitt Bf-109 G6Mike Brady
Messerschmitt Bf-109 K4Mike Brady
Messerschmitt Bf-109G 2Eastern Front, 2 versions 1943 and 1944John Gypson
Messerschmitt Bf-109G 3Mike Brady Fieseler Fi-156C Storch: German Recon Aircraft,
Messerschmitt Bf-110Night FighterTank Destroyer
Messerschmitt Bf-110 1Battle of Britain markings, 4 differentJohn Gypson
Messerschmitt Bf-110 2Russian Front markings, whiteJohn Gypson
Messerschmitt Bf-110 C-4Tank Destroyer
Messerschmitt Bf-110 GTank Destroyer
Messerschmitt Bf109Black & White outline, 6 differentMike Brady
Messerschmitt Bf109 F4Float plane, Flying & On WaterMike Brady
Messerschmitt Me-109 Fighter Andrew White
Messerschmitt ME-163 KometRocket Fighter, 2 differentJohn Gypson
Messerschmitt ME-163BRocket FighterMike Brady
Messerschmitt Me-262Flying, on GroundTank Destroyer
Messerschmitt Me-264PrototypeTank Destroyer
Messerschmitt Me-309Mike Brady
Messerschmitt Me-309Mike Brady
Messerschmitt Me-410B Mike Brady
Messerschmitt P-1011Experimental Jet FighterMike Brady
MesserspitCaptured Supermarine SpitfireMike Brady
Mittlerer SPW M2(a) AA-GunFrench 37mm AA gun on captured M3 half-trackUngern
Mortar TeamsMortar & Crew Firing, Moving, Horse CartUngern
Mortar TeamsSS, Firing, Moving, Leader, Horse Cart, Half-TrackUngern
Mortar TeamsLuftwaffe Infantry, Firing, Moving, Horse Cart, Half-TrackUngern
Motorcycle InfantryDismounted, RIfle, MP-40, Officer, NCO, Mortar, MG TeamsClive
Motorcycles (Captured)French (6), Belgian (6), Danish (5)Clive
Mountain Artillery CrewAnorak, Winter, Waffen SS, Summer, Great CoatClive
Mountain Guns75mm (3), 105mm, Skoda Guns 75mm (4), 100mm (4)Clive
Mountain GunsCaptured Guns, French 65mm, 75mm (3), 105mm (3), Italian 65mm (2), 75mm (3), 76mm (2)Clive
Mountain TroopsG-38, Sniper, Stg-44, MP-40, MP-41, Kar, MG-42, Panzerschreck, MG-34, Skis and Snow ShoesDoughnut Dude
NeubauFahrzeug V TankGrey, WhiteTeodor
Officers13 differentMike Brady
OfficersCol. Von Staffenberg, Kurt Meyer, Erwin RommelDevon
Opel Blitz TruckGrey, AA, Crates, Nebelwerfer, MedicalJeff High
Opel Blitz TruckDesert, AA, Crates, Nebelwerfer, MedicalJeff High
Opel Blitz Truck 1Regular and Ambulance versionErnesto Tramontana
Opel Blitz Truck 2Regular, Ambulance, 20mm Flak 38Vizenz
Opel Blitz w/ Pak 38Tibor Horvath
P-47 DCapturedTibor Horvath
PAK 40 75mm ATG 3D 1:3D ATG, Crew, Field GreyOliver Bizer
PAK 40 75mm ATG 3D 2:3D ATG, Crew, Afrika KorpsOliver Bizer
Panther and Tiger Tankswith commanderAndrew White
Panther VA2 DifferentXaxk
Panzer 1B6 differentMarvin Schneck
Panzer 35 (t)Half-Track
Panzer 38 (t)Wojciech Bota
Panzer 38(t)Teodor
Panzer 38(T) AFall 1939, 6 DifferentMarvin Schneck
Panzer 38(T) C1940, 6 DifferentMarvin Schneck
Panzer and Assault Gun Crews Crew in Vehicle and on FootMatthijs
Panzer CrewFor PzIII & PzIV, Commanders (33), Gunners & Loaders (10), Radio Ops / Bow Gunners (10)Clive
Panzer Crew 132 different (unarmed and with SMG)Panzer Wolf
Panzer Crew 212 differentMike Brady
Panzer Crew 35 different, Afrika Korps and SSAndrew White
Panzer IPanzer IA, IB, variants, Panzerjager IDaniel Harper
Panzer IA Tank6 DifferentMarvin Schneck
Panzer IA Tanks 12 DifferentEdwRom
Panzer IB Tanks 12 DifferentEdwRom
Panzer IIIIC, IIF, sIG33, Marder II, Wespe, Munition WespeClive
Panzer IIIIb, IIA, IID, Flame, Cruiser MkIV, 76mm Pak 36Clive
Panzer II LJeff High
Panzer IIC6 differentMarvin Schneck
Panzer III ATank Destroyer
Panzer III C Marvin Schneck
Panzer III E1940, 6 differentMarvin Schneck
Panzer III JL60 and L42 gunsMarvin Schneck
Panzer III J (Afrika Korps)L60 and L42 gunsMarvin Schneck
Panzer III LWojciech Bota
Panzer III NWojciech Bota
Panzer IIIA, DestroyedTank Destroyer
Panzer IIIB6 DifferentMarvin Schneck
Panzer IIIBTank Destroyer
Panzer IV2 differentJakub Sawicki
Panzer IVDesert Camo, 2 differentAndrew White
Panzer IV2 differentAndrew White
Panzer IVWinter Camo, 2 differentAndrew White
Panzer IVWith Crew, Panzer IV E, F1, G, JClive
Panzer IV (Afrika Korps)IVD, IVE, IVF1, IVF2, IVGClive
Panzer IV A4 DifferentTank Destroyer
Panzer IV and StuG Assault Gunwith commanderAndrew White
Panzer IV Anti-Aircraft TanksFlak Panzer IV w. 20mm and 37mm, 37mm Flak, Bergepanzer IVClive
Panzer IV Bridge LayerAndy Waters
Panzer IV Long 75mm GunIVF2, IVG, IVJ, WgIV Obs. PostClive
Panzer IV Short 75mm GunIVA, IVB, IVC, IVD, IVE, IVF1Clive
Panzer IV TanksIVH (3), IVJ (2)James Stanner
Panzer IV TanksIVA, IVB, IVD, IVE, IVF (2)James Stanner
Panzer VPantherLeonhard Siegmeier
Panzer VWinter Camo, 3 differentAndrew White
Panzer VPanther, 3 differentAndrew White
Panzer VItaly, 3 differentAndrew White
Panzer VPantherErnesto Tramontana
Panzer VLAH SS Division camoComrade Vataman
Panzer V 2Normandy camoLeonhard Siegmeier
Panzer V PantherThe Viking
Panzer V Panther6 TypeTeodor
Panzer V PantherTeodor
Panzer V PantherUngern
Panzer V TankVA, VD (2), VGJames Stanner
Panzer VIWinter Camo, Late WarDevastator
Panzer VI (3-D)Tiger I, Teodor
Panzer VI (Wittmann) 1Tiger commandedMichael Wittmann
Panzer VI (Wittmann) 2Tiger I E commandedMichael Wittmann
Panzer VI (Wittmann) 3Tiger I E commandedMichael Wittmann
Panzer VI 1TigerJakub Sawicki
Panzer VI 2Tiger, Winter CamoWojciech Bota
Panzer VI 3Tiger IIWojciech Bota
Panzer VI 4Tiger IDaniel Harper
Panzer VI 5Tiger I, Bovington Tank MuseumAndrew White
Panzer VI 6Tiger I, Early and Late, 8 different camo patternsAndrew White
Panzer VI 74 different camo patternsAndrew White
Panzer VI King TigerTank Destroyer
Panzer VI King TigerPorsche Turret, Zimmeritt coatingTank Destroyer
Panzer VIII 1MausCount Dracula
Panzer VIII 3Maus, 2 different camo patternsAndrew White
Panzerjager 1B6 differentMarvin Schneck
Panzerspahwagen6 differentTeodor
PanzerspahwagenMontjoie Saint Denis
Panzerspahwagen 178P 204(f)Captured French AMD 35 Panhard 178Ungern
Panzerspahwagen 178P-204(f)Railway CarsUngern
Panzertruppen Stug III ATeodor
Panzerwerfen 42Rocket LauncherJonathan Nikitas
ParatroopersRifle, Flag, SMG, Panzerschreck, MG Team, Sniper, FlamethrowerJames Stanner
ParatroopersPanzerfaust 60, Radio, Luger, Sniper, K98 (2)matthijs
Paratroopers Kar 98K, StG 44, MP-40, Panzerfaust, Panzerschrek, MG-42, Ge-43, Sniper, OfficerThe Viking
ParatroopersWinter, Rifle, SMG, MGMatthijs
Paratroopers 1Kar 98K, Sniper, MP-40, Officer, Panzerfaust, MG-42Matt Smith
Paratroopers 10MP 44 (2), MP 40 (5), Officer, Sniper, Helmets, HeadsFrancisco J.M. Rodrigues
Paratroopers 11MP 44 (6), MP 40 (2), Officer, Helmets, HeadsFrancisco J.M. Rodrigues
Paratroopers 12Kar 98K (2), Sniper, StG-44 (2), MP-40 (2), Panzerfaust, MG-42, OfficerAndrew White
Paratroopers 139 different, house, wall Zulu
Paratroopers 14Three different Uniforms, Kar 98k (3), Stg-44 (2), MP-40 (2), Panzerfaust, MG-42, FJ-42 (3), Panzerschreck, Gewehr 43 (2), Officer (3), Sniper (4), Plane Crew (2), Weapon crateAndrew White
Paratroopers 2 (1944-45)KAR 98K (2 different) Sniper, MP40 (2 different), Officer, MG-42 (bipod and tripod), General. Military Police, Artillery Crew (5 different), Anti-Tank Gun Crew (2 different), Mortar Crew (2 different), Observers (2 different)Jakub Sawicki
Paratroopers 3 (Africa and Italy)Kar 98K, Sniper, MP-40 (2 different), Officer, Panzerfaust, MG-42 (bipod and tripod) Panzerfaust, Panzerschrek, GeneralJakub Sawicki
Paratroopers 4 (Eben Emael 1940)Kar 98K, MP-40 (2 different), GeneralJakub Sawicki
Paratroopers 5 (Waffen-SS)Kar 98K (2 different), MP-40 (2 different), Stg-44 (2 different), Officer, Panzerfaust, Panzerschreck, MG-42 (tripod)Jakub Sawicki
Paratroopers 6FG-42 (2), MP-40 (2), MP-44 , Sniper, Officer, Weapons, Equipment, HeadsFrancisco J.M. Rodrigues
Paratroopers 7FG-42 (2), MP-40 (2), MP-44 , Sniper, Officer, Weapons, Equipment, HeadsFrancisco J.M. Rodrigues
Paratroopers 8Rifle (4), SMG (2), Officer (2), Sniper, Panzerschreck Team, MG Team, Panzerfaust, Flamethrower, FlagHernaldo Rios
Paratroopers 9MP 44 (6), MP 40 (2), Officer, Helmets, HeadsFrancisco J.M. Rodrigues
Paratroopers Tank Riders8 differentAndrew White
Partisan Hunters8 differentPanzer Wolf
PolicePolicemen (4), Regular Uniform and Patrol Uniform, with and without SMGs Gestapo (3), Armed and UnarmedTaylor A
PoliceLuger, MP40, Kar98k, Officer, NCOBurca Eduard
Porsche Tiger VK45Prototype tankWojciech Bota
Porsche Tiger VK45Prototype tankAndrew White
Prisoners of WarKriegsmarine, 6 differentMatthijs
Prisoners of WarPanzer Crew, 6 differentMatthijs
Prisoners of WarSS, 6 differentMatthijs
Prisoners of WarAfrika Korps, 6 differentMatthijs
Prisoners of War6 differentMatthijs
Prisoners of WarWinter, 6 differentMatthijs
Pz Kpfw 612 Armored Cars37mm (2), MG-34 (2)Teodor
Recon Battalion (North Africa)Armored Cars, Half-TracksDevon Findlater
Reichs Luftschutz BundAir Raid Rescue & Repair, 4 differentMatthijs
Rommel's VehiclesHorch 901 (3), SdKfz 250/3, Captured British AEC 4x4 Dorchester (2)EdwRom
Sanger Amerika BomberHypothetical, planned but never builtMike Brady
SchwimmwagenShawn Beero
SchwimmwagenSwimmingShawn Beero
Sd 251/17 Half-TrackXaxk
SdKfz 10 Half-Trackw/ 37mm (3), w/ 50mm (3)Clive
SdKfz 10 HalftrackTowing 75mm IG, 47mm, 37mm, Nebelwerfer, 50mmClive
Sdkfz 11 HalftracksSdkfz 11 (4), towing 105mm & 75mmClive
Sdkfz 2 Kettenkrad 16 differentVizenz
Sdkfz 2 Kettenkrad 24 different, Waffen SSVizenz
Sdkfz 231 Armored Cars6 differentUngern
Sdkfz 232 Armored Cars3 differentUngern
Sdkfz 233 Armored Cars3 differentUngern
SdKfz 234 rad-8 Armored Cars234/1, 234/2, 234/3, 234/4Vizenz
SdKfz 234/1-4Vizenz
SdKfz 247Ausf. A, Ausf B (2)Vizenz
SdKfz 250 & 253 Half-Tracks250/3 Rommel, Cruwell, Kiehl, 253 Bismarck, 250/1 KleemannEdwRom
SdKfz 250 Half-Tracks250/1, 250/2, 250/3, 250/4, 250/5, 250/6EdwRom
SdKfz 250 Half-Tracks250/7, 250/9, 250/10, 250/11, 250/12EdwRom
SdKfz 250 Half-TracksLate Version, 250/1 - 8EdwRom
SdKfz 250 Half-TracksLate Version, 250/9 & 10, w/ 50mmEdwRom
Sdkfz 250 Halftracks 11 DifferentJames Stanner
Sdkfz 251 A & BSdkfz 251/1 A&B, 251/3 A&BUngern
SdKfz 251 Half-TracksNorth Africa, 251/1, 3, 6, 7, 8A & 8C EdwRom
SdKfz 251 Half-TracksNorth Africa, 251/1 B (3), C, 251/10, 20mm FlakEdwRom
Sdkfz 251 Halftracks11 DifferentJames Stanner
Sdkfz 251/1 CCamo, Early (2), Late (2)Ungern
Sdkfz 251/1 CGrey & Sand, Early (2), Late (2)Ungern
Sdkfz 251/10 CEarly (2) & Late (2)Ungern
Sdkfz 251/17 D20mm flakClive
Sdkfz 251/17 Half-Tracks20mm flak 38, traveling, firing (2), commandClive
Sdkfz 251/2 CEarly (2) & Late (2)Ungern
Sdkfz 251/3 CEarly (2) & Late (2)Ungern
Sdkfz 251/7 CEarly (2) & Late (2)Ungern
Sdkfz 251/8 CEarly & Late (3)Ungern
Sdkfz 251/9 CEarly & Late VersionsUngern
SdKfz 252 & 253 Half-Tracks252 (2), 253 (2)EdwRom
Sdkfz 263 Armored Cars3 DifferentUngern
Sdkfz 6 & 11/6 Halftracks3 of EachClive
SdKfz 6 Half-Trackw/ 76.2mm Pak 36Clive
Sdkfz 6/1 Halftracks4 Different, Towing 105mm & 88mmClive
Sdkfz 6/2 Halftrackw/ 37mm Flak 37Clive
SdKfz 7Sdkfz 7 (2), 7/4, 7/6 towing Range Finder, 7/9, V-2 Rocket LauncherEdwRom
SdKfz 7 (North Africa)4 Different, Twoing AA and ArtilleryEdwRom
SdKfz 7 Half-Track3 Different, Towing 150mm, SdKfz 7/2 (2)EdwRom
SdKfz 7 Halftrack4 Different, Towing gun (2)EdwRom
SdKfz 7/1w/ Ammor Trailer and w/ 20mm Flak 38, 5 differentEdwRom
SdKfz 7/1 HalftrackAfrika Korps, w/ Trailer, w/ Crew, In Action, Rommel w/ SdKfz 250/3 "Greif"EdwRom
SdKfz 7/2 AA Halftrackw/ Ammor Trailer and w/ 37mm Flak 36/37, 6 differentEdwRom
Sdkfz 8 (North Africa) Troop Carrier (4), Towing 88mm, Towing Pzjg IEdwRom
SdKfz 8 Halftrack3 Different, Broadcasting Vehicle, Armored towing 88mm Clive
SdKfz rad-8 Armored Cars231, 232, 233, 263Vizenz
SdKfz-9 18t half-TrackArtillery Tractor, Crane, Recovery SpadeClive
Self Propelled Guns on French ChassisPz 38H w/ 75mm and 105mm, Pz FCM w/ 75mm and 105mm, 47mm on Pz 35R, 105mm on Char B-2Clive
Self Propelled Guns on Panzer IV ChassisHummel, Munition Hummel, Nashorn, 105mm, Jagdpanzer IV/70Clive
Self-Propelled Artillery105mm and 20mm Flak on 3t ZgkwClive
sIG 33B Self-Propelled Gun3 Different, Black & WhiteJeff High
Skoda 903 Staff CarGerman, CzechRDB1972
Skoda RSO Artillery Tractor2 DifferentStan P
Skorzeny's Special Forcesdisguised as US tanks, StuG III G w/ and w/out side armor, Panther, SdKfz 250/5Vizenz
SnipersKar 98k, Gewehr 43, Camo umbrella, dummyScreaming Eagle
SnipersSS Autumn CamoScreaming Eagle
Somua MCL 5 (Captured)Ungern
Somua MCL 5 (Captured)80mm Rocket LauncherUngern
SPW AMR35(f)80 mm Self Propelled MortarRDB1972
SSHimmler, Traditional Uniform, Standard Uniform (3), Parade UniformPazner Wolf
SS Heimwehr DanzigKar 98K, Radio, Medic, MCO, OfficersMarvin Schneck
Staff CarEl Toro
Steyr 1500A TrucksAmbulance (2), Troop Carrier, Truck (2), w/ 20mmEdwRom
Steyr 1500A TrucksTroop Carrier, w/ MG-34 (2), Towing 37mm, Command Car (2)EdwRom
Steyr 1500A VehiclesTroop Carrier (3), Towing 37mm, Command Car (2)EdwRom
Steyr 1500A VehiclesAmbulance, Telephone, Radio, Light Truck (2), Towing 20mm FlakEdwRom
Steyr 1500A Vehicles (North Africa)Troop Carrier (3), Towing 37mm, Command (2)EdwRom
Steyr 1500A Vehicles (North Africa)Ambulance, Radio, Light Truck (3), Towing 20mm FlakEdwRom
Steyr 470 VehiclesRSO/03 KHD (2), Ambulance, w/ 75mm, w/ 75mm Pak 40/4 (2)Stan P
Steyr 470 VehiclesRSO/01 (4), w/ 20mm Flak, Towing 75mmStan P
Steyr ADGZ Armored CarSS Heimwehr DanzigMarvin Schneck
Stoewer R180 CarTroop Carrier, Carrier w/ twin MG-34, Signals, Radio, Maintenance, SurveyingEdwRom
Stoewer R180 Vehicles (North Africa)Troop Carrier, Signal Car, Radio, Maintenance, Survey, w/ twin MG-34EdwRom
StuG 40 G Assault GunErnesto Tramontana
StuG III Assault Gun A, B, C/D, F, F/8, G (3)Jeff High
StuG IV Assault Gun3 differentAndrew White
StuG IV Assault Gun75 mm gunMarvin Schneck
SturmabteilungHitler, Rohm, Brown Shirts (7), Variant Hats (12), BannerDaniel Harper
Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar150mm gunLeonhard Siegmeier
SturmtigerAssault GunVizenz
Super Heavy Artillery210mm, 305mm, 240mmN.O.
T-34/76Captured Soviet tank with German markingsErnesto Tramontana
T34/74 TankCaptured Soviet tank with German markingsLeonhard Siegmeier
TanksPanzer IA, Panzer IVD, Panzer IVHErnesto Tramontana
Tatra Vz.30 Armored CarSS Heimwehr Danzig, 1939Marvin Schneck
Truck & Jeep (Captured)Ford CMP, Willys JeepJames Stanner
UNIC P107 (Captured)3 Different, Mortar (2), Command VersionUngern
UNIC P107 Artillery TractorCaptured French, 3 differentUngern
UNIC P107 Flak 38 Half-TrackCaptured French, 2 differentUngern
UNIC P107 Half-TrackCaptured French, 3 differentUngern
V-2 RocketAndrew Golden
Vehicles 1:Kubelwagen, Motorcycle, KettenkradPaul Rogers
Vehicles 2:Kubelwagen (3 different), BMW R75 Motorcycle, Motorcycle with sidecarJakub Sawicki
Vehicles Afrika Korps (Desert)Kubelwagen, VW Beetle, 2 men on footMatt Smith
VolksstrumOfficer, MP-40, MG-34, K98K, G-43, Panzerfaust, PPSH, STG-44, Pistol, Hunting RifleChristopher Reichert
Volkssturm11 different, casualties (2)Daniel Harper
VW BeetleAfrika KorpsXaxk
Waffen SS Rifle, Flag, SMG, Panzerschreck, MG TeamJames Stanner
Waffen SSRifle, SMP, Officer, MGThe Viking
Waffen SSWearing Zeltbahn, MG34, K98, MP40, NCO, OfficerClive
Waffen SS 'Handschar'Rifle (5), LMG, MP40 (2), Stg044, Police, Mortar and Crew (2), Kettenkrad, Motorcycle, Cycle w/ Sidecar, KubelwagenVizenz
Waffen SS (Das Reich)Squad leader, Riflemen, Tank Hunter, MG TeamVance Cannell
Waffen SS (Spring Camo)Officers, NCOs, Rifles, Storm Troopers, MGVance Cannel
Waffen SS 1:Officer, LMG Team, 4 Different SoldiersAlex Kremer
Waffen SS 2:Many different uniforms, camo patterns, plus cavalry and police with dogPanzer Wolf
Waffen SS 3:Rifles (3), SMG, LMG, OfficerDaniel Harper
Waffen SS 4:stg-44 with 'vampire' IR, Sniper camouflaged as shock of wheat, Raketenpanzerbusche 43Panzer Wolf
Waffen SS 5:Rifles (3), SMG (5), LMG Team, Panzerschreck Team, Flag, Officer (2)Ottobear
Waffen SS 6:6 differentRussell McCreight
Waffen SS Autumn CamoKar 98k, Stg-44 (2 different), Panzerschreck, Panzerfaust, MP-40 (3 different), Officers (2 different), MG-42 (bipod and tripod), Mortar Crew, Anti-Tank Gun Crew, Artillery Crew, Observers (2 different)Jakub Sawicki
Waffen SS Eichenlaub Camo:KAR 98K, Sniper, MP40, Officer, Panzerschreck, MG-42Leonhard Siegmeier
Waffen SS InfantryMP-40, Kar 98K, Gewehr 43, Stg-44, Officers, MG-42, SniperBrandon Wells
Waffen SS Infantry Battle of the Bulge, Officer, NCO (4), Sharpshooter, MG, Panzerschreck, Stormtrooper (2), Riflemen (12)Vance Cannell
Waffen SS Panzergrenadiers1945, Oficer, NCOs, Cpls, MG Team, Assault Troops, Tank Hunters, Captured Weapons, Riflemen, MedicsVance Cannell
Waffen SS Spring CamoKar 98k, Stg-44 (2 different), Panzerschreck, Panzerfaust, MP-40 (3 different), Officers (2 different), MG-42 (bipod and tripod), Mortar Crew, Anti-Tank Gun Crew, Artillery Crew, Observers (2 different)Jakub Sawicki
Waffen SS Winter (Kharkov) 1Rifles, SMG, LMG, OfficerPanzer Wolf
Waffen SS Winter (Kharkov) 2Rifles, SMG, LMG, OfficerPanzer Wolf
Waffen-SS Panzer Crew36 different (unarmed and with SMG)Panzer Wolf
Winter camo,Alex Kremer
Wurfrahmen 40 Rocket LaunchersSchweres Wurfgerat 40 & 41, Nebelwerfer 41Clive
Wurfrahmen 40 Rocket LaunchersWurfrahmen 40, Mounted on SdKfz 251/1, PzKfw 39H, Schlepper UE 630Clive
WW2 German Field CommandersRommel, Hausser, Peiper, Skorzeny, Paulus, MansteinPanzer Wolf
WWII German InfantryMatt Smith
YouthsHitler-jugend (2), Edelweiss Pirates (4) Taylor A
Zeltbahns Army, Luftwaffe, SS, Italian, Rain Cape, Shelters, other usesClive
Zugkraftwagen 20mm FlakThe Viking
Zwilingslafette Anti-Aircraft MG2 differentClive


File LocationDescriptionDesigner
Royal Marines Sam Marco Maro, Carcano Rifle (2 different), Sniper, MAB SMG, Breda MG (bipod and tripod), Officer, General OttoBear
Tanks Fiat-Ansaldo M11/39, M13/40, M14/41, M15/42, M15 AA, Carro Commando M40 & M41 Montjoie Saint Denis
105mm ArtilleryPrototypesN.O.
African InfantryEthiopian, Somali, Eritrea, Askari (5), Flags, Italian Officers, Panzerschreck Team, Radio, MG TeamOttoBear
APC'sDovunque 35 Protetto, Cingoletta L41, AS-37 ProtettoN.O.
ArmorCV 33/II, L3 w/ Flamethrower, Semovente L40, Ammo Carrier, Carro Armato L6/40Ernesto Tramontana
ArmorSemovente M40, M41, M41 da 90/53, M42, M42L, M43, Osservazione Dell'ArtigileriaMontjoie Saint Denis
Artillery 175mm Field Gun, 100mm Howitzer, 149mm Howitzer, regular infantry, Bersaglieri, and Black Shirt crew - Artillery Crew (4 different), Mortar Crew (2 different), Anti-Tank Gun Crew (2 different), Observers (2 different)Jakub Sawicki
Artillery 275mm 100mm Howitzer, 149 mm Field Gun, 75mm Field Gun (3-D), Crew (Desert)Hernaldo Rios
Autoblinda AB Armored CarsAB 40 (2), AB 41 (2), AB 43Montjoie Saint Denis
Autoblinda Fiat 611 Armored Car611A (2), 611B (2)Teodor
Autoblinda Lancia Z Armored CarErnesto Tramontana
BersagleriRifle (4), SMG (2), Officer (2), Sniper, Panzerschreck Team, MG Team, FlagHernaldo Rios
Bersagleri (North Africa) 1Motorcycle, Anti-Tank Rifle w/ Cres, M91 Cavalleria (2), Sniper, MAB SMG (2), Breda MG (bipod and tripod), OfficerNimb
Bersagleri (North Africa) 2Rifle (4), SMG (2), Officer (2), Sniper, Panzerschreck Team, MG Team, Flag, ATG, Motorcycle (2)Hernaldo Rios
Bersagleri (North Africa) 3Rifle (12), SMG (3), Officer (2), MG, Flag, Radio, Panzerschreck TeamOttobear
Bersagleri (Russia)Carcano Rifle (2 different), Sniper, MAB SMG, Breda MG (bipod and tripod), Officer, BuglerOttoBear
Bersaglieri MotorcyclistsReichswehr
Black Brigade 1Carcano Rifle (2 different), Sniper, MAB SMG, Breda MG (bipod and tripod), Officer, GeneralOttoBear
Black Brigade 2Rifle (4), SMG (2), Officer (2), Sniper, Panzerschreck Team, MG Team, FlagHernaldo Rios
Breda Heavy Artillery Tractor Tibor Horvath
Breda Heavy Artillery Tractor Tibor Horvath
Breda Heavy Artillery TractorTibor Horvath
Breda Heavy Artillery TractorTibor Horvath
Camionetta AS-42 Sahariana Armored Carw/ MGs, w/ MG & ATR, w/ MG & AAMG, w/ MG & 37mm ATGMontjoie Saint Denis
Carro Armato L6/40 TankNorth Africa, 6 DifferentMarvin Schneck
Carro Armato M13/40 TankNorth Africa, 6 DifferentMarvin Schneck
Carro Veloce 33 TanketteCV 33 w/ 65mm MG (2), w/ Flamethrower, Tank CrewmanJan Schlurmann
Cavalry (Russia)III Regt. Savoia (2), Bugler, Officer, FlagOttoBear
Cavalry PiedmontCavalry (2), Bugler, Officer, FlagOttoBear
Co-BelligerentsRifles (2), Thompson SMG, Sgt., Sten, Bren Virgilio Virgilio
Cross-Country Colonial TrucksStan P
Cross-Country TrucksStan P
CV-33 Flamethrower Tank3-DHernaldo Rios
Fiat 3000 TankL5/21, L5/31Teodor
Fiat Cr. 42 FalcoItalian Fighter (2)John Gypson
Fiat G-50 FrecciaBrtczech
Foot CarabinieriInfantry and Military Police, Rifles (8), SMG, Radio, MG, Flag, Officers, Panzerschreck TeamOttoBear
Guard Nazionale RepubblicanaCarcano (2), MAB (3) Officer (2), Breda Model 37, Breda Model 30, Panzerfaust, StG 44, Bren Carrier w/ Breda, Kubelwagen w/ GeneralJan Schlurmann
Heavy Artillery TractorStan P
Heavy Cross-Country TrucksStan P
Heavy Howitzer Tibor Horvath
Heavy Howitzer Tibor Horvath
Heavy HowitzerTibor Horvath
Heavy HowitzerTibor Horvath
Heavy TrucksStan P
Heavy TrucksStan P
InfantryCarcano Rifle, M38, M38/42, Breda LMG, Wounded, Winter, Summer, Bersagleri, Brigade Maro, Xa-Mas, San Marco Maro, Military Police, Royal Carabinieri, Black ShirtsChristopher Reichert
InfantryCarcano M91, M91/38, M38, Breda Model 30Viktor2a5
Infantry (Greece)Rifles (2), SMG (2), LMGNight Wolf
Infantry (North Africa)Rifles (12), SMG (3), Radio, MG, Flag, Officers, Panzerschreck TeamOttoBear
Infantry (North Africa)Carcano M91, M91/38, M38, Breda Model 30Viktor2a5
Infantry 1:Regular Infantry, Bersaglieri, Black Shirts, Military Police - Carcano Rifle (2 different), Sniper, MAB SMG, Breda MG (bipod and tripod), Officer, GeneralJakub Sawicki
Infantry 2:Rifles (8), SMG (2), Radio, MG, Flag, Officers, Panzerschreck TeamOttoBear
Italian AA Guns75mm (3), 90mm, 88mmJames Stanner
Italian Armor Prototypes P40, P43, Carro Celere Sahariano, Semovente 149/40 P43, M15/42, Semovente Ruotato Breda 501, P.43 bisN.O.
Italian Artillery105mm 3), 155mm (2), 149mm (2)James Stanner
Italian Artillery149mm, 210mm, 152mmJames Stanner
Italian Artillery75mm (7), 47 & 37mm ATGsJames Stanner
Italian Artillery100mm (5), 75mmJames Stanner
Italian Infantry8 DifferentChristopher Reichert
Italian Mountain Artillery75mm (4), 65mm (2), 100mm (3)James Stanner
Italian Tanks3-D, Semovente L40, Carro Armato L6/40Hernaldo Rios
L 3/33 Tankette20mm ATR, Green, Sand, CamoPPS-43
Light CarsStan P
Light Infantry (Russia)Carcano Rifle (2 different), Sniper, MAB SMG, Breda MG (bipod and tripod), Officer, GeneralOttoBear
Light Tanks and Self-Propelled GunsAnsaldo-Fita M6 & L6/40 (2), Centro Radio, L6/Lf, Semovente L40, Carro Commando L40, Portamunizioni L40Teodor
Light TrucksStan P
Light TrucksStan P
Light TrucksStan P
Light Trucks and Tactical VehiclesCierano 50-CM, Autocannone da 75/27 CK, ALfa Romeo 2500 Coloniale, OM AutocarrettasN.O.
Maachi C.202 Folgore 1Italian Fighter, Mainland DefenseJohn Gypson
Maachi C.202 Folgore 2Italian Fighter, North AfricaJohn Gypson
Maachi MC.200Italian Fighter (2)John Gypson
Medium and Heavy TrucksFiat, Isotta-FraschiniN.O.
Mountain TroopsAlpini - Carcano Rifle (2 different), Sniper, MAB SMG, Breda MG (bipod and tripod), Officer, Skiers (2 different), Soldier with Mule, 75mm mountain howitzer with 3 crew, 81mm Mortar with 2 crew, 47mm ATG with 3 crew, AA gun with crewJakub Sawicki
ParatroopersCarcano Rifle (2 different), MAB SMG (2 different), Breda MG (bipod and tripod), Officer, Artillery Crew (5 different), Mortar Crew (2 different), Anti-Tank Gun Crew (2 different), Observers (2 different)Jakub Sawicki
Part 1 Savoia-Marchetti SM79: John Gypson
Part 2 Savoia-Marchetti SM79: John Gypson
Prime MoversSpA TP-42, Fiat OCI-708, Pavesi TM-23N.O.
Royal Carabinieri - Campaign UniformCarcano Rifle (2 different), Sniper, MAB SMG, Breda MG (bipod and tripod), Officer, GeneralOttoBear
Royal Carabinieri - Military PoliceCarcano Rifle (2 different), Sniper, MAB SMG, Breda MG (bipod and tripod), Officer, GeneralOttoBear
SPA TL37 Artillery TractorStan P
SPA TM40 Artillery TractorStan P
SS DivisionNCO, CPL, Rifle, MG TeamVance Cannel
SS LegionKar 98K, Sniper, MP-40 (2 different), Officer, StG-44 (3), MG-42 (bipod and tripod), Officer, GeneralJakub Sawicki
T34/76 TankCaptured tankErnesto Tramontana
Tankette L 3/29PPS-43
Xa-Mas MarinesSam Marco Maro, Carcano Rifle (2 different), Sniper, MAB SMG, Breda MG (bipod and tripod), Officer, GeneralOttoBear

Britain & Commonwealth

File LocationDescriptionDesigner
Canadian Grizzly Tank Grizzly Mk I, Mk I C, Grizzly APC Clive
Bailey Bridge Part 1 Clive
Bailey Bridge Part 3 Clive
Bailey Bridge Part 2 Clive
Bailey Bridge Part 4 Clive
Canadian Cruiser Tank Ram Ram Mk I, Mk II (3) Clive
Canadian Skink AA Tank Clive
Churchill Tanks Churchill Mk VI, Mk VII, Mk VIII, Mk IX Clive
Hawker Fury Mk II Forrest Gump
Hawker Hurricane Matt Fritz
Hawker Hurricane Alex Kremer
Hawker Hurricane Alex Kremer
Hawker Hurricane Alex Kremer
Hawker Hurricane Alex Kremer
Hobart's Funnies 2 Churchill AVRE with Assault Bridge, with Carpet Layer Type C, with Bullshorn Plough Clive
Hobart's Funnies 3 Churchill AVRE with Fascine, with Armoured Ramp (Mk I and II) Clive
Infantry Early War, Rifle, Thompson, MG, Officer, Bren, Flag James Stanner
Infantry Rifle, Thompson, MG, Officer, Bren, Flag James Stanner
Infantry (North Africa) Rifle, Thompson, Bren Viktor2a5
Infantry (Snow Camo) Sten, Rifles, Bren Team Clive
Lancaster Part 1 Matt Fritz
Lancaster Part 2 Matt Fritz
Merchant Sailors Rifle (2), MG, Pistol (2) jd321
Morris Light Recon Car Mk.1 British Bovington Series James Stanner
P-39 Airacobra Alex Kremer
SAS Belgium, Rifles, Brens, NCO, Stens, PIAT, Sniper, Armed Jeeps Clive
SAS (French) Black Berets, Rifles, Brens, NCO, Stens, PIAT, Sniper, Armed Jeeps Clive
Sexton: Self-Propelled Artillery, 25 Pdr Marvin Schneck
SpitFire Alex Kremer
SpitFire Alex Kremer
Spitfire Matt Fritz
Sunderland Mk III Coastal Command, Flying, On Water, w/ ASV Mk II Radar Ungern
105mm Priests(North Africa)Early, Mid, In Action, Traveling, Under Camo NetClive
15 cwt TrucksBedford MW, Morris CS8 (4), CMP Ford F15 (early and late cab)Clive
15 cwt Trucks (Desert)Bedford MW, Morris CS8, CMP Ford F15Clive
1st Canadian Army InfantryMarvin Schneck
2 Pdr Anti-Tank Gun (France 1940)Gun, Crew (5)Clive
2 pdr Anti-Tank Guns2 Pdr firing and travelling positions, 25mm HotchkissClive
2 pdr Anti-Tank Guns Tractor and PorteeHome Defense and North Africa, Morris C8 (4), Chevrolet CGT (2), CMP Ford F60 (2)Clive
20mm Oerlikon CannonsMk I - IV MountsClive
20mm Oerlikon CrewRoyal Navy, Working Dress, Oil Skins, Duffle Coat, Flash HoodsClive
20mm Oerlikon CrewGun LayersClive
20mm Oerlikon CrewPullover, Square Rig, Royal Marines, Maritime Royal ArtilleryClive
20mm Oerlikon CrewMk I - IV, IV - VIII, 10, 14 mountsClive
20mm Oerlikon CrewTwin MountsClive
25 Pdr (France 1940)25 Pdr (2), CrewClive
25 Pounder Artillery (8th Army Desert) 125 pdr w/ full crew, 8 differentClive
25 Pounder Artillery (8th Army Desert) 225 pdr under camo netting, firing anti-tank, towedClive
25 Pounder Artillery 125 Pdr Gun, Artillery Tractor, Crew (6), 8 stages of loading and firing gunClive
25 Pounder Artillery 225 Pdr Gun with full crew, 8 stages of loading and firingClive
2nd Canadian Army InfantryMarvin Schneck
3 Inch 20-Cwt Anti-Aircraft GunAA gun static mount (2), Gunners (6), Mobile Mount traveling and firing positionsClive
3 ton Trucks9 different, Albion, Austin, Fordson, CMP, BedfordClive
3.7 inch Pack HowitzerHowitzer (2), Limber, TowedClive
3.7 inch Pack Howitzer with CrewWind Proof Jacket, Mountain Regt (2), Burma, Indian (2), HollandClive
30 cwt and 2 TonBedford Trucks
3rd Canadian Army InfantryMarvin Schneck
4.5 Inch Howitzer (France 1940)Howitzer, CrewClive
4.7 Inch Coast Gun Battery4.7 Inch Gun, w/ Shield, Emplacement, Range Finder (2), Officers (3), Signaller (2), Gun Crew (12)Clive
40 mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun 1Firing at Aircraft, Firing on Wheels, Firing at Ground Targets, TowedClive
40 mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun 2British AirborneClive
4th Canadian Army InfantryMarvin Schneck
5th Canadian Army InfantryMarvin Schneck
6 Pdr ATGAnti-Tank Gun and 6 man crew, 8 different, 3 inch mortar and 2 man crew (2)Nicholas Schneier
6 Pdr ATG (8th Army Desert)Anti-Tank Gun and 6 man crew, 8 different, 3 inch mortar and 2 man crew (2)Clive
6 Pdr Coast GunTwin Gun Emplacement, Front View, Side View, Cut-AwayClive
75mm Pack HowitzerHowitzer (2), Pack Mule, Gun broken down and packed on mules (6)Clive
8th Army Armored Cars 1Rolls Royce (3), Morris, Guy, FordsonClive
8th Army Armored Cars 2AEC, Humber Mk I - III, Marmon-Herrington Mk I - IV, Daimler Mk IClive
90 cm Anti-Aircraft SearchlightSearchlight (3), Sound Locator (2), Searchlight with directional radar (2), Lister Generator (2)Clive
A/T1 Amphibious TankPrototype, Driving, SwimmingClive
AEC Matadors:Artillery Tractors, 2 differentClive
Airborne8th Parachute Bttn, Rifle PlatoonClive
Airborne7th Parachute Bttn, Rifle PlatoonClive
Airborne8th Parachute Bttn, Mortar PlatoonClive
AirborneClose CombatClive
Airborne (D-DayClose CombatClive
Airborne Anti-Aircraft PlatoonVickers HMG, Crew, 200 Polsten AAGClive
Airborne Anti-Tank Artillery6 Pdr ATG, Crew, JeepsClive
Airborne Anti-Tank ArtilleryD-Day, 17 Pdr ATG, Crew, JeepsClive
Airborne Anti-Tank Platoon6 Pdr ATG, Jeeps, Crew, Horsa GliderClive
Airborne Anti-Tank Platoon D-Day, 6 Pdr ATG, Crew, JeepsClive
Airborne Artillery and Heavy Weapons20 mm AA Gun w/ Crew (5), 3 inch Mortar w/ Crew (5), Vickers MG w/ Crew (2), Commanders and Observers (7), Radio (2), 6 Pdr ATG, 75 mm Pack Howitzer, Gun Crews (22), Helmets and Berets, JeepClive
Airborne Medical CorpsStretcher Bearers, Dressing Stations, Supplies, HQ, TransportClive
Airborne Medical CorpsAmbulance, Transport, Dressing Station, Stretcher Bearers, SuppliesClive
Airborne Medical CorpsHorsa Unloading, Jeep Ambulances, Supplies, Dressing Stations, Stretcher BearersClive
Airborne MotorcyclesFlying Flea, James ML, (2), Welbike, Carrying WelbikeClive
Airborne Support CompanyAnti-Tank and Anti-AircraftClive
Airborne TanksMk VII Tetrach, M22 Locust, Mk VII Tetrach CSClive
American CarsChevrolet, Buick, PontiacClive
American CarsDodge, PlymouthClive
American CarsMercury, Packard, Willys, InternationalClive
Anti-Aircraft ArtilleryAirborne, 20mm, 40mmClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery 13.7 inch MkIII, 3.7 inch MkII, 20mm BoforsClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery 23.7 inch (3), 3 inch (3), In action, Crew (8), Shirt Sleeves, Service Dress, Great Coats, Battledress, North AfricaClive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery 33.7 inch (3),4.5 inch (3), 5.25 inch (3)Clive
Anti-Aircraft Artillery 43 inch (3), 3.7 inch (2)Clive
Anti-Aircraft Command PostLocator (2), Predictor (2), Height and Range Finder (2), with and without crew, Officers (3), Dispatch Rider w/ Motorcycle, Spotter, Signalers (2), Commander and PlottersClive
Anti-Aircraft Gun75mm Mk 4Clive
Anti-Aircraft Gun CommandersClive
Anti-Aircraft Gun Laying Radar 1AA Radar No. 3 Mk I and No. 4 Mk I, Medium Artillery TractorClive
Anti-Aircraft Gun Laying Radar 2AA Radar No. 3 Mk II and Mk 5, 2 Ton Trailer w/ Predictor (2), GeneratorClive
Anti-Aircraft Gun Pit 1Concrete Walls, 3.7 inch AA Gun on Mk II Static Mount (2), 3 inch AA gun static mount, 3 Inch mobile mountClive
Anti-Aircraft Gun Pit 2Sand Bag Walls, 3.7 inch on MkIII Moblie Mount, (2), 3.7 inch on MkII Static Mount (2)Clive
Anti-Invasion AA TruckDad's ArmyClive
Anti-Tank Guns (8th Army Desert)2 Pounder, Bofors 37mm, 75mm M1897, 17 Pounder, 6 PounderClive
Anti-Tank Guns (8th Army)Captured Guns, Italian 47mm, German 50mm, Gun Crews - Polish Carpathian Rifles, 9th Australian, 1st South Africa, Free French Clive
ANZAC Infantry (Kokoda):14 differentMike Brady
Armed Jeep (Desert)Paul Rogers
Armed Truck (Desert)George Lopez
ArmorA10, A9, A13, Covenanter, Canadian Archer, Vickers Mk ViB, Canadian Ram Kangaroo, Matilda IJames Stanner
ArmorCrusader III, Grant, Matilda II, Australian Sentinel, Canadian Ram MkII, Tetrarch, Infantry Carrier, Morris Mk 1 Armored CarJames Stanner
ArmorBuffalo Mk Iv, Valentine IX, M-91A1 APC, M-29C Amphibious Carrier, AEC Armored Car, Humber Mk I Armored CarJames Stanner
Armored Recovery Vehicles 1Grant ARV Mk 1 (2), Sherman V ARV Mk1 (2), Ram Km1 ARV Mk 1 (2), Sherman III BARVClive
Armored Recovery Vehicles 2Grant ARV Mk II (2), Churchill ARV Mk I, Crusader AVR Mk I, Cromwell Mk I, Crusader DozerClive
Armored Recovery Vehicles 3Ram ARV Mk II (2), Sherman V ARV Mk II (2), Curchill ARV Mk II towing Churchill Mk VIIClive
Armored TrainClive
Armored Trucks and Cars 1Dorchester Armored Command Vehicle (Low and High Powered), Humber Mk111, C15 Armored Truck, Otter Recon Car, Daimler Mk11, Humber Mk IV, StaghoundClive
Armored Trucks and Cars 2AEC, Humber Scout Car, Morris Recon Car, Indian Pattern Wheeled Carrier MkIIClive
Armstrong Whitworth AlbemarleGlider TugClive
Armstrong Whitworth AlbemarleGlider TugClive
Army CommandosLee Enfield, Bren, Thompson, Wireless, NCO, Officer, PIAT, 2 inch MortarClive
Army Motorcycles 1Early War, 350 cc bikes (9), 500 cc bikes (4), 633 cc bikes with sidecars (3)Clive
Army Motorcycles 2Mid - Late War, 350 cc bikes (18), 500 cc bikes (11), 633 cc bike with sidecarClive
Artillery 1:25 Pdr Field Gun w/ Crew (4), 17 Pdr AT-Gun w/ Crew (3), 76mm Mortar w/ Crew (2)Jakub Sawicki
Artillery 2:Same as above, different pouchesTaylor A
Artillery 3:6 Inch Howitzer, 4.5 Inch Mk1, 5.5 Inch Gun, (2), 155mm Howitzer, 4.5 Inch Mk2, Gun Crew (10), Prep and Loading, Scottish Horse variant commanderClive
Artillery 4:5.5 Inch Gun being loadedClive
Artillery 5:8 Inch Howitzer, 6 Inch Heavy Gun, 7.2 Inch Heavy Gun, 155mm Heavy Gun, 7.2 Inch Howitzer (2), Scammell Pioneer Tractor, Albion CX22S TractorClive
Artillery 6:18 Pdr MkIV (4), 18 Pdr Mk1 (2), 4.5 inch Howitzer (2), 4.5 inch Limber, 18 Pdr LimberClive
Artillery 7:9.2 inch HowitzerClive
Artillery 8:25 pdr Short Mk1, 95mm Infantry Howitzer, 2 pdr on MkIII carriageClive
Austin 15cwt TrucksClive
Australian 15 cwt TrucksClive
Australian Ambulances30 cwt truck chassisClive
Australian Artillery4.5 Inch w/ Limber, 18 Pdr w/ LimberClive
Australian CommandosEarly WarDenis Szabunia
Australian Cruiser Tank MK.1 SentinelJames Stanner
Australian Infantry Rifle, Thompson, MG, Officer, Bren, FlagJames Stanner
Australian Infantry6 Different, Pacific TheatreNight Wolf
Australian InfantryThe Viking
Australian InfantryEarly warDenis Szabunia
Australian Infantry 1:Rifle, Sten (2), Owen SMG, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Maxim MGJosh Hazelton
Australian Infantry 2:Rifles (3), SMG (5), Bren (2), LMG Team, Bazooka Team, Flag, Officer (2)Ottobear
Australian Spitfire:2 differentJohn Gypson
Australian UtesFord, Dodge, Plymouth, Chevrolet, Pontiac, WirelessClive
Avro Lancaster B Mk IMike Brady
Avro Lancaster B Mk XRussell McCreight
Bailey Bridge Construction 1Men building bridge, various stages of constructionClive
Bailey Bridge Construction 2Men building bridge, various stages of constructionClive
Bailey Bridge Construction 3Men building bridge, various stages of constructionClive
Bailey Bridge Construction 4Men building bridge, various stages of constructionClive
Bailey Bridge Construction 5Men building bridge, various stages of constructionClive
Bailey Bridge Construction 6Men building bridge, various stages of constructionClive
Bailey Bridge Construction 7Men building bridge, various stages of constructionClive
Bailey Bridge TransportTrucks (4)Clive
Beaverette Armored CarBoE
Bedford 3 ton TrucksGS, GS covered, Signals and Command, QLT Troop TransportClive
Bedford 30cwt and 2ton trucksBritish and Commonwealth Army Transport, Bedford 30cwt / 2tonClive
Bedford MW 15 cwt TrucksVan (2), w/ 25mm Hotchkiss, w/ BrenClive
Bedford MW 15 cwt TrucksWater (4), w/ 20mm (3)Clive
Bedford MW 15 cwt TrucksGeneral Service (6), Machinery, WirelessClive
Bedford QLT Troop Transports2 Different, with troopsClive
Bicycles (Folding)Paratroopers, Infantry, CommandosClive
Bishop (North Africa)Moving, In Action, W/ Ammo LimberClive
Bison Concrete Armored VehiclesClive
Blackburn RocFlying and on Ground, 2 differentUngern
Blackburn SkuaFlying and on Ground, 2 differentUngern
Boulton Paul DefiantAcrin
Boulton Paul DefiantAcrin
Boulton Paul DefiantAcrin
Boulton Paul DefiantAcrin
Bren Gunner:Bren Gun Team, 15 differentClive
Bren Universal CarriersBritish (Europe and N. Africa), CanadianMatt Smith
Brewster Buffalo3 differentRussel McCreight
Bristol Blenheim MKICoastal Command (1939)Marcel Ahlers
British Armored CarsIraq (1940)Nathan McDonald
British HighlandersVasily Zaitzev
British InfantrySwede94
Buffalo MkII & MkIV MkIV Carpet Layer, MkIV w/ 20mm Gun, MkII swimming (3), MkIV swimmingClive
Buffalo MkII LVT-2 Standard, w/ 20mm Gun, Carrying 17 PdrClive
CA-12 Boomerang:Australian Ground Support Aircraft, 2 differentJohn Gypson
Canadian 15 cwt TrucksClive
Canadian A-43 Tank N.O.
Canadian Airborne Mortar PlatoonClive
Canadian Cruiser Tank AC1SentinelClive
Canadian Crusier Tank RAM MK.IIJames Stanner
Canadian Grizzly TankRussell McCreight
Canadian Gun TowersRam towing 17 Pdr, Sherman towing 17 Pdr, Turretless Ram Ambulance, Ram Badger FlamethrowerClive
Canadian InfantryItalian Campaign, Rifles, Bren (2), PIAT, 2 inch Mortar, NCO, OfficerRussell McCreight
Canadian InfantryRifles, Bren, Officer, Corporal, POWRussell McCreight
Canadian InfantryBattle of Hong Kong (1941)Denis Szabunia
Canadian Infantry (Dieppe)Rifles, M1, Bren, Officer, ATRRussell McCreight
Canadian Infantry (Scheldt Estuary)Rifles, Officers, FlamethrowerRussell McCreight
Canadian Infantry (Scheldt Estuary)Rifles, Bren Team, PIAT Team, Radio, Sten, SpotterRussell McCreight
Canadian Infantry 1Lee-Enfield Rifle, Thompson SMG, Sten (2 different), Sgt. Major, Bren, PIAT, SniperRod Redden
Canadian Infantry 2Rifle (6), Sniper, Bren (3), Sten (3), Sgt, Lt, MajorHalf-Track
Canadian Infantry 3:Rifles (3), SMG (5), Bren (2), LMG Team, Bazooka Team, Flag, Officer (2)Ottobear
Canadian Infantry 3:3rd Canadian Division, Juno Beach, Rifles, Sten, BrenRussell McCreight
Canadian Infantry 4:4th Canadian Division, Caen (1944)Russell McCreight
Canadian Infantry 5:2nd Canadian Division, North West Europe (1944)Russell McCreight
Canadian KangaroosM7 Kangaroo, Ram Kangaroo (2), Sherman Kangaroo, Ram WallabyClive
Canadian M-7 PriestSelf-Propelled ArtilleryHalf-Track
Canadian Matilda II TankNathan McDonald
Canadian P-51 MustangMike Brady
Canadian ParatroopersHelmets and Berets - Lee-Enfield Rifle, Thompson SMG, Sten (2 different), Sgt. Major, Bren, PIAT, SniperRod Redden
Canadian ParatroopersD-DayClive
Canadian Scout Snipers3 differentRussell McCreight
Canadian SextonSexton I, Sexton II, Sexton GPO, Ram OPClive
Canadian Sherman TanksSherman I, IB, 1C FireflyJames Stanner
Canadian Sherman Tanks:105mm Howitzer, 75mm, FireflyMarvin Schneck
Canadian Tank Company22nd Canadian Tank Battalion, 1945Russell McCreight
Canadian Tanks:M3 Lee, Sherman FireflyJeff High
Canadian Willys JeepRoyal Canadian Air ForceJames Stanner
Captured Italian TanksM11/39, M13/40Clive
Carden-Loyd Mk VI TankettesMark IV, Mark VIBNight Wolf
Cars4 Seaters and 2 SeatersClive
Cavalier MustangNighthunter
CavalryCharging, Lance (8), Sword (7)Clive
Cavalry 1Early War (6)Clive
Cavalry 2Indian Army Cavalry (4)Clive
Cavalry 3Middle East (5), King's Arab Legion, MP, Home GuardClive
Centaur & Cavalier TanksCavalier MkI, Centaur MkI, MkIII, & MkIV CSClive
Centurion MKI (A41)Clive
Chaplains5 differentClive
Chevrolet 8cwt TrucksGS, Ambulance, OfficeClive
Churchill 1V (A22)2 typesClive
Churchill ARCArmored Ramp CarrierScott McPherson
Churchill BridgelayerClive
Churchill Mk III(North Africa)Clive
Churchill MkV11 w/ Infantry RidersClive
Churchill TanksChurchill Mk I, Mk II, Mk III, Mk IV, Mk VClive
Churchill TanksMkX (2), MkIV, MkXI (2), MkIIIClive
CMP 15 cwt TrucksFord, ChevroletClive
CMP 15 cwt TrucksWater and WeldingClive
CMP 15 cwt TrucksWirelessClive
CMP 15 cwt Trucks4x4 ChassisClive
CMP 30 cwt TrucksClive
CMP 8cwt Heavy UtilitiesPersonnel, Wireless, Ambulance, Office, Machinery, Indian, Staff CarClive
CMP 8cwt Trucks4x2 FFW, 4x4, LRDGClive
Coast & Beach ArtilleryHotchkiss 3 Pdr, 12 Pdr Coast Defense Gun Emplacement (2), 4 Inch Naval Gun, 4.7 Inch Coast Gun (3), 5.5 Inch Naval Gun, 6 Inch Coast Gun (2)Clive
Coast and Beach ArtilleryClive
Combat EngineersAck-Pack Flamethrower, Detonator, Fuse Wire, Explosive Charge (2), Bangalore Torpedo (2), Digging Mine (2), Clearing Mine, Marking Mine, Mine DetectorClive
Commando Vehicles30 Assault Unit, Armored Trucks, Jeeps, Scout Cars, Armored Cars, TrucksClive
CommandosOperation Torch (US uniforms), Lee Enfield, Bren, Thompson, NCO, OfficerClive
Commandos30 Assault Unit, Rifle, Thompson, Sten, Lanchester, Bren, Wireless, NCO, Officer, Intelligence Officers, Ian Fleming (Commander)Clive
Commandos 1Sniper, Lee Enfield, Sten (2 different), Sgt., Bren, Thompson SMG, PIATGeorge Lopez
Commandos 2Rifle, Sten, Bren, Sgt., OSS AgentAIF Trooper
Commer 15 cwt TrucksBeetle, Q2, Q15Clive
Commer 30cwt TrucksClive
Consolidated Liberator GR Mk VCzech Bomber SqdrnBubak
Covenanter TanksEarly & Late, CSClive
Cruiser Mk I Tank 1British Expeditionary ForcesRob Dear
Cruiser Mk I Tank 2Desert ColorsRob Dear
Cruiser Mk II (A10) Tank 1British Expeditionary ForcesRob Dear
Cruiser Mk II (A10) Tank 2Desert ColorsRob Dear
Cruiser Mk IV (A13) Tank 1British Expeditionary ForcesRob Dear
Cruiser Mk IV (A13) Tank 2Desert ColorsRob Dear
Cruiser Mk VI Crusader (A15) Tanks 1Crusader CS MkII, Crusader MkII, AA MkI, AA MkII, Gun Tractor, Tractor Towing 17 Pdr, Staghound MkIIIClive
Cruiser Mk VI Crusader (A15) Tanks 2Desert Colors, CS MkII 2 pdr, 2 pdr w/ MG turret, 3-inch Howitzer, 6 pdrClive
Cruiser MkVIII Cromwell TankCromwell MkI, MkII, MkIII, MkIV, MkV, MkVI, MkVII, MkVIIIClive
Cruiser Ram MKII TankClive
Cruiser Tank GrizzlyClive
Cruiser TanksChallenger A30, Comet A34, Centurion A41, Centurion MkIClive
Cruiser TanksMkI, MkI CS, MkII, MkIIA, MkIIA CSClive
Cruiser TanksMkIII (2), MkIV, MkIVA (2), MkIVA CSClive
Cruiser Tanks (North Africa)Mk I, Mk I CS, Mk II, Mk II CS, Mk III, Mk IV, Mk IVA, Mk IVA CSClive
Cruiser Tanks (North Africa)Grant I (2), Lee I (2)Clive
Cruiser Tanks MK V111 Centaur, Challenger, Cromwell, Clive
Cruiser Tanks MKV111 Dozer, CometClive
Cruiserer A13 Mk I and Mk II TanksJ Sommer
Crusader Mk I (A15) Tank4 differentJ Sommer
Crusader Mk II (A15) Tank4 differentJ Sommer
Crusader TanksCrusader MkI (2), MkII (2), MkIII, MkI CS, MkII CSClive
Crusader Tanks (North Africa)Crusader Mk I, Mk II, Mk I CS, Mk II CS, Mk IIIClive
Crusier TanksChallenger, Comet, and CenturionClive
Crusier Tanks MK VIII Cromwell7 DifferntClive
Curtiss Hawk 75Night Hunter
Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk 2:Australian Markings (1943)John Gypson
Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk 4:Royal New Zealand, Pacific (1943)John Gypson
Daimler Dingo Mk I Armored CarDingo, Bren LMG, Cargo, Boys ATRMarvin Schneck
Daimler Scout Car 1Clive
Daimler Scout Car 2with Crew, Europe and North AfricaClive
Defiant Fighter BomberPaul Boulton
Devil's Brigade1st Special Service Force, Garand, Carbine, SMG, BAR, Captain, Sniper, Medic, Radio, NCORussell McCreight
Dorchester Armored Command VehicleLow Powered, High Powered, Under Camo Netting, DeployedClive
Douglas Dakota Mk IIIFlying, On GroundUngern
Douglas Dakota Paratroop TransportD-Day MarkingsClive
Douglas Dakota Paratroop TransportD-Day MarkingsClive
Douglas Dakota Paratroop TransportD-Day MarkingsClive
Douglas Digby Mk1Clive
Emergency Armored CarsClive
Fairey Fulmar:Shipboard FighterJohn Gypson Spitfire:
Fairey Swordfish Mk IForrest Gump
Fairey Swordfish:Torpedo BomberJohn Gypson
Field Artillery Tractors11 different, Morris, Guy, CMP, LloydClive
Ford (1940)Car, Station Wagon, UtilityClive
Ford (1940)Car, Station Wagon, TruckClive
Ford (1941-42)Car, Station Wagon, UtilityClive
Ford Trucks25 and 30 cwt, Cargo, GS, Armored, Armed, Tea VanClive
Ford WOAWOA1 & WOA2Clive
Fordson 30 cwt TrucksGS, WorkshopClive
Fordson WOT2 15 cwt TrucksOffice, Wireless, Radar Light WarningClive
Fordson WOT2 15 cwt TrucksWOT2 A - HClive
Ghurka Infantry:Rifle, Khukri (2), BrenJames Byers
Glider PilotsPistol, StenClive
Gloster Gladiator Mk I4 DifferentNighthunter
Grant Tanks (Desert)2 differentJeff High
Guy FBAX Searchlight LorryLorry (2), Loading SearchlightClive
Guy Motors 15 cwt TrucksAnt, Quad-Ant, WirelessClive
Halifax MkV Glider TugClive
Hamilcar GliderClive
Hawker Hurricane Mk ITank Destroyer
Hawker Typhoon 1BBritish Fighter and Ground Attack AircraftJohn Gypson P-39 Airacobra:
Heavy Artillery (France 1940)Crew (10), 6 Inch (2), 8 Inch (2)Clive
Highlanders (France 1940)Lee Enfield (4), NCO, Stretcher Bearer, Bren, OfficerClive
Hobart's FunniesChurchill AVRE, Centaur Dozer, Armoured Dozer, Churchill ARK Mk I & Mk II (2)Clive
Hobart's Funnies (3)Churchill ARK MKIII, Ramp Carriers, Clive
Hobart's Funnies 1Churchill AVRE based on Mk III, Mk IV, Churchill CrocodileClive
Hobart's Funnies Part 2Tanks of the 79th Armoured DivisionClive
Home Guard 1Lee-Enfield (4), Tommy Gun (2), Lewis Gun, NCO (2), Officer, AA Lewis Gun, Rain Cape, Cycle Patrol (2), Mounted Patrol, Air Raid Wardens (2), Royal Observer Corps (2)Clive
Home Guard 2Browning MG, BAR, Northover Projector, Spigot Mortar (3) and Crew (2), 3 inch Smith Gun (2) and Crew (4)Clive
Home Guard Armored CarsClive
Horsa GliderClive
Horsa Glider Ungern
Horse Artillery (France 1940)Crew (12), 18 Pdr, 25 PdrClive
Human Torpedo Mk IIClive
Humber F.W.D.Heavy Utility Car, Wireless, Ambulance, RAF Trucks Clive
Humber Mk IIArmored Car, Desert ColorsBob
Humber Snipe and Pullman4 and 6 Seater cars, Truck, Utility CarClive
Indian 15 cwt TrucksClive
Indian InfantryIran & Iraq 1941Clive
Indian Infantry (Desert)Lee-Enfield (7), MPs (2), Thompson (4), Sten (3), NCO, Officers, Boys ATR, Vickers MG Team, Wireless, Royal Indian Artillery (6), 3 inch Mortar Team, Indian and GhurkaClive
InfantryRifle, Sten, BrenViktor2a5
InfantryVasily Zaitzev
InfantryVasily Zaitzev
Infantry (1940)Vasily Zaitzev
Infantry (Burma ) 1:British, King's West African Rifles, Indian, 9 of eachClive
Infantry (Burma ) 2:Rifle, Sten, Bren, Sgt.AIF Trooper
Infantry (D-Day)Rifle, Wireless, Sten, PIAT, 2 inch Mortar Team, Bren Team, OfficerClive
Infantry (D-Day)Officers, Wireless, Rifle, Sten, NCOs, Sniper, Stretcher Bearer, Bren, PIATClive
Infantry (Desert) Rifles, SMG, Sand HillLawson
Infantry (Desert)Rifle, Bren, Pistol, SMG, SniperDoghnut Dude
Infantry (France 1940)SMLE, Thompson, Medic, Sniper, BREN, OfficerMarvin Schneck
Infantry (France 1940)Lee Enfield (4), NCO, Stretcher Bearer, Bren, OfficerClive
Infantry (North Africa)Vasily Zaitzev
Infantry (North Africa)Lechplech
Infantry (North Africa)LechPlech
Infantry (Singapore 1942)Vasily Zaitzev
Infantry (Tobruk)MG, Rifle, Bren, Mortar, Australians, Poles, Czech & Slovak, BritishNight Wolf
Infantry (Trenches):Lee Enfield (2), Sten, Thompson, Sniper, Vickers, Bren, Lewis, Boyes ATR, PIAT, Officer (2)Clive
Infantry 1:Lee Enfield, Thompson, Sten (2 different), Sgt., BrenMatt Smith
Infantry 2:Lee Enfield (4), Sniper, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Corporal (2), Maxim MG, Lewis Gun, Bren, Sten (4)Josh Hazelton
Infantry 3:Lee Enfield (2), Sten, Thompson, Vickers, Bren, Lewis, Besal, PIAT, OfficerDaniel Harper
Infantry 4:Lee Enfield, Thompson, Sten (2 different), Sgt., BrenXaxk
Infantry 5:Rifles (3), SMG (5), Bren (2), LMG Team, Bazooka Team, Flag, Officer (2)Ottobear
Infantry 6:Rifles (3), SMG (5), Bren (2), LMG Team, Bazooka Team, Flag, Officer (2)Ottobear
Infantry 7:Flag, Rifle (6)Matt Hazelton
Infantry 8th Army (Desert) 1Sniper, Lee Enfield, Sten (2 different), Sgt., BrenMatt Smith
Infantry 8th Army (Desert) 2Sniper (2), Lee Enfield (2), Sten (4), Sgt, Bren (2)War Wolf
Infantry 8th Army (Desert) 3Rifles (2), Heavy Artillery and Gunner, Sergeant, Flamethrower, Sniper, BrenMatt Hazelton
Infantry 8th Army (Desert) 4Rifles (4), Thompson, BrenJosh Hazelton
Infantry 8th Army (Desert) 53 inch mortar, officer, mortar crew (5), British, Scottish, Indian, Ghurka, AustralianClive
Infantry 8th Army (Desert) 6Radio, Vickers MG, Boys ATR, 2 inch Mortar, 6 Pounder ATG, 25 Pounder Field Gun, Officer, Gun Crew (20)Clive
Infantry 8th Army (Desert) 7Vickers HMG teams, Spotters, British, Indian, AustralianClive
Infantry 8th Army (Desert) 8Bren Teams (9)Clive
Infantry and AirborneParatroopers (3), Infantry (4)Samurai4eva
Infantry Carrier No. I MkIIInfantry Carrier Dorsetshire Regiment, 43rd (Wessex) DivisionJames Stanner
Infantry Carriers20 differentClive
Infantry CarriersVickers MG, ATR & AA, Bren Gun (3), Bren & Boys, Boys & Bren AA, Light Dragon ATGClive
Infantry Mk I TankClive
Infantry Support Weapons (France 1940)Boys ATR, 2 Inch Mortar, Bren AA, 3 Inch Mortar, Bren Carrier, 25mm ATG & CrewClive
Infantry Tank MK.1 A11 Matilda IFrance, May 1940James Stanner
Infantry Tank MKIV Churchill6 differntClive
Infantry Tank MKIV Churchill6 DifferntClive
Infiltration unitOfficer, Sgt., Gunner, Demolitions, Interpreter, SniperRob Ogden
Landmattress Rocket Lanucher32 Rocket Version (2), 30 Rocket Version, Crew loading rocketsClive
Large CarsMorris, Wolseley, Austin, VauxhallClive
Lee & Grant TanksGrant I (2), Lee I (2), Grant II (2)Clive
Light Anit-Aircraft Artillery (Desert)Captured Breda 20mm AA Gun, Crew (4), Breda on CMP Ford F60Clive
Light TanksMkVIA, MkVIB, MkVIC, AA MkI, AA MkII, Humber AA MkIClive
Light Tanks (North Africa)Mk VIA (2), Mk VIB (4), Mk I AA, Mk II AAClive
Light Utilities and VansMorris, Hillman, Austin, Standard, BedfordClive
Local Defense VolunteersLee-Enfield (4), Lewis Gun, Officer, Shot gun, Pike, Pitchfork, Cyclist, PolicemanClive
LRDG Jeeps6 different, Long Range Desert GroupHalf-Track
LRDG Trucks 6 DifferentJames Stanner
LRDG Trucks 6 DifferentJames Stanner
LRDG Trucks 6 DifferentJames Stanner
M29C Weasel Driving, SwimmingClive
M3 75mm Gun Motor CarriageClive
Mac Troop 1New Zealand Artillery (Africa), Gun Crew (16), Captured Flak 88mm ground support role (2), Firing from wheels, Anti-aircraft firing positionClive
Mac Troop 2New Zealand Artillery (Africa), Gun Crew (16), Crewed Guns, Captured Flak 88mm ground support role, Anti-aircraft firing positionClive
Mark VIb Light Tank 1Desert ColorsRob Dear
Mark VIb Light Tank 2British Expeditionary ForcesRob Dear
Marmon-Herrington TankCTL-2, CTLS-4TAC (T-16)RDB1972
Martlet FighterMk II, III, V, VIUngern
Matilda I TankFrance 1940Marvin Schneck
Matilda II Infantry Tank2 Pdr, 3 inch HowitzerClive
Matilda II TankBritish Expeditionary ForcesRob Dear
Matilda II Tank (A12)Marvin Schneck
Matilda TanksNorth Africa, Early Campaign, 6 Different, Commanders and Crew, Brigade MarkingsClive
Medium Artillery (France 1940)Crew (10), 60 Pdr (2), 6 Inch (2)Clive
Military Police Motorcycles350 cc (6), 500 cc (5), Traffic Control, Night PatrolClive
Mitchell Mk II BomberClive
Mitchell Mk II BomberClive
Mitchell Mk II BomberClive
Mitchell Mk II BomberClive
MK 1VClive
Mk III Valentine Tanks (North Africa)Valentine Mk I, II, IIIClive
Morris 2 Ton TrucksCommercial, Civilian, 2 Pdr, Gun MountClive
Morris 30cwt trucksBritish and Commonwealts Army Transport, Morris 30cwtClive
Morris 30cwt, part IIBritish and Commonwealth Army Transport, Morris 30cwt 6x4Clive
Morris 8cwt TrucksPersonnel, FFWClive
Morris Commercial TrucksCS8 Mk I - IIIClive
Morris Commercial TrucksCS8 Compressor, Water TankClive
Morris Commercial TrucksWirelessClive
Morris Commercial TrucksWireless, House TypeClive
Morris Commercial TrucksC8 15 cwt TrucksClive
Motley Mount AA MGMotley Mount, w/ Bren, w/ twin Bren, crewed, on truckClive
MotorbikesWithout Riders, 350 cc bikes (6), 500 cc bikes (5), Airborne bikes (4)Clive
Motorcycles 8th Army (Desert)With Riders, 350 cc bikes (12), 500 cc bikes (8)Clive
New Zealand DivisionVasily Zaitzev
New Zealand Infantry:Rifles (3), SMG (5), Bren (2), LMG Team, Bazooka Team, Flag, Officer (2)Ottobear
Number Nine CommandosLebanon 1941, Scottish, Mk III Rifle, Stretcher Bearer, Bren, Thompson SMG, OfficerClive
P-40 TomahawkRussell McCreight
Panther G TankCapturedClive
Panzer III G (Desert)capturedClive
Parachute RegimentHQ, Sections, Drop Zone Indicators, Bicycles, Company Command, Anti-Tank, 3" MortarClive
Paratroopers Rifle, Thompson, MG, Officer, Bren, FlagJames Stanner
Paratroopers The Viking
ParatroopersRifle, Sten, BrenViktor2a5
ParatroopersRifles, Sten, NCO, Medic, Bren, OfficerViktor2A5
Paratroopers 1Sniper, Lee Enfield, Sten (2 different), Sgt., Bren, Thompson SMG, PIATMarvin Schneck
Paratroopers 10Lee-Enfield (5), Sten (5), Bren Team, PIAT, Sniper (2), Officer, MedicMichael Smith
Paratroopers 11Bren (4) Thompson (4), Sten (4), Rifle (4)Josh Hazelton
Paratroopers 12Berets, Bren (4) Thompson (4), Sten (4), Rifle (4)Josh Hazelton
Paratroopers 2Sten (5), Bren (2), Lee-Enfield, Lt., Sgt.Josh Hazelton
Paratroopers 3Same as above, red beretsJosh Hazelton
Paratroopers 4Lee Enfield (2), Sten, Thompson, Bren, PIAT, OfficerDaniel Harper
Paratroopers 5:Rifles (3), SMG (5), Bren (2), LMG Team, Bazooka Team, Flag, Officer (2)Ottobear
Paratroopers 6:Rifles (3), SMG (5), Bren (2), LMG Team, Bazooka Team, Flag, Officer (2)Ottobear
Paratroopers 7:6 different, Helmets and BeretsBrandon Wells
Paratroopers 8Lee-Enfield, Sten, Bren, OfficerAndrew White
Paratroopers 9Lee-Enfield (5), Sten (5), Bren, Officer, MedicHalf-Track
Pioneer Work PartyPick (5), Shovel (7)Clive
Popski's Private ArmyDemolition Squadron, Thompson (5), Sniper, Carbine, Patrol Skipper, Bren, Bazooka and Loader, Wireless, MG34, Beretta M38/42, MP40, 3 inch Mortar and Crew (3)Clive
Popski's Private ArmyDemolition Squadron, Armed Jeep (4), DUKW transporting JeepClive
Pre-War TanksMedium Mk IIA & MkIII, Vickers E, Light Tank Mk I, Mk II, Mk IIA, Mk IIB, MkIII, MkIV, MkV, Vickers LIght Tank, Cruiser MkV CovenanterClive
Pre-War TanksClive
Pre-War Tanks (North Africa)Mk IIA, Mk IIB, Mk IIIClive
RAF pilotsVasily Zaitzev
Recovery TrucksScammel Breakdown Truck, Austin K6 3-ton Recovery Truck (2)Clive
Requisitoned Medium CarsHillman, Ford, Morris, Austin, Vauxhall, Wolseley, Standard FlyingClive
Requisitoned Small CarsMorris 8 series, Austins, Ford 8'sClive
Rifle CompanyRifle, ATR, Mortar, Officer, Bren
Rifle PlatoonLechplech
Royal Artillery Horse & Field RegtsBEF 1940, 18 Pdr (3), CrewClive
Royal Marine CommandosLee Enfield, Bren, Thompson, Wireless, NCO, Officer, PIAT, 2 inch MortarClive
Royal Marine CommandosDenison Smocks, Rifles, Thompson, Bren, PIAT, 2 inch Mortar, Wireless, NCO, OfficerClive
SASSpecial Air Service JeepRfarr60
SAS (Desert)Armed Jeeps (4), Infantry (6)Night Wolf
SAS (French)Red Berets, Rifles, Brens, NCO, Stens, PIAT, Sniper, Armed JeepsClive
SAS InfantryMP-40, Lee-Enfield, Sten, Bren, OfficerAndrew White
SAS Support3 inch Mortar & Crew, Radio, Beacon, Jeeps, French SASClive
Scammell 6 x 4 Gun TractorUngern
Scammell 6 x 4 Recovery TruckUngern
Scammell TrailerUngern
Scissors Bridge LayersValentine, ConvenantorClive
Scorpion Flail TanksMatilda Scorpion I, Grant Scorpion I and II, Sherman Scorpion IVClive
Scottish Infantry 1Rifle (3), Thompson SMG (2), Officer, Sten (2) Major Munro
Scottish Infantry 2:Rifles (3), SMG (5), Bren (2), LMG Team, Bazooka Team, Flag, Officer (2)Ottobear
Scottish Infantry 3:Rifles (3), SMG (5), Bren (2), LMG Team, Bazooka Team, Flag, Officer (2)Ottobear
Scottish Infantry 4:8th Army, Rifle (3), Thompson (2), BrenJosh Hazelton
Sd Kfz-7 Half-Track (Captured)King George VI TransportClive
Self Propelled ATGs (8th Army Desert)Austin K5 6Pdr, Bedford QL 6 Pdr, Austin K5 w/our Gun, Carrier SP 6 PdrClive
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns 1AA MkI on Bedforc MWC, on Fort WOT2, AA MkII on Ford F15 (2), 20mm PolstenClive
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns 240mm Bofors on Morris C9, on Ford F60, Triple 20mm Polsten on Ford F60, Quad 20mm Polsten on Ford F60, Triple 20mm towed mounting, Quad 20mm towed mounting (2)Clive
Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Guns3 inch MkI Churchill, 17 pdr gun AvengerClive
Sherman TanksSherman I (3), IB, IC Firefly (2), IBYClive
Sherman TanksSherman II (2), IIA, III (2), IIIAYClive
Sherman TanksSherman IV, V, VC, VIIClive
Sherman Tanks13th / 18th Royal Hussars, 8 DifferentClive
Sherman Tanks (North Africa)Sherman I, IIClive
Sikh Infantry 1Lee-Enfield (2 different), Sten (2 different), Officer, BrenRod Redden
Sikh Infantry 2:Rifles (3), SMG (5), Bren (2), LMG Team, Bazooka Team, Flag, Officer (2)Ottobear
Sikhs Rifle, Thompson, MG, Officer, Bren, FlagJames Stanner
South African Marmon-Herrington Armored Car Night Wolf
Special Forces Lee Enfield, Bren, Thompson, NCO, Officer, PIAT, 2 inch MortarClive
Sten, Rifle, PIAT, Churchill TankInfantry (D-Day)
Stirling MkIV Glider TugClive
Stirling MkIV Glider TugClive
Stuart Light Tanks (North Africa)4 DifferentClive
Stuart TanksStuart I (2), Stuart III, Stuart Command (2), 18pdr Gun, Stuart V, Stuart VI, Stuart V ReconClive
Stuart V TankClive
Sunderland Mk ICoastal Command, Flying, On WaterUngern
Sunderland Mk IIICoastal Command, Flying, On WaterUngern
Super Heavy Artillery12 inch Railway HowitzerClive
Supermarine SpitfirePrototypeMike Brady
Supermarine Spitfire F Mk IXcMike Brady
Supermarine Spitfire Mk IIaMike Brady
Supermarine Spitfire Mk IaMike Brady
Supermarine Spitfire Mk IaMike Brady
Tank CrewTank and AFV crewmen, 37 differentClive
Tanks (Desert)Matilda II, Stuart, Crusader IIJon Oldham
Tanks (Malta)Matilda, Mk VI CClive
Taylorcraft Auster IIIObservation PlaneClive
Thornycroft 30cwt TrucksClive
Tomahawk IIBTibor Horvath
TransportHumber FWD, Humber Snipe, Austin 10hp, Austin K2 Ambulance (Green and Sand), AEC Ammo Truck, Coles 3 ton Crane,Clive
Trucks 30 cwt and 2 TonAustin K2 & K30, Ambulance, NAAFIClive
Valentine TanksMkI, MkII, MkIII, MkIII DD, MkVIII, MkVIII DD, MkX, MkXI, Bishop, Archer, Valentine CSClive
VansAustin, Morris, FordClive
Vickers HGMCanadian, British, Australian, Sand bagged positionRussell McCreight
Vickers Machine Gun CrewsClive
Vickers MG (1940)Vickers Medium Machine Gun, Crew (3)Clive
Vickers Wellington BomberTank Destroyer
Vought Chesapeake INobunaga
Wasp and Dragon CarriersWasp MkII, Wasp Mk IIc, Light Dragon MkIID and MkIIIClive
WeaponsRifles, Pistols, SMGs, MGs, Anti-Tank, MortarsClive
Z Battery Anti-Aircraft Artillery3 inch rocket launcher, w/ and w/out crew, crew (2)Clive

Soviet Union

File LocationDescriptionDesigner
Blocking Detachment Vasily Zaitzev
Ilushin-4 Bomber Part 2 John Gypson
Ilushin-4 Bomber Part 1 John Gypson
Lend Lease Vehicles GMC Truck, Dodge Truck, Austin Ambulance, Chevy Truck w/ AA MG, AEC Matador Tractor, FWD Tractor, White Scout Car James Stanner
Soviet Armored Train MBV-2 Armored Carriage, 2 different Teodor
25mm AA GunTraveling & Firing PositionTeodor
37mm AA Guns37mm M1939 AA Gun, Traveling Position Covered & Uncovered, Firing Position Mobile & StaticTeodor
76.2 mm Divisional Artillery8 differentTeodor
76mm Field GunZiS-3 76mm field gun w/ 5 crewHalf-Track
AerosledJeff High
AFVsBA-6 Armored Car, T-60 Tank, Zis 6 Bm 12-16 Katyusha rocket launcherHalf-Track
Air ForceVasily Zaitzev
Amphibious TanksT-37 (3), T-38 (4), OT-38, T-40 (2)Teodor
Anti-Aircraft TruckZis-5 Trucks w/ DShK 12.7mm MGsNicholas Schneier
Anti-Tank Guns37mm (2), 45mm (3), 57mm, 100mmTeodor
Anti-Tank RifleHalf-Track
Antonov OKA-38 Aist PlaneTeodor
Armor (Stalingrad) 1T-60, T-70, T-26, T-34/40, T-34/41, T-28, Green and WhiteTeodor
Armor (Stalingrad) 2KV-1, KV-2, BT-2, BT-5, BT-7, Green and WhiteTeodor
Armored CarsBA (15), LB-23, D-9, D-13 (2), GAZ-TKTeodor
Armored Cars (Amphibious)BAD-1, BAD-4, PB-4, PB-7Teodor
Armored TractorsKhTZ-16 Early & Late, NI w/ DT, 37mm, extra armor, & 45mmTeodor
Armored Troop CarriersM3, White Scout Car, with and without CrewsTeodor
Artillery TractorsTractor (2), Towing ATG, Towing IG, Towing Ammo Limbers, Universal LimberTeodor
B-57 Armored Railway Gun130mm gunTeodor
BA 6/9Armored Car, with crewFrancisco J.M.Rodrigues
BA-6BA-6 Armored Car, camoHalf-Track
BA-6 Armored Car3 differentMarvin Schneck
BA-64 Armored CarsViktor2a5
BA-64B Armored Car3 differentVizenz
Bell P-39 AiracobraChristopher Reichert
Bell P-39 AiracobraChristopher Reichert
Bell P-63 KingcobraSoviet Markings, 2 DifferentJohn Gypson P-39 Airacobra:
Berezniak-Isaiev BI-3Forrest Gump
Black and White Soviet Troops crossing VolgaSoviet troops crossing the volga.Teodor
Black and White Soviet ZIS-42 HalftracksTeodor
BM 13-16 Katyusha Rocket Launchers10 differentTeodor
BT TanksBT-1 (2), BT-2 (4), BT-3, BT-5 (2), BT-7 (2), BT-8Teodor
BT Teletanks and OperatorsTTBT-7 w/ Flamethrower and TTBT-5 w/ MG, Operators, Observer, Commander, Support SquadTeodor
BT-2 TanksBT-2 Model 1932 37mm gunTeodor
BT-2 Tanks in Winter CamoTeodor
BT-5 1934Fast tankJonathan Nikitas
BT-5 Fast Tanks6 TypesTeodor
BT-7 Fast Tanks6 TypesTeodor
BW Soviet Armored Troop Carriers Teodor
BW Soviet BA Armored CarsTeodor
BW Soviet SU-5 Self-Propelled GunsTeodor
BW Soviets StalingradSoviets defending Stalingrad.Teodor
BW Top Down USSR TanksBW Top Down USSR Tanks - IS-2 BT-7 BT-5 T34 KV1 SU122 SU76Jon Oldham
BW WW2 Soviet InfantryTeodor
CavalryNight Wolf
CommisarsVasily Zaitzev
ConscriptsVasily Zaitzev
CossacksCossacks (10), Officers (2)Teodor
Curtiss P-40 WarhawkGreen, USSR MarkingsJohn Gypson
Dog MineDog with explosives trained to run under tanksBen Harvey
Female SoldiersPolitical Officers, Sniper, Mechanic, Tanker, MGForrest Gump
Field Commanders:Rokossovsky, Timoshenko, Zhukov, Budjenny, Stalin, Konev, Voroshilov, Chuikov, Vasilevsky, BagramianDaniel Harper
Gaz Dump Trucks4 different, w/ and w/out driversTeodor
GAZ TrucksGAZ-AA, NAZ-AATeodor
Gaz Trucks6 different, w/ and w/out driversTeodor
Gaz Trucks6 different, w/ and w/out driversTeodor
Gaz-A Staff CarDaniel Harper
Half-Tracked Armored CarsBA-6S, BA-30, BA-31Teodor
Half-TracksLend Lease, White Su-57 GMC, White M-15A1 GMC, White M-2 (2), Towing 76mm, M-18 MGMCJames Stanner
Heavy WeaponsMaxim MG team, DP-27 MG team, DS-39 MG team, SG-43 MG team, DShK MG team Flamethrower, PPK MG team, 82mm Mortar team, PTRS ATR team, PTRD ATR teamTeodor
Howitzers114mm, 122mm (5), 152mm (8)Teodor
IL-2 Sturmovik Single SeaterEarly War version, Green CamoJohn Gypson
Ilyushin Il-2M3 Sturmovik Christopher Reichert
InfantryRifle, SMG, Pistol, Mine Dog, Flag, MG, LMG, Sniper, ATRJames Stanner
InfantryBattle of Berlin, Rifle, SMG, Medic, MGDevastator
InfantryRifle, SVT-40, PPSh-41, DP-28Viktor2a5
InfantryWinter, Rifle, SVT-40, PPSh-41, DP-28Viktor2a5
Infantry Naval, RKKA, MilitiaMors
InfantryThe Viking
InfantryRifle, Surrendering, Ski, CommisarForrest Gump
InfantryCommandVasily Zaitzev
Infantry Summer UniformVasily Zaitzev
InfantrySummer, Winter, Penal Battalion, PartisansVasily Zaitzev
InfantrySummer 1942-43ReichSehr
InfantrySummer UniformVasily Zaitzev
Infantry & Tank RidersKar 98K, StG 44, Panzerfaust, MG-42, MP-40, PPSh 41, PistolRifle, DP-28, Maxim, PPShUngern
Infantry (1941)Rifle (8), SVT-40 (2), Sniper, Officers (4), CommissarMarvin Schneck
Infantry (Berlin 1945)Vasily Zaitzev
Infantry (Conscripts)Rifle, Sniper, Officer, SMG, MGForrest Gump
Infantry (Stalingrad 1942)Pavlov's House DefendersVasily Zaitzev
Infantry (Stalingrad 1942)Vasily Zaitzev
Infantry (Stalingrad 1942)"Rattenkieg"Vasily Zaitzev
Infantry (Stalingrad)Mosin Nagant (4), PPSh (4), SVT 38/40 (4), Kar 98K (4), PPS (4), DP-28 (4), MP-40 (4), Officers (2), Commissar, Sniper (6), PM1910 MG TeamTeodor
Infantry (Winter)Rifle, SMG, MG, Pistol, Radio, OfficerComrade Vataman
Infantry (Winter)Vasily Zaitzev
Infantry (Winter)Vasily Zaitzev
Infantry 1:Riflemen (2 different), LMG, OfficerAlex Kremer
Infantry 2:Riflemen (2 different), Sniper, PPSH, Officer w/ PPSH, DP-28 LMGMatt Smith
Infantry 3:Riflemen (3 different), SMG (3), LMG, Officer, Maxim MG, Anti-Tank Rifle, Mortar and AT Gun crew, BA-64 Armored CarOld Tyke
Infantry 4:Mosin Nagant (3), PPSh (3), Sniper (3), Maxim MG, DP-27 MG, Commissars (3), Observers (2), Artillery Crew (5), AT Crew (2), Martar Crew (2), PTRS, PTRDTeodor
Infantry 5:Rifle (7), SMG (3), Flag, Officer (2), Maxim MG team, DP-27 MG team Sniper (2), ATR, Mine DogHernaldo Rios
Infantry 6:1943 Uniforms, Mosin Nagant (3), PPSh (3), Sniper (3), Maxim MG, DP-27 MG, Commissars (3), Observers (2), Artillery Crew (5), AT Crew (2), Martar Crew (2), PTRS, PTRDTeodor
Infantry 7:Mosin-Nagant (6), PPSh, LMG, Maxim MG, Officer, Commissar, PTRD ATRDaniel Harper
Infantry 8:Red Square, Assaulting w/ no weapons (24), Assaulting w/ Rifles (24), Penalty MG Team, Commissars (3), Snipers (2), BannerTeodor
Infantry ConscriptsVasily Zaitzev
Infantry in Trenches:Mosin Nagant (2), PPSh (2), Sniper, Maxim MG, DP-27 MG, Commissar, Observers PTRS ATRTeodor
Infantry Militia Militia and PartisansVasily Zaitzev
Infantry Snow CamoVasily Zaitzev
Infantry Summer UniformVasily Zaitzev
Infantry Winter UniformsVasily Zaitzev
IS TanksIS-1, IS-2, IS-3Teodor
IS-2 TankMichael Krein
IS-3 TankJeff High
ISU Self-Propelled GunsISU-122, ISU-122 S, ISU-152Vizenz
Kliment Voroshilov 220 Heavy TankTeodor
KV Heavy TanksKV-3/76, KV-3/107, KV-5, KV-6, KV-8, KV-8s, KV-9, KV-13, T-150, KV-85, Kv-122, KV-220-1, KV-220-2Teodor
KV-1 TankDaniel Harper
KV-1 Tanks1939, 1940 (2), 1941, 1942 (2)Teodor
KV-2 TankDaniel Harper
KV-2 TankMichael Krein
KV-2 Tank (Winter)Michael Krein
KV-2 Tanks1940, 1941, 1942, KV-2/85Teodor
Lavochkin FightersLaGG-3, La-5, La-5FN, La-7, La-9Teodor
Lavochkin La-5Two different - White camo, Green camoJohn Gypson
Lavochkin LaGG-3Two different - White camo, Green camoJohn Gypson
Lend Lease Tanks 1M4A2 Sherman, M4A2 76W Sherman, M2 Lee, Ms Stuart Early and Late, M24 ChafeeTeodor
Lend Lease Tanks 2M18 Hellcat, M10 WolverineTeodor
Lend Lease VehiclesDodge WC-51 Towing 76mm, Dodge WC-53, BSA M20 Motorcycle, Dodge WC-52 w/ AA MG, Amphibious Jeep, Jeep (3), Jeep Towing 45mmJames Stanner
Lend-Lease Churchill TanksSovietTeodor
Leningrad Defense TroopsMosin Nagant (11), PPSh (11), SVT040 (11), Maxim MG Team, DP-27 MG Team, PPS-42 (5), 82 mm Mortar Team, PTRS ATR Team, Snipers (2), T-24/76, Pack Mule, Banners (2)Teodor
M-4 Sherman TankLend Lease TankJ. Stanner
M1938 120mm MortarTeodor
MarinesVasily Zaitzev
Mig-3Two different - White and Red, Green CamoJohn Gypson
Militia Stalingrad Tractor Factory, Rifles, LMG, NCO, NKVDMors
Mortars50mm (2), 82mm, 107mm, 120mm, 160mmTeodor
Moscow Cadets Mors
Motorized SledgeErnesto Tramontana
Mountain Guns76.2mm M1909 & 1938Teodor
Naval InfantryMosin Nagant (5), Officer (2), SVT-40 (5), Snipers (4), DP-28 MG (2), Charging (5)Trepper
NKVD Rifle, SMG, Pistol, LMG, MG, DogComrade Vataman
NKVD 1Rifleman, PPSH (2), OfficerVirgilio
NKVD 2Early War Commissars (4), Border Guards (4)TS Allen
NKVD 3PPSH SMG (2), Maxim MG, Pistol (4), Captain, Megaphone, FlagHalf-Track
NKVD Border Guards Rifle, SMG, Pistol, LMG, MG, DogComrade Vataman
NKVD Gulag Security Rifle, SMG, Pistol, LMG, MG, DogComrade Vataman
Officers:Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, Engineers, Chemical Warfare, Tankers, Marshals, NKVDDaniel Harper
PE-2 Peshka Bomber: PE-2 Peshka Bomber: John Gypson
PE-2 Peshka Bomber: (Model is on two pages)John Gypson
PG-117 Sea-Glider and Zis-5 Truck:Zis-5 Truck, PG-117 Sea-Glider, Zis-5 transporting PG-117Teodor
Polikarpov I-15bisAcrin
Polikarpov I-16 Rata 1Moscow Front, Autumn/Winter 1941-42John Gypson
Polikarpov I-16 Rata 2Murmansk, Summer 1941John Gypson
Polish 7TP Light TanksTeodor
Regimental Guns76.2mm M1913, M1927 (2), M1943Teodor
Rifle PlatoonRifle Squads (2), Heavy Rifle Squads (2), Platoon HQNicholas Schneier
Riflemen (1942):Ten DifferentMax Monroe
Sherman TanksM-4A2, A2WJames Stanner
Shock TroopsMosin Nagant, PPSh (2), Sniper, Flamethrower w/ and w/out Body Armor, Officer, Observers (2), ATG Crew (2), Mortar Crew (2), PM1910 MG Team, PTRS ATR Team, PTRD ATR Team, DP-28 MG Team, Mine Dog and Trainer, Camo SniperTeodor
Sniper TeamVasily Zaitzev
Snipers3 different, Regular, Urban, Winter, and Forest camoTeodor
SnipersFull Camo, SpottersScreaming Eagle
Soviet AA Artillery76.2mm (2), 85mmJames Stanner
Soviet Artillery152mm (4), 210mmJames Stanner
Soviet Artillery152mm (4), 107mm (3)James Stanner
Soviet Artillery122mm (3), 152mmJames Stanner
Soviet Artillery122mm (4), 114mm, 76.2mm (2), 76mm, 13 Pdr, 47mm & 37mm ATGsJames Stanner
Soviet AT GunsBS-3, F-22, ZIS-2, M1942, M1937Teodor
Soviet AT-1 Self-Propelled GunTeodor
Soviet BA Armored CarsTeodor
Soviet BA Armored Cars in Winter Camo6 Types, BA-27 FAI Armored Car, BA-30, BA-20, BA-11Teodor
Soviet BT-5 Fast TanksTeodor
Soviet Field Guns122mm M30, 76.2mm, 76mm, Teodor
Soviet GAZ-67 JeepsTeodor
Soviet GAZ-AA and GAZ AA based vehiclesTeodor
Soviet greenP39Alex Kremer
Soviet green/whiteP39Alex Kremer
Soviet Improvised NI TankTeodor
Soviet Improvised NI TankTeodor
Soviet InfantryRifle, Sniper, MG, SMG, Officer, FlagRussell McCreight
Soviet InfantryWinter 1939-1940, Rifle, SMG, ATR, MG Team, Officer, SniperVance Cannell
Soviet KHTZ-16 Armored TractorTeodor
Soviet KhTz-16 SPGTeodor
Soviet KV-3 Heavy TankTeodor
Soviet KV-3 Heavy TankTeodor
Soviet KV-85 Medium TankTeodor
Soviet Mountain Artillery76mm (2)James Stanner
Soviet PPG TanketteTeodor
Soviet PT-34 Mine Roller TankTeodor
Soviet Red Army T-37 Light Amphibious Tanks8 differntTeodor
Soviet silverP39Alex Kremer
Soviet ST-26 Most BridgelayerTeodor
Soviet STZ-5Teodor
Soviet SU-5 Self-Propelled GunsSU-5-1 76.2mm, SU-5-2 122mm Howitzer, Su-5-3 152mm MortarTeodor
Soviet T-26 Support TanksTeodor
Soviet T-26 Teletanks and Tank OperationsTeodor
Soviet T-26-1 Experimental TankTeodor
Soviet T-28 Tanks6 TypesTeodor
Soviet T-34 TanksMine Roller, T-34/57, T-34/85, T-34/76Teodor
Soviet T-34/76 Tanks10 typesTeodor
Soviet T-35 Heavy TankTeodor
Soviet T-35 Heavy Tanks3 typesTeodor
Soviet T-40 Amphibious TankTeodor
Soviet T-40 Light TankTeodor
Soviet T-60z AA TankTeodor
Soviet Tanks in Winter CamoKV-2, T-34, T-60, T-26, KV-1Teodor
St-26 Bridge LayerLaying Bridge, 5 StepsTeodor
Staff CarsGAZ-A, M1, 64, 67, 61-73 & 61-40Teodor
STZ-5 Tractor2 differentTeodor
SU-100 Self Propelled GunsSU-100X, SU-100Y, Object 103Teodor
SU-100 Tank DestroyerWojciech Bota
SU-12 Self Propelled GunsSU-12, SU-12M, SU-15, SU-15M, SU-16, SU-38Teodor
SU-122 Self Propelled Guns2 differentTeodor
SU-14 Self Propelled GunTeodor
SU-152 Self Propelled GunTeodor
SU-76 and ZSU-37 Self Propelled Gunswith AccessoriesTeodor
SU-76i Self Propelled Guns2 differentTeodor
SU-85 Tank DestroyerMatt Smith
Submachine Gunners (1942):Ten DifferentMax Monroe
T-100 Heavy Tanks and SPGs6 DifferentTeodor
T-100 TankTeodor
T-100 TanksT-100 (late), T-100ZTeodor
T-12 Komintern Artillery TractorTeodor
T-20 Kosmolets TractorsT-20, T-20 w/ Troops, Artillery Limber, M-42 ATG, Green and WhiteTeodor
T-24 TankMedium Tank, M1932Teodor
T-2676.2 mm GunRDB1972
T-26 Light Tanks32 DifferentTeodor
T-26 Light TanksViktor2a5
T-26 Self-Propelled GunsSu-26, AT-1, SU-6, SU-5-1 (2), SU-5-2, SU-5-3 (2)Teodor
T-26 Tanks1933 model (2), 1937 model, 1939 modelHalf-Track
T-26 TanksTN-26, T-26T, T-26T2, TB, TR-4, TR-4-1, TR-26, T-26Ts, ST-26, ST-30Teodor
T-26 Tanks24 Differnt versionsTeodor
T-26 Tanks12 Different TypesTeodor
T-28 TanksPrototype, T-28A, B, C & M40, OT-28, PT-28, IT-28Teodor
T-34 TankDaniel Harper
T-34 Tanks21 DifferentTeodor
T-34/74 Tanks2 differentHalf-Track
T-34/76 Tanks 110 differentTeodor
T-34/85 TankLeonhard Siegmeier
T-34M Tankprototype tankTeodor
T-35 Heavy TanksT-35A (4), T-35B (2)Teodor
T-43 TankTeodor
T-60 Light TankDaniel Harper
Tank Riders5 differentDan Casquilho
Tank RIders34 DifferentMichael Smith
Tank Riders and Crew 1Tank Riders (9), Tank Crew (5), tank accessoriesHalf-Track
Tank Riders and Crew 2Tank Riders in winter jackets (5), Tank Crew, Armor OfficerTS Allen
TankettesT-27A, OT-27, KT-27/SU-3, PPG, T-25Teodor
TM-1-180 Railway GunTeodor
Tomahawk IIBTibor Horvath
Topolev MP-6 Seaplane Dawe956
TractorsT-20 (2), STZ-3 (2), STz-5 (2), PARN-1aTeodor
Trucks and JeepGaz Truck (2), Jeeps (4)Half-Track
US Dodge T-203 B Cargo TrucksTeodor
Victory Day Parade (1945)Vasily Zaitzev
Volga Docks Polak
Volga River Crossing:Transport Boat (2), Political Officer, Weapons Cache, Wounded (6), Casualties (4), Medics (3), Swimmer, Commissars (4), Snipers (2)Teodor
Winter Troops (Stalingrad):Snow camo, in snow, Machine Gunner, Sniper (2), Infantry (3), T-24, Destroyed German TankJosh Hazelton
WomenMachine Gunner, Rifles, Sniper, Field Medic, Recon ScoutsVirgilio
Worker's & Peasant's Red ArmySummer 1939, Rifles, MG, OfficersComrade Vataman
Yak -1MTwo different - White, Green CamoJohn Gypson
Yakolev Yak-9DTwo Different, August 1944, Winter 1944-45John Gypson
Yakovlev Yak-3Forrest Gump
Yugoslavian PartisansT-34Teodor
Zis-42 Halftrucks2 differentTeodor
ZiS-6 Cargo and Zis-3 76mm ATGHalf-Track
ZiS-6 Parm 1bMobile workshopHalf-Track


File LocationDescriptionDesigner
A6M Zero Alex Kremer
A6M Zero Alex Kremer
A6M Zero Matt Fritz
A6M Zero Matt Fritz
A6M Zero White, Green Mark Gilbert
Aichi D3A Val Dive Bomber Matt Fritz
Aichi D3A Val Dive Bomber Matt Fritz
Field Artillery Type 38, 41, 90, 95Teodor
G4M 'Betty' Bomber Part 2, Brown Camo Matt Fritz
G4M 'Betty' Bomber Part 2 Matt Fritz
G4M 'Betty' Bomber Part 1 Matt Fritz
G4M 'Betty' Bomber Part 1, Brown Camo Matt Fritz
Mitsubishi KI-21 Sally Bomber Part 1 John Gypson
Mitsubishi KI-21 Sally Bomber Part 2 John Gypson
Mountain Guns Type 41, 94, 99 Teodor
Nakajima B5N Kate Dive Bomber Matt Fritz
Self-Propelled Guns and Gun Tanks Type 1 (2), Type 3, Type 2 (3), Type 4 (2), Type 5 Teodor
Yokosuka D4Y Judy Dive Bomber Matt Fritz
75mm Gun PorteeNissan TruckRDB1972
75mm Type 88 Anti-Aircraft GunGuadalcanal, 1942Stan P
A6M ZeroWhiteChrisgatt7
A6M ZeroGreenChrisgatt7
Aichi D3A ValDive Bomber, Green, WhiteAcrin
Amphibious Tanks:Type 2 Ka-Mi with and without floats, in water, Type 3 Ka-Chi in and out of waterTeodor
Amphibious Vehicles On Land & Swimming, Armored Car, SR I, II & III, Type 2 Ka-MiTeodor
Amphibious VehiclesType 3, 4N.O.
Anti-Tank GunsType 94 37mm, Type 1 37mm, Type Ra 37mm (Captured), Gun CrewUngern
Anti-Tank InfantryLunge Mine, Anti-Tank Mine, Improvised ChargesUngern
Armored CarsAustin 3rd Series, Type 2588, 2587 (2)Teodor
Armored Personnel CarriersType 1, 5, 98N.O.
Artillery and ATGs:75mm Field Gun, 70mm Infantry Gun, 81 mm Mortar, 47mm ATG, Gun crews and Spotters, FlagJakub Sawicki
Beach Defense CommandMG Teams, Mortar Teams, Infantry, Anti-Tank, TankRussell McCreight
Curtiss P-40EForrest Gump
Engineering VehicleN.O.
Heavy Artillery150mm, 96mm, 89mmN.O.
Heavy Machinegun TeamsType 3, Type 92, Type 1, Gun CrewsUngern
Heavy WeaponsHand Mine (2), Knee Mortar (2), Rifle Grenade (2), Type 92 HMG (2), Lunge Mine (2)Michael Smith
InfantryRifle, Sword, Sniper, LMG, HMG, 45mm ATG, 81mm Mortar, FlagJames Stanner
InfantryArisaka Rifle, Lunge Mine, AT Mine, Type 3 HMG Team, RunnerUngern
InfantryRifle, Type 100, Type 99Viktor2a5
InfantryChargingVasily Zaitzev
Infantry (Army)Reichswehr
Infantry 10:Night Attack, Rifle (4), SMGTau0011
Infantry 1:Riflemen, OfficersLong Nguyen
Infantry 2:Officer w/ Sword, Arikara Type 99 Rifle (4 different), Sniper, LMG Type 96, HMG Type 92, Flag Carrier (hat and helmets)Jakub Sawicki
Infantry 3:5 differentTau0011
Infantry 4:Rifle (3), Sniper (2), Sword (2), MG, FlagHernaldo Rios
Infantry 5:Rifle (93), LMG, MMG, Helmet and CapBrandon Wells
Infantry 6:Arisaka Rifle (11), Type 96 LMG, Type 98 HMG, OfficerDaniel Harper
Infantry 7:Arisaka Rifle (6), Type 96 LMG (2), Sniper, Type 100 SMG, OfficerMichael Smith
Infantry 8:Banzai Charge, Arisaka Rifle (5), Flag, OfficerMichael Smith
Infantry 9:Jungle Camo, Type 98 Ke-Ni Tanks (6), Type 92 MG, Type 99 MG, Sniper (2), Pistol, Rifle (3)Matt Hazelton
Japanese Heavy Mortars150 mm, 120 mm, CrewUngern
Japanese InfantryMarching (5)Isthisnecessary
Japanese Medium ArtilleryType 38, Type 91, Type 14, Type 92, Type 38Teodor
Japanese WeaponsNightwolf
Jungle RaidersFunny Grenadier
Kawasaki Ki-61 'Tony'Tokyo, 1944/45John Gypson
KI-108 Randy AircraftForrest Gump
Ki-84 Hayate Frank Green, WhiteAcrin
Kikka Jet Fighter Pvt Ryan
Light ArtilleryType 11 70mm, Type 97 81mm, Type 99 81mm Mortars, Type 11 37mm, Type 92 70mm Infantry Gun, Gun CrewsUngern
Light TanksType 98, Experimental, Type 2, 3, and 4Teodor
Light Tanks:Type 95 Ha-Go (3), Type 98 Ke-Ni (3), Type 2 Ke-To, Type 98-B ExperimentalTeodor
LMG and Grenade Launcher TeamsType 11, 96, 99 LMG, Type 89 Grenade Launcher, Firing and MovingUngern
Medium Tanks N.O.
Military PoliceNeilCaptain
Mistubishi A6M2 Model 21Christopher Reichert
Mitsubishi A5M4 ClaudeBrtczech
Mitsubishi A6M2 Model 21 Flying, On GroundChristopher Reichert
Mitsubishi A6M2 Model 21Christopher Reichert
Mitsubishi A6M2-N Rufe Sea Plane, flying, on waterChristopher Reichert
Mitsubishi F1M2 PeteFloat Plane, in Water, FlyingForrest Gump
Mitsubishi KI.46 IIUngern
Mitsubishi KI.46 IIIFlying, on GroundUngern
Mitsubishi KI.46 IIIFlying, On Ground, Green & BrownUngern
Nakajima HayabusaNakajima KI.43 Hayabusa, allied codename OscarUngern
Nakajima Ki-27 'Nate'Japanese Fighter, Home Defense 1943John Gypson
Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa 'Oscar'Japanese Fighter, 2 differentJohn Gypson
Nakajima Ki-84 'Frank'2 differentJohn Gypson
Nakajima KI.43 "Oscar"Flying, On GroundUngern
Nakajima KI.43 "Oscar"Flying, On GroundUngern
Nakajima KI.43 "Oscar"Flying, On GroundUngern
Nakajima Ki.44 ShokiFighter, Flying and Waiting for TakeoffUngern
Nakajima Ki.44 ShokiFighter, Waiting for TakeoffUngern
Nakajima Ki.44 ShokiFighterUngern
Navy ParatroopersNeilCaptain
Navy PersonnelVasily Zaitzev
Ohka MXY-7 1Model 22Paul Rogers
Ohka MXY-7 2Model 11Paul Rogers
Ohka MXY-7 3Model 43Paul Rogers
Ohka MXY-7 4Bill Skibesky
One Man TankRDB1972
Paratroopers Gidgiddoni
Paratroopers (Army)NeilCaptain
Prime MoversType 4, 92, 98N.O.
Prisoners8 DifferentUngern
Self-Propelled Guns:Ho-Ni 1 75mm, Ho-Ni II 105mm, Ho-Ni IIITeodor
Special Naval Landing ForcesOfficer w/ Sword, Arikara Type 99 Rifle (4 different), Sniper, LMG Type 96, HMG Type 92, Flag Carrier (hat and helmets)Skutatos
Sumida Armored CarsEarly, Mid, Late, Road & RailTeodor
Tank Crew(Army)NeilCaptain
Tankettes:Type 2 Jyu-Sokosha, Type 97 Te-Ke, Type 94 Te-Ke, 3 of eachTeodor
TrucksType 1, 2, 94, ,95 97, Toyota, KuroganeN.O.
Type 2592 Armored Cars3 DifferentTeodor
Type 5 ArmorType 5 Chi-Ri, Ho-RI I, Ho-Ri IITeodor
Type 5 Ho-Ru Self-Propelled GunExperimentalNight Wolf
Type 89 Tanks:Type 89A Chi-Ro Ko, Type 89B Chi-Ro OtsuTeodor
Type 92 Armored CarsEarly, Late, Amphibious on land and swimmingTeodor
Type 95 Ha-Go Light TankAndrew Golden
Type 95 Ha-Go Tanks Basic, Radio, Manchurian SuspensionTeodor
Type 97 ARTAnti-Tank Rifle TeamsUngern
Type 97 Tanks Chi-Ha, Command, Dynamo, Recovery, Observation, Tree Cutter, Mine ClearingTeodor
Type 97 Tanks:Type 97 Chi Ha, Type 97 Shinhoto Chi Ha, Ka-So Observation Tank, Ho-K Tree Clearing Tank, Shi-Ki Command Tank, Type 97 Ho Ro 150mmTeodor
Type 97 Te-Ke Tanks3 DifferentNight Wolf
Type 98 So-Da APC:With and Without CrewTeodor


File LocationDescriptionDesigner
Junkers Ju-87 Stuka Dragos
37mm Bofors Anti-Tank Gun37mm ATG, Crew (4), Guards (3), LimberRemus Mardare
Anti-Aircraft ArtilleryVickers 75mm, CrewClive
FT-17 Tanks37mm, MGRemus Mardare
Hawker HurricaneDragos
IAR-80Forrest Gump
InfantryStalingrad 1942Vasily Zaitzev
InfantryRifle, SMG, LMG, FlamethrowerPPS-43
Infantry (Winter)PPs-43
Infantry 1Riflemen (3), MP-40 (2), StG-44Virgilio
Infantry 2Rifles (6), StG 44 (2), PPS-42 (2), PPSh-41 (3), ZB-53 MG, Maxim MG, 8mm MG, Loader, Panzerfaust, MG-34, MG-42, DP-28, 7.92 mm MG, Officer, Observers (2), ATG Crew (2), Artillery Crew (6), Mortar Crew (2)Teodor
Junkers-87 StukaDragos
Malaxa Chenillette Tractor3 DifferentRemus Mardare
Messerschmitt Bf-109Dragos
Messerschmitt Bf-109G-2Forrest Gump
Mountain Artillery75mm, 76.2mm, 100mmPPs-43
Mountain TroopersRifle, SMP, MG, FlamethrowerPPS-43
R-1 Light Tank3 differentTeodor
R-2 TankTeodor
R-35 Tanks3 DifferentRemus Mardare
Romanian ArtilleryAnti-Tank Guns, Field Guns, HowitzersPPs-43
Romanian InfantryStg-44, PPsh-40, WZ-29, MP-40Night Wolf
Romanian R35 TanksTeodor
Romanian T-38 TankTeodor
Romanian T-4 Panzer IV TanksTeodor
Self-Propelled GunsTACAM T-60 & T-60A, MarsealTeodor
TanksR2, TACAM R2, R-35, R-35 w/ 45mm Gun, TACAM T60Clive


File LocationDescriptionDesigner
GuerillasVasily Zaitzev
Philippine Army 1Radio, Rifle, Sniper, BAR, Officer, Bazooka (2), .30 cal MGJudiel Lumbad
Philippine Army 2M1917, Garand, BAR, Springfield, Thompson, Sniper, Medic, Officers, Vickers MG Team, .30 Cal MGJudiel Lumbad
Philippine Bofors AA GunGun (2), Gun 2/ Crew, Crew (6)Judiel Lumbad
Philippine CavalryM1917 (2), Garand (2), Springfield (2), Thompson, Carry Supplies (4)Judiel Lumbad
Philippine Dismounted CavalryM1917, Garand, BAR, Springfield, Thompson, Sniper, Medic, Officers, Vickers MG Team, .30 Cal MGJudiel Lumbad
Philippine Half-TrackM3 (2), M17, M16Judiel Lumbad
Philippine Jeep3 differentJudiel Lumbad
Philippine LVT (A) 12 differentJudiel Lumbad
Philippine M3 Scout Car2 differentJudiel Lumbad
Philippine M7Self-Propelled 105mm, 2 differentJudiel Lumbad
Philippine ScoutsM1917, Garand, BAT, Springfield, Thompson, Sniper, Medic, Officers, Vickers MG Team, .30 Cal MGJudiel Lumbad
Philippine Sherman Tank2 differentJudiel Lumbad
ScoutsGarand, M1903 Springfield, M1917 Enfield, Shotgun, BAR, NCO, Sniper, OfficerJudiel Lumbad


File LocationDescriptionDesigner
Yugoslavian Hawker Fury MK I SrP 55
Belgian Resistance: Rifle (2), SMG, BrenLogan Minard
Czech Avia B. 534-III Forrest Gump
Czech Avia B. 534-IV Forrest Gump
Dutch Koolhoven FK. 58 Brtczech
Dutch Resistance: Rifle (2), SMG, BrenLogan Minard
Dutch SS Sniper, NCO, Officer, Police, Infantry Matthijs
Finnish Curtiss Hawk 75 Nighthunter
Finnish Curtiss P-36 Hawk 2 John Gypson
Finnish Fokker D. XXI Nighthunter
Hungarian Breda Heavy Artillery Tractor Tibor Horvath
Hungarian Fiat 3000 B Light Tank Tibor Horvath
Hungarian Fiat Ansaldo CV-35 Tank Tibor Horvath
Hungarian Heavy Howitzer Tibor Horvath
20mm Oerlikon AA CannonBritish Navy, Swiss Army, British Army, US NavyClive
Air StripXaxk
Albanian InfantryRoyal Guard, InfantryPPS-43
Allied ArmorDingo Scout Car, Humber Scout Car, Humber Armored Car, M-3A1 Scout Car, Valentine Bridgelayer Tank, Stuart Tank, M-10 Achilles, M-22 Locust, M-24 ChafeeJames Stanner
Allied Jedburgh TeamsBritish, French, Belgian, Dutch, Canadian, American, Officers, Radio Sets, LeadersClive
Barbed WireMatt Fritz
Barbed Wire 3-DXaxk
Beach ObstaclesTetrahedron, Log BarrierXaxk
Belgian AA-Artillery75mm Anti-Aircraft GunJames Stanner
Belgian Artillery TractorFN-Kegresse 3T w/ 155mm, Ford Marmon-Herrington MLE 1938 w/ 47mmMontjoie Saint Denis
Belgian Artillery Tractor Brossel TAL 4x4, Latil M2 TL6Montjoie Saint Denis
Belgian Brewster B-339DTibor Horvath
Belgian Char Leger T 15 Tank4 differentMarvin Schneck
Belgian Guns75mm (4), 76mm, 2 Pdr, 47mm, 155mm (2), 220mm, 150mmJames Stanner
Belgian InfantryM89 Rifles, NCO, M34, FM-30, OfficersMarvin Schneck
Belgian Motorcycle & TricarFN M12 (4), Sarolea (2), Gillet Herstal (2), Tricar FN type 12 T3 (6)Montjoie Saint Denis
Belgian Mountain Guns75mm (2)James Stanner
Belgian Renault ACG-1 TankMarvin Schneck
Belgian SA-FRC Tank Destroyers47mmNight Wolf
Belgian Support WeaponsLance Grenade Team, FM-30 MG Team, Maxim MG Team, 76mm Mortar Team, 47mm ATG w/ CrewMontjoie Saint Denis
Belgian Vickers T13 Artillery TractorT13 B1, B2, B3Montjoie Saint Denis
Brazilian Infantry Loko90
Brazilian P-47 DTibor Horvath
Brick Wall 3-DXaxk
British Spitfire & German Me-109 Tank Destroyer
Bulgarian Avia B.534 Fighter1942John Gypson
Bulgarian Infantry 1:Riflemen (4), MP-40 (2), PPSH (2) Virgilio Virgilio
Bulgarian Infantry 2:Officer, Rifle (6)Matt Hazelton
BW WW2 TanksM3, Char, Churchill, Matilda in Black and WhitePaul Rogers
Captured Axis Tanks in Allied ServiceCaptured Axis tanks in Soviet, US, French serviceTeodor
Chines National ArmyKar98k, Sharpshooter, Thompson, Officer, LMG, MP18, FoxholesNight Wolf
Chinese AA Artillery75mm. 76mm, and 88mm Guns and CrewClive
Chinese Curtiss Hawk 75Night Hunter
Chinese Nationalist Anti-Aircraft Artillery90mm, 20mm (2), 37mm, Breda, 40mmJames Stanner
Chinese Nationalist ArmyVasily Zaitzev
Chinese Nationalist Artillery77 mm, 18 Pdr, 75mm Mtn Howitzer & Pack Howitzer, 155mmJames Stanner
Chinese Nationalist TanksVCL M1931 & M1936, Vickers Mk E & F, VCL Mk VI, AMR-33Teodor
Chinese Nationalist TanksT-26B (3), BT-5, T-27B, BA-3, BA-6, BAI-M, BA-20, BA-27MTeodor
Chinese NationalistsGreen Unis, Rifles, Grenades, Pistols, SMGVance Cannell
Chinese NationalistsTan Unis, Rifles, Grenades, Pistols, SMGVance Cannell
Chinese Nationalists 1:Officer, Riflemen (5 different), Machine Gun (bipod and tripod), Hats and Helmets, Grey Winter UniformEdward Wilson
Chinese Nationalists 2:Same as above, Khaki Summer UniformEdward Wilson
Chinese Sherman TankBurma 1945James Stanner
Chinese Vultee P-66 VanguardNight Hunter
CiviliansBurca Eduard
Concrete BunkerMatt Fritz
Concrete Bunker (3-D) Part 1Ungern
Concrete Bunker (3-D) Part 2Ungern
Concrete Bunker (3-D) Part 3Ungern
Control Tower 3-DXaxk
Croatian Ansaldo 34/A M Tank Tibor Horvath
Croatian Opel BlitzCroatian Opel BlitzTibor Horvath
Croatian Opel Blitz Truck Tibor Horvath
Croation Ansaldo TanksTibor Horvath
Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk 1:Flying Tigers Markings, 2 differentJohn Gypson
Curtiss Wright CW-21 DemonDutch Fighter Plane, 2 differentJohn Gypson
Czech Army in Exile4 differentNight Wolf
Czech CavalryNight Wolf
Czech InfantryOfficer, Rifle (6)Matt Hazelton
Czech TanksCKD LT vz 34, vz35, R2, CKD Bulgarian, Yugoslavian, Latvian, Persian, Swiss, PeruvianMontjoie Saint Denis
Danish 37mm ATGGun, Crew (3)Night Wolf
Danish AA Artillery75mm L/49, CrewClive
Danish ArmyKrag Rifle (4), Madsen MG (2)Night Wolf
Danish Guns37mm, 47mm, 105mm, 150mmJames Stanner
Danish InfantryViktor2A5
Danish Nimbus MotorcycleSolo (2), w/ 20mm (3), w/ MG (2), AmmoMontjoie Saint Denis
Dewoitine D.520GenericSwede94
Downed Airmen and SailorsLife Raft, In Water, Life Vest, Life Preserver, SharkUngern
Dutch 37mm ATG37mm Anti-Tank Gun, Crew (4)Matthijs
Dutch AA Artillery75mm Tegen Luchtdoelen Nr. 1, CrewClive
Dutch AA Artillery75mm Skoda, CrewClive
Dutch Armored CarsWilton-Fijenoord, Landsverk M-36, Landsverk M-38Teodor
Dutch Artillery37mm ATG, 75mm (2), 10mm, 105mm (2), 150mm (2)James Stanner
Dutch Bofors 80mm AA GunEast Indies Army, AA Gun, CrewClive
Dutch Brewster B-339DTibor Horvath
Dutch Curtiss Wright CW-21BFighterNighthunter
Dutch Curtiss-Wright CW-21BSwede94
Dutch East Indies ArmyMannlicher Rifles, M.29, M1926, M1941Night Wolf
Dutch East Indies ArmyKNIL Dutch East Indian ArmyNight Wolf
Dutch East Indies ArmyInfantry, Armored Cars, AA, Mortar, MGNight Wolf
Dutch Fokker D. XXIMatthijs
Dutch InfantryIn Trenches, Rifle, Medic, Officer, MGMatthijs
Dutch InfantryOfficer, RiflesMatthijs
Dutch InfantryOfficer, MG, Loader, RifleMatthijs
Dutch InfantryNCO, Rifles, LMGNight Wolf
Dutch InfantryOfficer, NCO, POW, LGM, RifleMatthijs
Dutch Pantserwagen DAF M-39Teodor
Dutch Renault Ft-17 TankMatthijs
Ethiopian InfantryRegulars (6), British AdvisorPedro Sidonio
Finnish Anti-Tank Guns20mm, 25mm, 37mm, 45mm, with and without crewTeodor
Finnish Anti-Tank TeamsSummer, WinterVance Cannell
Finnish Armored CarsBA-3, 6, 10, 20, 20M, Landsverk 182, D-8Teodor
Finnish ArmySkiing, Rifles (2), SMG (2), Skiing with sledNight Wolf
Finnish ArmyPlatoon HQ, Rifle & LMG SectionVance Cannell
Finnish Brewster BuffaloTibor Horvath
Finnish Buffalo Fighter Plane 1GreenDragos
Finnish Buffalo Fighter Plane 2BrownDragos
Finnish Cavalry DismountedM-24 Rifle (8), NCO (3), Officer, M-26 LMG, SVT-38Night Wolf
Finnish Curtiss Hawk 75Night Hunter
Finnish FightersEino Ilmari Juutilainen's FightersNighthunter
Finnish Fokker D XXI FighterGreenTeodor
Finnish Fokker D XXI FighterCamoTeodor
Finnish FT-17 Tanks37mm, MG, Regular and Winter Camo, Dug-inTeodor
Finnish Ilyushin DB-3M Part 1FuselageFinhornet
Finnish Ilyushin DB-3M Part 1FuselageFinhornet
Finnish Ilyushin DB-3M Part 1FuselageFinhornet
Finnish Ilyushin DB-3M Part 1FuselageFinhornet
Finnish Ilyushin DB-3M Part 2WingsFinhornet
Finnish Ilyushin DB-3M Part 2WingsFinhornet
Finnish Ilyushin DB-3M Part 2WingsFinhornet
Finnish Ilyushin IL-4 BomberPart 1Teodor
Finnish Ilyushin IL-4 BomberPart 2Teodor
Finnish InfantrySummer Uniform, M-24 Rifle (8), NCO (3), Officer, M-26 LMG, SVT-38Night Wolf
Finnish Infantry:Riflemen (3), PPSH, Officer, Sniper Virgilio Virgilio
Finnish J8 Swede94
Finnish KV-1 TanksCaptured, M1942, 1ETeodor
Finnish Lagg-3 FighterGreen CamoTeodor
Finnish Messerschmitt Bf-109 G2Mike Brady
Finnish Messerschmitt BG-109G FighterGrey & Green CamoTeodor
Finnish Morane-Saulnier 406/410 FighterGreen & Grey CamoTeodor
Finnish Morko-Morane FighterGreen CamoTeodor
Finnish T-34 TanksM1942, M1943, M1944Teodor
Finnish Tanks 1:T-34/76, Stug IV, T-26, T-60Teodor
Finnish Tanks 2:T-26, Vickers Light Tank, Vickers 37mm, T26E, FT-17, Vickers 45mm, T-28, OT-130Teodor
Finnish Tanks 3:BT-42 Assault Guns (2)Teodor
Finnish Tanks 4:Panzer IVNight Wolf
Finnish Tanks 5Panzer IVJ (3), StuG 40G (2), StuG IIIGTeodor
Finnish Vickers & T-26 TanksVickers E Type B (4), T-26 (9), OT-26, OT-130Teodor
Finnish Vickers Tanks2 DifferentNight Wolf
Finnish WeaponsNightwolf
Greek Anti-Tank Gun 37mm Gun, CrewNight Wolf
Greek Armor 1940-41Nightwolf
Greek Artillery85mm, 100mm, 105mmJames Stanner
Greek Infantry10 DifferentNight Wolf
Greek PZL P.24Greek Fighter PlaneJohn Gypson
Greek TanksCV-33 Tankette, Fiat-Ansaldo M13/40 (Captured)Night Wolf
Greek Universal Carrier3 DifferentNight Wolf
GuardsPoland, US, Soviet, GermanNight Wolf
Hungarian 105mm105mm Gun, Sdkfz 11 towing GunTibor Horvath
Hungarian 23M Breda Heavy Artillery TractorTibor Horvath
Hungarian 37M Hansa Lloyd w/ 105mmTibor Horvath
Hungarian 37M Hansa Lloyd w/ 105mmTibor Horvath
Hungarian 37M Hansa Lloyd w/ 40mm BoforsTibor Horvath
Hungarian 37M Hansa Lloyd w/ 40mm BoforsTibor Horvath
Hungarian 37M Hungarian Hansa Lloyd towing 38M Toldi IITibor Horvath
Hungarian 37M Krupp w/ Pak 35Tibor Horvath
Hungarian 37mm37mm Gun, Krupp L2H towing GunTibor Horvath
Hungarian 38M Toldi TankTibor Horvath
Hungarian 39M Csaba Armored CarTibor Horvath
Hungarian 39M Csaba Scout Car3 DifferentNight Wolf
Hungarian 40/43 M Assault Howitzer5 differentTibor Horvath
Hungarian 40M NimrodTibor Horvath
Hungarian 40M Nimrod Anti-Aircraft Gun 3 DifferentDaniel Harper
Hungarian 40mm Bofors40mm Bofors, Sdkfz 11 towing GunTibor Horvath
Hungarian 44m Tas Assault GunPrototypeClive
Hungarian 44m Tas Heavy TankPrototypeDaniel Harper
Hungarian 44M Tas TankTibor Horvath
Hungarian 44M Tas TankTibor Horvath
Hungarian AA Artillery20mm, 40mm, 80mm, 85mm, 88mm, 105mmClive
Hungarian Ansaldo TanksTibor Horvath
Hungarian Anti-Tank Guns37mm (2), 50mm, 47mm, 75mm (2)Clive
Hungarian ArmorLK, Armored Car (3)Horvath Tibor
Hungarian ArmorCanvas CoveredTibor Horvath
Hungarian Armor PrototypesTibor Horvath
Hungarian Artillery150mm (3), 105mm, Heavy Field Howitzer 39 MClive
Hungarian ArtilleryMountain & Field Guns, 75mm, 80mm (2), 100mm (2), 105mm (2)Clive
Hungarian Fiat 3000 B TanksTibor Horvath
Hungarian Focke-Wulf 189 A-1Recon PlaneUngern
Hungarian Ford Truck w/ 40mm BoforsTibor Horvath
Hungarian Ford Truck w/ 40mm BoforsTibor Horvath
Hungarian Ford Truck w/ Pak 38Tibor Horvath
Hungarian Ford Truck w/ Pak 38Tibor Horvath
Hungarian Heavy HowitzerTibor Horvath
Hungarian InfantryMG, Rifle, SMG, 4 DifferentNight Wolf
Hungarian InfantryRifles, LGM, NCOs, Officer, SMGDaniel Harper
Hungarian InfantryM1895 Mannlicher (13), LMG Team, SMG (2), Officer, GeneralDaniel Harper
Hungarian InfantrySummer, M1895 Mannlicher (13), LMG Team, SMG (2), Officer, GeneralDaniel Harper
Hungarian L3/35 Tankette3 DifferentDaniel Harper
Hungarian Me-109Tibor Horvath
Hungarian Nimrod TankNight Wolf
Hungarian Opel Blitz w/ 40mm BoforsTibor Horvath
Hungarian Opel Blitz w/ 40mm BoforsTibor Horvath
Hungarian Opel Blitz w/ Pak 38Tibor Horvath
Hungarian TanksToldi IIa, Turan II, Zrinyi IIDaniel Harper
Hungarian TanksTuran I, II, & IIIHungarian Laci
Hungarian Toldi TanksToldi I (3), Toldi IIa (3)Daniel Harper
Hungarian Turan Command Tanks3 differentTibor Horvath
Hungarian Turan TankTuran I (3), Turan II (3)Daniel Harper
Hungarian Turan Tanks3 differentTibor Horvath
Hungarian Turan Tanks4 differentTibor Horvath
Hungarian Zrinyi II 43MAssault Gun, 4 differentHungarian Laci
Hungarian Zrinyi II Assault Guns3 DifferentDaniel Harper
Irish AircraftGloster Gladiator, Hawker HurricaneNighthunter
Latvian VEF I-15 PlaneTeodor
Lithuanian AA and ATG Artillery47mm ATG w/ Crew, 20mm and 75mm AA gunsClive
Lithuanian ArmorVickers Light Tanks Model 1933 & 1936, Landsverk L-181 Armored CarClive
Lithuanian Artillery75mm, 105mm, 76.2mm, Crew (11)Clive
Lithuanian CavalryOfficers, NCOs, Carbines (4)Clive
Lithuanian InfantryVx26, Rifle (20), Officer (2), NCO (2), Vickers, M1917, Vz37, LoadersClive
Luxembourg GendarmeriePanzer Wolf
Luxemburg VolunteersDenis Szabunia
Mexican Infantry4 differentLogan Minard
MG Bunker Part 1Ungern
MG Bunker Part 2Ungern
Miscellaneous CharactersHailie Selassie, Italian OfficersPedro Sidonio
Miscellaneous GeneralsGerman, Soviet, British, US (2 of each), Table, MapsXaxk
Miscellaneous Snipers15 differentMatt Hazelton
Miscellaneous WW IIGerman Truck (2 different), German Infantry, Italian Infantry, French HalftrackErnesto Tramontana
Miscellaneous WW II CharactersChurchill, Hitler, Wittmann, Patton, Zaitsev, Stalin, MussoliniLeonhard Siegmeier
Mongolian ArmyGaz-AA, ZiS-5, Zi5 RefuelerTeodor
Mongolian Army TanksFAI, BA-20, BA-6, BA-10Teodor
Mortars and RadiosUS Army & Paratrooper, German, Canadian, Japanese, Soviet, British Army & Paratrooper, US Marine, AustralianDoughnut Dude
Mounted Escort of President of Eire:Trooper and OfficerDaniel Harper
Netherlands Army (1940)7 differentNight Wolf
Netherlands Army in Exile5 differentNight Wolf
Norwegian Artillery120mm, 75mm (2)James Stanner
Norwegian Artillery75mm Gun, CrewViktor2a5
Norwegian InfantryRifle, Pistol, SkiingNight Wolf
Norwegian InfantryRifles, LMG, NCO, OfficerViktor2a5
Partisans:Marshal Tito, Mauser Rifle (4 different), Lee-Enfield Rifle (4 different), Sten SMG (8 different), MP-40 SMG (6 different), MG-42 (2 different)Ken Sliviak
Polikarpov I-15 AircraftRussia, Spain, Finland, China, MongoliaNighthunter
Polikarpov I-16 AircraftRussia, Spain, China, Finland, Mongolia, PolandNighthunter
Prisoners of WarGerman, Soviet, British, US (4 of each)Mike Brady
RaidersTeishin Dan, Type 100, Type 97 Sniper, Type 99 LMG, OfficerNight Wolf
Resistance / Partisans 1:Fighters in Civilian Dress, rifles, SMG, Pistol, LMGJames Byers
Resistance / Partisans 2:10 differentLeigh Morrall
Resistance / Partisans 3:4 differentScott McPherson
Resistance FightersCivilian Clothing, 12 DifferentDoughnut Dude
Resistance Fighters Western European, Urban, 33 DifferentClive
Resistance FightersUrban, French, British SOE AgentsClive
Rogozarski IK-3Yugoslavian AirfroceTeodor
Royal Yugoslavian ArmorR35, Char a Canon 35mm, SkodaTeodor
Slovak Avia B.534 FighterRussian Front, 1941John Gypson
Slovak CavalryNight Wolf
Slovak InfantryRifle, SMG, MGNight Wolf
Somua S35 TanksFrench, German, YugoslavianTeodor
Soviet and Finnish Winter Troops:Russian SMG, Rifle, MG, Casualty, Guard, Finnish Rifle (3), PrisonerMatt Hazelton
Soviet Byelorussian PartisansMosin Nagant (2), PPSh (2), Sniper, PTRS, Maxim, DP-27, Commissars (2), Mortar Crew (2)Teodor
Swedish Armored CarsPanzarbil fm/29, m/39, m/41, 1042 & 1943 camoTeodor
Swedish InfantrySwede94
Swedish J8Fighter planeSwede94
Swedish Light TanksStrv m/38, m/39, m/40L, m/40K, m/41 SI & SIITeodor
Swedish m/37 Light Tank3 DifferentTeodor
Swedish m/41 Tank Destroyers2 DifferentTeodor
Swedish Strv m/42 TanksTeodor
Swedish TanksStridsvagn m/42Teodor
Swiss Messerschmitt Bf-109 G6CapturedMike Brady
Tetra T-72 Armored CarCzech, Slovak, Hungarian, German (3)Teodor
Thai Nakajima KI.43Flying, On GroundUngern
Turkish Tomahawk IIBTibor Horvath
Vehicle AccessoriesGerman, US, British, SovietAndrew White
Vickers Utility TractorBelgian Cavalry, w/ 47mm, Belgian Infantry, w/ 47mm, Royal Netherlands, w/ 47mmMontjoie Saint Denis
Weapon CratesGerman, US, British, SovietAndrew White
Weapons 1:US, British, German, and Russian small armsMatt Smith
Weapons 2:French, German, Soviet Union, Portugal. UK, Italy, GermanyPedro Pato
Weapons 3:Australian, US, British, RussianJosh Hazelton
Weapons 4:Soviet UnionScott McPherson
Weapons 5:US, British, German, and Russian small armsAndrew White
Wooden Crates 3-DXaxk
WoundedGerman, US, Soviet Union, ItalyChristopher Reichert
Yugoslav PartisansVasily Zaitzev
Yugoslavian Armor 3M3A1 Stuart, M3A3 Stuart, AEC Armored Car, 75mm Pak 40 Stuart Clive Clive
Yugoslavian Artillery105mm, 150mm (2), 100mm, 220mm Mortar, 37mm & 40mm ATGsJames Stanner
Yugoslavian Artillery75mm (2), 76.2mm (2), 100mm (3)James Stanner
Yugoslavian FT-17 TankNight Wolf
Yugoslavian Mountain Artillery100mm (3), 75mmJames Stanner


File LocationDescriptionDesigner
Bismarck Peter Pellegrino
Bismarck Peter Pellegrino
British Hood Battleship Andrew White
German Destroyer 3 Type 1936A Francisco J.M. Rodrigues
Hood Peter Pellegrino
Hood Peter Pellegrino
King George V Peter Pellegrino
King George V Peter Pellegrino
Prince of Wales Peter Pellegrino
Prince of Wales Peter Pellegrino
Prinz Eugen Peter Pellegrino
Prinz Eugen Peter Pellegrino
Rodney Peter Pellegrino
Rodney Peter Pellegrino
Scout Planes I Peter Pellegrino
AkagiMatt Fritz
American Carrier Planes:Wildcat, Dauntless, Devastator (flat counters) Matt Fritz
American South Dakota (top-Down)BattleshipJosh Hazelton
Andrea Doria Class BattleshipsMarvin Schneck
Bismarck Mike Brady
British Assault BoatsMk II, III, VIClive
British CorvetteFlower ClassPaul Rogers
British Destroyer 1:greyPaul Rogers
British Destroyer 2:camouflagedPaul Rogers
British Landing Craft AssaultClive
British Landing Craft InfantryLanding Troops, D-DayClive
British Landing Craft Support Mk2Clive
British RASC Fast Motor LaunchesClive
British Storm BoatsCarrying Infantry, Jeep, 6 Pdr, EmptyClive
British X-Craft Midget Sub Clive
Conte Di Cavour Class BattleshipsMarvin Schneck
Convoy Ships2 differentPaul Rogers
EnterpriseMatt Fritz
German Destroyer 1Narvick ClassFrancisco J.M. Rodrigues
German Destroyer 2Type 1936Francisco J.M. Rodrigues
German Inflatable BoatsSmall, Large, FerryClive
German Inflatable BoatsLarge, Storm Boat 39Clive
German Inflatable Boats Carried, Large and SmallClive
German Storm BoatsAssault (2), Command Post, MedicalClive
German Storm BoatsCarrying, LaunchingClive
German Storm Boats Sturmboot 39, 36, 42Clive
German U-760Type VIICJonathan Nikitas
German U-BoatPaul Rogers
German U-BoatsType IX B and Type IV CFrancisco J.M. Rodrigues
Gunboat "Stubborn"River Gunboat "Stubborn" (Zawzieta)Night Wolf(PL)
Higgins BoatSeth Lippa
HiryuMatt Fritz
HornetMatt Fritz
Italian BattleshipsLittoria ClassMarvin Schneck
Italian CruisersAlberto Di Giussano ClassMarvin Schneck
Italian CruisersEmanuele Filiberto Duca D'Aosta ClassMarvin Schneck
Italian CruisersRaimondo Montecuccoli ClassMarvin Schneck
Italian CruisersLuigi Di Savoia Duca Degli Abruzzi ClassMarvin Schneck
Italian DestroyersCurtatone ClassMarvin Schneck
Italian DestroyersMaestrale ClassMarvin Schneck
Italian Fighter AircraftMarvin Schneck
Italian Light Cruisers Capitani Romani Class Marvin Schneck
Italian Luigi Cadorna Class CruisersMarvin Schneck
Italian Seaplane TendersGiuseppe MiragliaMarvin Schneck
Italian Trento Class Heavy CruisersMarvin Schneck
Japanese BattleshipsYamato ClassMarvin Schneck
Japanese Carrier Planes:Zero, Kate, Val (flat counters) Matt Fritz
Japanese DestroyersYugumo ClassForrest Gump
Japanese DestroyersYugumo ClassForrest Gump
Japanese KirisimaBattleshipJeff High
KagaMatt Fritz
Kaiten Type 1 Submarine Nicholas Schneier
Landing Craft AssaultMatt Fritz
Landing Craft Assault 2w/ Machine Gunners and US MarinesJosh Hazelton
Landing Craft SupportMk 1 - 3Clive
PT BoatPaul Rogers
Scout Planes IIPeter Pellegrino
SoryuMatt Fritz
SubmarinePeriscope, SubmergedRichard A. Crist
UN Landing Craft InfantryLanding British Troops, D-DayClive
US BattleshipsIowa ClassMarvin Schneck
US Craven-Bagley Class DestroyerRichard A. Crist
US Craven-Benham Class DestroyerRichard A. Crist
US Craven-Gridley Class DestroyerRichard A. Crist
US Dixie Class Destroyer TenderAt Pier, Booms DeployedRichard A. Crist
US Dixie Class Destroyer TenderRichard A. Crist
US Dixie Class Destroyer TenderRichard A. Crist
US Fletcher Class Destroyer Richard A. Crist
US Higgins LCMCarrying Tank, TroopsJeff High
US Mahan Class DestroyerRichard A. Crist
US Mahan Class DestroyerRichard A. Crist
US Mahan-Fanning Class DestroyerRichard A. Crist
US Porter Class DestroyerRichard A. Crist
US Porter Class DestroyerRichard A. Crist
US Porter Class DestroyerRichard A. Crist
US Porter Class DestroyerRichard A. Crist
US PT BoatJeff High
USS EssexCarrier CV-9Jeff High
USS FletcherDestroyer DD-445Jeff High
USS OklahomaShawn Beero
Yorktown(flat counters) Matt Fritz
Zara Class Heavy CruisersMarvin Schneck


File LocationDescriptionDesigner
US Douglas Dauntless SBD-1 Swede94
French Aircraft Bloch MB152Guynemer
Japanese Kawanishi N1k1 Rex Floatplane Acrin
US P-51 Mustangs 332nd Fighter Squadron, Tuskegee Airmen Swede 94
Vichy French Aircraft P-36, D. 520, MS. 406Swede 94
Vichy French Aircraft Bloch MB152Guynemer
Allied AircraftYak-3, Spitfire Michael Krein Michael Krein
Allied AircraftC-47, P-51BSwede94
Allied AircraftHawker Hurricane, P-51, A-24 BomberSwede94
Australian Infantry (North Africa)Simpson Bulliman
B-17D BombersSwede94
Bell P-39 AiracobraGuynemer
British 7th Armored DivisionOberst Enger von Richter
British AirborneHorsa Gliders, InfantryLevantera
British Airborne DivisionRifle Sections, HQ, Signals Platoon, Intelligence, HorsasLevantera
British Armored Squadron 1944Russell McCreight
British Avro Lancasters1942-45Russell McCreight
British Blackburn SkuaGuynemer
British Commando SectionD-DaySilver Knight
British Humber Mk I Oberst Enger von Richter
British Hurricanes1940Russell McCreight
British HurricanesDesert 1940-42Russell McCreight
British Infantry PlatoonD-DaySilver Knight
British LiberatorCoastal Command 1943Russell McCreight
British M7 PriestOberst Enger von Richter
British Matilda II TanksFrance 1940Russell McCreight
British Matilda II TanksNorth AfricaRussell McCreight
British Mk II Matilda SquadronLevantera
British Motor Infantry DivisionSilver Knight
British Mustang III Swede94
British Sherman DD TanksDriving, Swimming, On BeachLevantera
British Spitfire Mk Ia Swede94
British Spitfires1940Russell McCreight
British Spitfires1944Russell McCreight
British TanksValentine III, Matilda II, Vickers VIB, M4A2, M22 LocustAlex Kremer
British TyphoonsD-DayRussell McCreight
Buildings and TreesBuildings, Trees, and BushesAlex Kremer
Bunkers and BuildingsForrest Gump
Canadian 25 Pdr Artillery BatteryRussell McCreight
Canadian Armored Division Russell McCreight
Canadian Armored RegimentRussell McCreight
Canadian Armored RegimentShermansRussell McCreight
Canadian Armored Squadron (D-Day)Russell McCreight
Canadian Armored TroopRussell McCreight
Canadian Rifle Company (D-Day)Russell McCreight
Canadian Rifle PlatoonRussell McCreight
Canadian Rifle Platoon3rd DivisionRussell McCreight
Czech & Slovak TanksT33, LT 34, 35, 38, & 40EdwRom
Destroyed German TanksPanzer III, StuG IV, Tiger I, Sdkfz 251, Pakwagen, Heavy Maus Michael Krein Michael Krein
Destroyed Soviet TanksT-34/76, T-34/85, Su-152, KV-2, IS-2 Michael Krein Michael Krein
Finnish AircraftHurricane, Fokker D XXI, Morane-Saulnier 406, Fiat G. 50, Brewster BuffaloSwede94
Finnish Curtiss P-36Swede94
French Dewoitine D. 520Guynemer
French Tanks and Armored CarsChar B1 bis (5), AMC P16, S-35, FCM 36, Panhard 178 (2), FT-17 (4), R-35, Laffly 80 AM, H-39 (2), H-35 (2), AMC 35, Char D2, Lorraine 37L (4), Chenillette UE (2), AMR 33, AMR 35 Matt Fritz
German 28/32 nebelwerfer 41 Rocket Launcher, Radio, CommandGuynemer
German 50mm ATGOberst Enger von Richter
German Afrika KorpsInfantry PlatoonLevantera
German Afrika KorpsTunisia 1942-1943Marvin Schneck
German AircraftBf-109, He-111, Ju-88A Michael Krein Michael Krein
German and Soviet TanksTiger, Panzer III L, Panzer IV H, T-34/76, JagdpantherErnesto Tramontana
German and Soviets 2Rifle, SMG, HMG, Engineer, AT, Command Burca Eduard Burca Eduard
German ArmorMotorcycles, StuG, Tiger, King Tiger, Panzer IV, Hetzer, Panther, Half-Tracks, Marder IIIAndrew White
German BF-109Russell McCreight
German BF-109Invasion of Poland, France, USSRRussell McCreight
German BF-109Russell McCreight
German Dornier Do-335 V-3Mike Brady
German Early War Armor 1Sdkfz 222, 223, 2316-rad, 232 6-rad, 232 8-rad, Stug IIIA, Panzer IA, IB, Panzerjager 1B, Panzer 35(t), 38(t), IIIG, IVE Matt Fritz
German Early War Armor 2Same as above, unbuttoned and tank ridersAlex Kremer
German Fallschirmjager Infantry (1941-1945)Infantry (4)BCW
German Field GunsPak 40, leFH 18, 8.8cm AA Gun Michael Krein Michael Krein
German FW-190A1 - A9, D-9Bongard & Scheck Studios
German Grenadier CompanyOberst Enger von Richter
German HalftracksSdkfz 251, Sdkfz 251 Pakwagen, Sdkfz 251 Command Michael Krein Michael Krein
German He-111Acrin
German He-111Acrin
German Heavy Weapons PlatoonHQ, Anti-Tank, Mortar, MGEnger von Richter
German InfantryInfantry (4), Sniper, MG-42, Panzerfaust, Flamethrowers Michael Krein Michael Krein
German Infantry Late WarEnger von Richter
German Infantry (1939-1941)Infantry (4) BCW BCW
German Infantry (Winter)Infantry (4), Sniper, MG-42, Panzerfaust, Flamethrowers Michael Krein Michael Krein
German Jagdpanzer IV/70Acrin
German Ju-52 Medical PlanesGreen Camo, Winter CamoScreaming Eagle
German Ju-52 PlanesFlak Damage, Jump Ready, Paras in Air and On GroundScreaming Eagle
German Ju-52 PlanesScreaming Eagle
German Ju-87 Stuka Dive BomberRussell McCreight
German Me-262 Fighters6 DifferentMike Brady
German Messerschmitt BF109E3Levantera
German Messerschmitt Me-163Acrin
German Opel BlitzOberst Enger von Richter
German Pak 40 ATGOberst Enger von Richter
German Panther CompanyRussell McCreight
German Panther Company 1944Russell McCreight
German Panzer Division (1940 - 1941)Infantry, Halftracks, Trucks, ATGs, Panzer II, Panzer III, Panzer IV, Armored Cars, MotorcyclesOld Tyke
German Panzer IVOberst Enger von Richter
German Panzer IV G CompanyOberst Enger von Richter
German Panzer VOberst Enger von Richter
German Panzergrenadier and Recon BattallionHalftracks, Armored Cars, ATG, InfantryOld Tyke
German ParatroopersJunkers Ju-52, HQ, Rifle SectionsLevantera
German PZL P-7aCapturedNight Wolf
German Sdkfz 251 CHalftrackOberst Enger von Richter
German Sdkfz 251 C Half-TrackOberst Enger von Richter
German Sdkfz 251 Half-TrackOberst Enger von Richter
German Sdkfz 251/17Von Eger
German Self-Propelled GunsSturmtiger, Hummel, Nashorn, Jagdpanzer IV/70, Wespe, Marder IIPanzer Wolf
German SS Infantry (1941-1945)Infantry (4)BCW
German TanksPanzer III, Panzer IV, Wespe, SutG IV, Tiger I, Sturmtiger, Panzer VIII Maus Michael Krein Michael Krein
German TanksTiger, Panzer IV F, Panzer IV H, Panzer III L, Panzer III M Matt Fritz
German Tanks (Winter)Panzer III, Panzer IV, Wespe, SutG IV, Tiger I, Sturmtiger, Panzer VIII Maus Michael Krein Michael Krein
German Tiger Company Russell McCreight
Germans and Soviets 1German: Sdkfz 234, halftrack, 105mm gun, 37mm gun, infantry squad, MMG, Mortar, Soviet: 76mm gun, 57mm gun, infantry squad, HMG, MortarAlex Kremer
Hawker Hurricane Mk ILevantera
Heinkel He-219 Night FighterMike Brady
Irish Guards Armored SquadronSilverKnight
Italian ArmorL6/40, Semovente L40, Sahariana, Semovente 75/18, M 13/40 (all in Desert colors) (Ernesto Tramontana)
Italian Black BrigadesDenis Szabunia
Italian InfantryLevantera
Italian Rifle Company North AfricaNight Wolf
Italian TanksMontjoie Saint Denis
Japanese A6M Zero FightersSwede94
Japanese A6M ZeroesJames Stanner
Japanese A6M2 ZeroSwede94
Japanese InfantryArmy PlatoonWshngtnsNphw
Japanese KD3a SubmarinesForrest Gump
Japanese Machine Gun PlatoonArmyWshngtnsNphw
Japanese Nakajima B5N KateTorpedo BomberAcrin
Japanese Nakajima B5N KateTorpedo BomberAcrin
Junkers JU-87B StukaLevantera
Landing Craft InfantryRussell McCreight
Miscellaneous ATGsGerman 37mm (3), Russian 47mm (2), Polish 37mm, French 75mmBCW
More German TanksPanzer III M (Green/Brown), Elephant (sand/red and green/brown), Panther (sand/green), King Tiger (red/brown)Ernesto Tramontana
More Soviet TanksKV-1 (white), T34/76, and T34/85 (white/green), Su-122, BA-20Ernesto Tramontana
P-39 & P-400 PlanesP-400, P-39 (4)Swede94
P-47D FightersSwede94
Pine ForestSummer and WinterMichael Krein
PolishInfantry, Cavalry, Towed Guns, 7TPdw, 7TPjw, C7P, wz. 29, TKS w/ MG and 20mm, wz. 34 w/ MG and 37mmAlex Kremer
Polish 2nd Air RegtNight Wolf
Polish 2nd Air RegtNight Wolf
Polish 3rd Air RegtNight Wolf
Polish 4th Air RegtNight Wolf
Polish Guns and Limbers37mm ATG, 75mm gun, 105mm gun, Taczanka, Limbers, Prime MoversDan Casquilho
Polish Infantry (1938-1939)Infantry (4)BCW
Polish PZL 23bNight Wolf
Polish PZL 37bNight Wolf
Polish PZL P.11cNight Wolf
Polish Tanks and Armored Cars7TPdw, 7TPjw, C7P, wz. 29, TKS w/ MG and 20mm, wz. 34 w/ MG and 37mm Matt Fritz
Romania PZL P-7aNight Wolf
Ruined Buildings4 differentMichael Krein
Saab AircraftB17A-C, Swedish, Finnish, DanishSwede94
Soviet BT-2 TankDarkmike3
Soviet Il-2 SturmovikAcrin
Soviet Il-2 SturmovikSwede94
Soviet InfantryInfantry (4), Sniper, ATR, MG TeamMichael Krein
Soviet InfantryRothunga
Soviet InfantryDarkMike3
Soviet InfantryDarkMike3
Soviet InfantryOberst Enger von Richter
Soviet Infantry (1941-1945)Infantry (5)BCW
Soviet Infantry (Winter)Infantry (4), Sniper, ATR, MG TeamMichael Krein
Soviet Mechanized TroopsKV-85, BA-64, GAZ Truck, ATR, 45mm ATG, 76mm Field Gun Mortar, MG, Rifle Squad, Platoon HQOld Tyke
Soviet Support ForcesJeep, Halftrack, Truck, Katyusha, AT Gun, Field Gun, AA Gun, BA-64Michael Krein
Soviet Support Forces (Winter)Jeep, Halftrack, Truck, Katyusha, AT Gun, Field Gun, AA Gun, BA-64Michael Krein
Soviet T-34 BattalionRussell McCreight
Soviet T-34/76Oberst Enger von Richter
Soviet T-34/85Oberst Enger von Richter
Soviet Tank CompanyRothunga
Soviet Tanks (Winter)T-70, T-34/76, T-34/85, Sherman, Su-122, SU-152, KV-1, KV-2, IS-2Michael Krein
Soviet Tanks 1KV-1, T34/76, T-70 Matt Fritz
Soviet Tanks 2T-70, T-34/76, T-34/85, Sherman, Su-122, SU-152, KV-1, KV-2, IS-2Michael Krein
Swedish J 26 Gul Kalle FighterSwede 94
Swedish P-35Swede94
United StatesSherman, Firefly, Priest, Pershing, Jeep, Halftrack, Infantry (4), Bazooka TeamMichael Krein
US 381st Bombardment Group532nd SquadronNicholas Schneier
US 381st Bombardment Group533rd SquadronNicholas Schneier
US 458th Bomb GroupB-24sNicholas Schneier
US Airborne Jack Davidson
US AirborneInfantry, Pathfinder, C-47Levantera
US Airborne Rifle CompanyRothuga
US Army Tank Company Shermans, M-10s, Light TanksSilverKnight
US B-17Russell McCreight
US B-17GRussell McCreight
US B-29 Enola GaySwede 94
US B-29 SuperfortressPanzer Wolf
US Curtiss P-36Swede94
US Douglas C-47 Skytrain3 DifferentSwede94
US F4U CorsairAcrin
US F4U CorsairsJames Stanner
US F6F HellcatAcrin
US F6F HellcatsJames Stanner
US InfantryOberst Enger von Richter
US M-3 Half-TracksOberst Enger von Richter
US M-8 GreyhoundOberst Enger von Richter
US P-40 Fighters Hawaii, China, North AfricaJonathan Nikitas
US P-47N ThunderboltRussell McCreight
US P-51 MustangsSwede 94
US P39 & P400James Stanner
US P51 MustangsJames Stanner
US P51B/C MustangsJames Stanner
US ParatroopersLevantera
US Willys MBOberst Enger von Richter
USMC Landing UnitLevantera
USMC LVTTarawaLevantera
Welsh Guards Armored ReconSilver Knight

United States

File LocationDescriptionDesigner
Brewster F2A Buffalo Matt Fritz
Douglas SBD Dauntless Matt Fritz
Douglas SBD Dauntless Marvin Schneck
FM-2 Wildcat Flying, On Ground Ungern
B-17 Flying Fortress Part 2 Matt Fritz
B-17 Flying Fortress Part 1 Matt Fritz
B-25 Mitchell Paul Rogers
B-25 Mitchell Matt Fritz
Boeing P-26 Peashooter Two different John Gypson
Brewster Buffalo Matt Fritz
C-47 Transport Paul Rogers
Curtiss SB2C Helldiver Marvin Schneck
Curtiss SB2C Helldiver Marvin Schneck
Curtiss SB2C Helldiver Marvin Schneck
Douglas SBD Dauntless Marvin Schneck
Douglas SBD Dauntless Matt Fritz
Douglas SBD Dauntless Dive Bomber Acrin
F4U Corsair Panzer Wolf
F4U Corsair Matt Fritz
F4U Corsair Alex Kremer
F4U Corsair Panzer Wolf
Grumman F4F Wildcat Matt Fritz
Grumman F4F Wildcat Matt Fritz
Grumman TBF Avenger Matt Fritz
Grumman TBF Avenger Matt Fritz
Infantry Garand, Carbine, Thompson, BAR Viktor2a5
Infantry Winter & Summer Uniforms, Rifle, SMG, Rifle Grenade, BAR, Carbine Ungern
Infantry (Pacific) Garand, Carbine, Thompson, BAR Viktor2a5
Jeeps Bantam BRC-20, Willys MA, Ford GP, Willys MB (2), Willys Ambulance, Ford GPW Weather Monitoring Vehicle James Stanner
M38 Wolfhound Viktor2a5
P-38 Lightning Part 1 Ted Conn
P-38 Lightning Part 2 Ted Conn
P-39 Airacobra Alex Kremer
P-47 Lightning Red tail (Tuskegee airmen) Matt Fritz
P-47 Thunderbolt Alex Kremer
P-47 Thunderbolt Matt Fritz
P-47 Thunderbolt Alex Kremer
P-47D Thunderbolt 'Bubbletop' 1 John Gypson
P-47D Thunderbolt 'Bubbletop' 2 John Gypson
P-51 Mustang Matt Fritz
P-61B-2 Night Fighter Jeff High
Waco Glider Flying, On Ground, D-Day Stripes Ungern
Waco Glider Flying, On Ground Ungern
10 inch Coast ArtilleryFiring Position, Loading PositionClive
101st AirborneNightwolf
101st Airborne 10Winter, Garand, Sniper, Tommy Gun, Grease Gun, Carbine, Bar, GrenadeJosh Hazelton
101st Airborne 11Winter, Garand, Sniper, Tommy Gun, Grease Gun, Carbine, Bar, GrenadeJosh Hazelton
101st Airborne 12Rifles (8) Screaming Eagle Screaming Eagle
101st Airborne 13Snipers Screaming Eagle Screaming Eagle
101st Airborne 1:Carbine, M1 Garand (2 different), BAR, Thompson SMG (2 different), OfficerMatt Smith
101st Airborne 2:Rifle, Radio, Sniper .30 cal MG, LT, Sgt, Shotgun, BAR, Medic, Pathfinders (2), Bazooka (2), WeaponsHalf-Track
101st Airborne 3:Bastogne, 10 differentBrandon Wells
101st Airborne 4:In Jump Gear, 5 differentBrandon Wells
101st Airborne 5:Parachuting, with ParachutesJeff High
101st Airborne 6:Garand, Carbine, SMG, NCO, Sniper, BAR, Captain, Medic, RadioMichael Smith
101st Airborne 7:Winter, 6 differentNight Wolf
101st Airborne 8:Winter, in foxholes, 7 differentNight Wolf
101st Airborne 9:Winter, Armed Jeeps (3)Night Wolf
101st Airborne Jeeps in WinterNightwolf
105mm Howitzer CrewCommanders (6), Loaders (15), Setting Fuse, Assembling Shell (2), Charge Preparation, Aiming Gun (4), Repositioning GunClive
105mm Howitzer USMC CrewUSMC, Commanders (6), Loaders (15), Setting Fuse, Assembling Shell (2), Charge Preparation, Aiming Gun (4), Repositioning GunClive
155 mm ArtilleryM1917 Gun, M1918 GunClive
2 1/2 Ton Trucks:US, Olive Drab with no Markings, Black and WhiteJohn Gypson
57mm Anti-Tank Gun57mm w/ Crew - Army, Marine, AirborneClive
75 mm ArtilleryM1916, M1897A1, M1917, two of each, M1897A4, Caisson, M3A3Clive
75mm Pack HowitzerHowitzer (2), Pack Mule, Gun broken down and packed on mules (6)Clive
76mm Field Artillery76mm M1939, Gun CrewClive
81mm & 60mm Mortar TeamsArmy, Marines, Airborne, Firing, MovingUngern
82nd Airborne 1:Sniper, Bazooka, Thompson, MG, BAR, MedicNight Wolf
82nd Airborne 27 differentJosh Hazelton
A-12 ShrikesMysterious Oozelfinch
Airborne101st, Garand, Carbine, SMG, NCO, SNiper, BAR, Officer, Medic, Radio, ParachutingScreaming Eagle
Airborne Normandy:Carbine, M1 Garand, BAR, Thompson SMG, BazookaMichael Smith
Anti-Aircraft Half-TrackT28E1 Multiple Gun Motor CarriageClive
Anti-Aircraft Half-TracksM15, M14, M13 GMC, M2A1 gun tractorClive
Armor (Italy)M-4, M-4A1, M-18 Hellcat, M-10, M-36, M-31, T-30 75mm CarriageJames Stanner
Armor (North Africa)M-5 Stuart, M-3 Lee, M-4A1 Mortor Carriage, T-28E1 MGMC, M-6 37mm GMCJames Stanner
Armor (Pacific) M-3A1, M-4, M-4A1, M-3 75mm GMC, Duck,Amphibious JeepJames Stanner
Armored BulldozerJeff High
Armored CarsT17, T17E2, T18E1, M38Clive
Armored Infantry (1944)Camo, ATG, HMG, Bazooka Team, SMG, SHotgun, BAR, Medic, Officer, Runner, Rifles, Armored Cars, Half-TracksDoughnut Dude
Armored Recovery VehiclesM32B1 TRV (2), M34 Prime Mover, M32 TRVClive
Artillery 1105mm Howitzer, 75mm Pack howitzer, 37mm ATG, 57mm ATG, 3-inch ATG, 155mm Howitzer M1918 and M1Clive
Artillery 2M3 105mm Howitzer, M3A2 105mm HowitzerClive
B-25D Bomber Jeff High
B-25J Jeff High
B-29Flame Design
B-29 Part 1 Pvt. Ryan
B-29 Part 2 Pvt. Ryan
Bazooka TeamsArmy, Airborne, MarinesUngern
Bell P-39 Airacobra 2 DifferentJeff High
Bell P-400 Airacobra 2 Different, P-39Jeff High
Boeing B-17F Flying FortressMike Brady
Boeing B-17G Flying FortressMike Brady
Boeing P-26 PeashooterAcrin
Boeing P-26 PeashooterAcrin
Brewster BuffaloGrey, CamoDaniel Harper
Brewster BuffaloLouie Cando
Brewster Buffalo B-439Australia, 1942Tibor Horvath
Brewster Buffalo B-439USMC, 1942Tibor Horvath
Brewster F2A-3USMC, 1942Tibor Horvath
C-47 SkytrainFlying, On GroundUngern
C-47 SkytrainFlying, On GroundUngern
C-47 TransportJeff High
C-47 Transport PlaneThe Viking
CCKW 353 Pontoon Bridge & CraneCrane, Truck w/ Pontoon, DeployingJeff High
Civilian CarsDodge, 5 differentShawn Beero
Combat Engineers (D-Day)Vasily Zaitzev
Consolidated PBY CatalinaFlying BoatMike Brady
Consolidated PBY CatalinaFlyingMike Brady
Curtiss P-36 HawkNight Hunter
Curtiss P-36 Hawk 1US Markings, Hawaii 1941John Gypson
Curtiss P-40 E Warhawk:FT. Glenn Alaska (1942)Marvin Schneck
Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk 3:US Markings, Pacific (1943)John Gypson
Curtiss P-40 WarhawksNighthunter
Curtiss SB2C HelldiverCurtiss SB2C Helldiver (revised): Matt Fritz
Curtiss YP-23 Experimental FighterForrest Gump
Devil's Brigade1st Special Service Force, Garand, Carbine, SMG, BAR, Captain, Sniper, Medic, Radio, NCORussell McCreight
Dodge Staff CarJeff High
Dodge VehiclesWeapon Carriers, Carry All, Ambulance, Jeep, TruckUngern
Dodge VehiclesWeapon Carriers, w/ 37mm, Patton's Car, TrucksUngern
Douglas SBD DauntlessAcrin
Douglas SBD DauntlessAcrin
Douglas SBD DauntlessAcrin
Douglas SBD DauntlessAcrin
Douglas TBD DevastatorDouglas SBD Dauntless: Matt Fritz
Douglas TBD DevastatorUngern
DUKW:Amphibious TruckLeonhard Siegmeier
Engineering BattalionM983, CAT 621B, CAT CS563, CAT D7G, CAT 140GJeff High
F6F HellcatAcrin
Field Artillery (Captured Guns)88mm, 105mm, CrewsClive
Fighter PlanesP-40 Warhawk, P-47 Thunderbolt, P-51 Mustang, flown by Lt. Col. Chester SluderNighthunter
FR-1 Fireball Fighter Pvt. Ryan
GMC CCKW 353Jeff High
GMC Trucks3 differentJeff High
GMC Trucks:4 differentJeff High
Grumman F4F WildcatAcrin
Grumman F4F WildcatsUngern
Grumman F4F-3S WildcatfishPrototype Float PlaneUngern
Grumman F6F HellcatMatt Fritz
Grumman F6F HellcatChrisgatt7
Grumman F6F HellcatForrest Gump
Grumman F6F Hellcat 2Marvin Schneck
Grumman J2F-5 DuckFlying and on Ground, In WaterUngern
Half-Track Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft GunsM15A1 (2), M17, M16, M5A1, M9Clive
Half-Track Self-Propelled GunsM3 75mm GMC, T48 57mm GMC, M2 Half Track, T19 105mm, T30 75mm Howitzer, M4A1 81mm Mortar, M21 81mm MortarClive
Heavy & Medium Artillery CrewCommander, Breech, Layer, Trail (3), Loading (4), CovererClive
Heavy Artillery155 mm Heavy Gun, 8 inch Heavy Howitzer, two of eachClive
HMG TeamsM2HB, Crews, Army (Summer & Winter), MarinesUngern
HMG TeamsM2 HB AA, Winter & SummerUngern
Horsa Glider Ungern
InfantryGarand (4), Carbine (3), Bar (2), Medic, Sgt, Bazooka Team, MG TeamDavid Willis
InfantryRifle, Carbine, Thompson, Bazooka, NCO, Medic, Sniper, Radio, BAR, OfficerViktor2A5
InfantryOmaha Beach, D-DayVasily Zaitzev
InfantryPhillipines 1942Vasily Zaitzev
Infantry 442nd Regiment "Nisei"Nobunaga
Infantry 92nd Division "Buffalo Soldiers"MKM Studios
Infantry (Battle of the Bulge)SMG, RIfle, BAR, Medic, Pistol, Sniper, JeepDoughnut Dude
Infantry (D-Day)4th Infantry DivisionVasily Zaitzev
Infantry (D-Day)1st DivisionVasily Zaitzev
Infantry (D-Day)29th DivisionVasily Zaitzev
Infantry (D-Day)Vasily Zaitzev
Infantry (Okinawa 1945)Vasily Zaitzev
Infantry 1:Riflemen (2 different), Carbine, Bazooka, Flamethrower, Tommy Gun, BAR Matt Fritz
Infantry 1st Division 1Early War, Carbine (2), Bar (2), Thompson (3), Rifle (2), SniperLogan Minard
Infantry 1st Division 2Late War, Carbine (2), Bar (2), Thompson (3), Rifle (2), SniperLogan Minard
Infantry 2Rifle (2), Carbine, Thompson, Bazooka, Flamethrower, Carbine, BAR Matt Fritz
Infantry 2nd DivisionCarbine (2), Bar (2), Thompson (3), Rifle (2), SniperLogan Minard
Infantry 3Garand, Carbine, BAR, Springfield, Thompson, Radio, Medic, Lt., Cpt., Sgt., .30 cal MG, Bazooka (2)Half-track
Infantry 34th DivisionGarand, Carbine, BAR (2), Sniper, ThompsonPanzer Wolf
Infantry 36th DivisionThompson, Shotgun, Grease Gun, BAR, Grenade, Sniper, .30 Cal LMG, Flamethrower, Bazooka TeamBill Skibesky
Infantry 4Prone, firing BAR (8)Anthony Phan
Infantry 5Rifle (3), SMG (2), Officers (2), BAR, Sniper, Flamethrower, Bazooka Team, MG Team, Mortar Team, FlagHernaldo Rios
Infantry 65 differentJosh Hazelton
Infantry 7Winter, 5 differentJosh Hazelton
Infantry Heavy Weapons81mm & 60mm Mortar Teams, Bazooka, Flamethrower, 57mm Recoiless, MG TeamsUngern
Infantry Winter 1Garand, Bar (3), Officer, Thompson, Sherman TankJosh Hazelton
Infantry Winter 2Dug in, 5 differentMatt Hazelton
Jeep 4Soft-Top (medic), DestroyedHalf-Track
Jeep towing Quad .50:Jeff High
Jeep Variants:Armed Jeep, Armed Jeep w/ Trailer, Unarmed w/ Trailer, Towing HowitzerPaul Rogers
JeepsJeep Ambulance and Amphibious JeepClive
JeepsThe Viking
King Tiger TankCapturedShawn Beero
Lockheed PV-1 VenturaNightHunter
LVT (A) 1On Land & SwimmingUngern
LVT (A) 2 On Land & SwimmingUngern
LVT (A) 4 On Land & SwimmingUngern
LVT (A) 4Flamethrower, Pacific FrontUngern
LVT (A)-1:AmtrackJeff High
LVT 2On Land & SwimmingUngern
LVT-2:AmtrackOld Tyke
LVT-4:AmtrackMarvin Schneck
LVTsLVT-4, LVT(A)-2, LVT(A)-1 early and late, LVT(A)-4James Stanner
M-10:Tank DestroyerAndrew Golden
M-2A-4 Light TankMarines, Guadalcanal 1942James Stanner
M-33 Prime Mover James Stanner
M-4A3 E8 TankFrance 1945James Stanner
M-7 Priest 1:Self-Propelled ArtilleryMarvin Schneck
M-7 Priest 2:Self-Propelled ArtilleryJeff High
M-8 Greyhound:Armored CarJeff High
M10 Tank DestroyersM10 early turret, mid turret, late turret, late w/ head cover, M10A1, M10 AchillesTeodor
M12M12 155mm Self-Propelled Artillery, M30 Cargo CarrierJeff High
M18 HellcatTank DestroyerSwede94
M18 Hellcat TankJeff High
M1917 HMG TeamsArmy, Marines, Firing, MovingUngern
M20 Armored Car3 Different, Free FrenchUngern
M22 Locust TankAirborne Light Tank (2)Jeff High
M24 Chaffee Tank 1Jeff High
M24 Chaffee Tank 2Half-Track
M26 Pacific Tank Recovery VehicleJeff High
M26 Pacific with TrailerJeff High
M26 Pershing TankHalf-Track
M29 WeaselJeff High
M3 APC:Marvin Schneck
M3 Half-TrackSwede94
M3 Lee (North Africa)Marvin Schneck
M3 Lee TankJeff High
M3 Stuart TanksM3, M3A1, M3A3, M3A1 FlameClive
M3 TanksM3(4), M3A1 (3), M3A2, M3A3, M3A4, M3A5 (2)Clive
M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer and M35 Prime MoverJeff High
M3A1 Stuart Tankwith and without skirt, 2 of eachHalf-Track
M3A1 White Scout Car4 Different, Free French, Patton'sUngern
M3A3 Stuart TankClive
M4 High Speed TractorM4 Tractor, and Towing 8 inch HowitzerJeff High
M4 Sherman (North Africa)Marvin Schneck
M4 Sherman Calliope Tank:w/ Calliope Rocket LauncherHalf-Track
M4 Sherman Tank (Patton):Sherman Tank commandedGen. Patton
M4 Sherman Tank DD:Duplex Drive amphibious variant, with screen down and screen raised (swimming)Jeff High
M4 Sherman Tank:Sherman TankLeonhard Siegmeier
M4 Sherman Tanks:75mm Gun, Dozer, Mine Roller, M4A2 USMCJeff High
M4A1 Sherman (North Africa)Marvin Schneck
M4A3E2 Sherman JumboJeff High
M4A3E8 TabjRfarr60
M4A3E8 Tank:76mm, w/ skirtsJeff High
M4A4 Sherman Tank:105mm, 75mm (2 different)Michael Smith
M5 TanksM5, M5A1, M8 75mm, M5A1 Flame, T8 Recon, M5 CommandClive
M6 37mm Gun Motor Carriage37mm GunClive
M8 Greyhound Armored Car5 Different, Free FrenchUngern
M9 Tank DestroyerMrJKapowey
MacArthur and StaffVasily Zaitzev
Marine Corps Beach Assault ForceTank, Amtracks, InfantryRussell McCreight
Marine Corps UniformsJames Stanner
Marine Paratroopers7 differentDoghnut Dude
Marine Raiders 1Thompson (2), Springfield Rifle, Sniper, Reising SMG (2), Garand (2), Carbine (2), BAR, Trench GunMichael Smith
Marine Raiders 2Rifle, Sniper, Thompson, BAR, Shotgun, PistolJosh Hazelton
Marine Raiders 3Same as above, capsJosh Hazelton
Marine Raiders 4Same as above, no helmetJosh Hazelton
MarinesGarand, Thompson, Bren, Sniper, Flamethrower, Flag, Officer, Bazooka Team, MG Team, Mortar TeamJ. Stanner
MarinesThompson, Radio, Trenchgun, M1 GarandScreaming Eagle
MarinesRifle, BAR, SMGIsthisnecessary
MarinesEarly War, 10 differentDoghnut Dude
Marines Thompson, Carbine, Officer, Radio, Garand, Medic, Flamethrower, Mortar, 37mm ATG w/ Crew, MG w/ CrewThe Viking
MarinesMedic, Bazooka, Radio, Rifle, SMG, FlagDevastator
MarinesGarand, Carbine, BAR, SMG, M1919A4 MG, Flamethrower, OfficerUngern
MarinesGuadalcanal, Rifle, BAR, Radio, Thompson, SNiper, Officer, M1917 MG, TrenchgunJudiel Lumbad
MarinesWading through waterPvt. Ryan
MarinesSquad Leader, Rifles, Grenade Launcher, BAR Teams, FlamethrowerUngern
MarinesJames Stanner
MarinesJames Stanner
Marines2nd DivisionVasily Zaitzev
MarinesReversible Jungle CamoVasily Zaitzev
Marines1st DivisionVasily Zaitzev
Marines GuadalcanalVasily Zaitzev
MarinesSouvenir HuntersVasily Zaitzev
MarinesCorregidor (1942)Reichswehr
Marines (1942)CorregidorVasily Zaitzev
Marines (1944)Vasily Zaitzev
Marines (Guadalcanal)Vasily Zaitzev
Marines (Iwo Jima)Garand, Carbine, SMG, NCO, Sniper, BAR, Captain, Corpsman, Radio, Bazooka, Vehicle CrewJudiel Lumbad
Marines (Iwo Jima)Rifle, Carbine, Thompson, Sniper, BAR, Vehicle Crew, Navajo Code Talker, Corpsman, Bazooka Team, FlamethrowerDoghnut Dude
Marines (Iwo Jima)Vasily Zaitzev
Marines (Okinawa)Vasily Zaitzev
Marines (Peleliu 1944)Vasily Zaitzev
Marines (Tarawa)Vasily Zaitzev
Marines 1Carbine, M1 Garand, BAR, Thompson SMG (2 different), Officer (green uniforms)Matt Smith
Marines 10Rifle (3), SMG (2), Officers (2), BAR, Sniper, Flamethrower, Bazooka Team, MG Team, Mortar Team, FlagHernaldo Rios
Marines 11Iwo Jima, Rifle (7), Thompson (3), BAR (3), Sniper, Flamethrower (2), Bazooka (2), Carbine (5), Shotgun (2), Radio (2), CorpsmanMichael Smith
Marines 126 differentJosh Hazelton
Marines 13Beach Camo, 6 differentJosh Hazelton
Marines 146 differentJosh Hazelton
Marines 2:Carbine, M1 Garand, BAR, Thompson SMG (2 different), Officer (beach camo Tarawa 1943)Matt Smith
Marines 3Garand, Carbine, SMG (2), Officer, Green Uniforms and Beach CamoMatt Smith
Marines 4Garand (4), Officer (2), Thompson (2), Casualty, in water and on beachJosh Hazelton
Marines 5Beach Camo (Tarawa), Garand (4), Officer (2), Thompson (2), Casualty, in water and on beachJosh Hazelton
Marines 6Garand (2), Thompson SMG (2), Grease Gun (2)Josh Hazelton
Marines 7Beach Camo (Tarawa), Garand (2), Thompson SMG (3), Grease Gun (3)Josh Hazelton
Marines 8Beach Camo (Tarawa), Carbine, Rifle (5), BAR, SMG (2), Grenade, Pistol, Demo Charge, .30 MG and Crew, 81mm Mortar and Crew, Flamethrower, 37mm ATG and Crew, Radio, OfficerOld Tyke
Marines 9Garand (4), BAR (2), Carbine (4), Thompson (2), Winchester (2), Springfield (2), Sniper (2), Bazooka, Flame Thrower, Navajo Code Talker, Corpsman, OfficerMichael Smith
Medium Artillery4.5 inch gun, 155 mm HowitzerClive
MMG TeamsM1919A4, Army, Airborne, MarinesUngern
Motorcycles:2 DifferentPaul Rogers
Nakajima Ki-84-I FighterCapturedLouie Cando
Naval Beach battalionOmaha Beach, D-DayVasily Zaitzev
Navy PersonnelVasily Zaitzev
Navy PersonnelVasily Zaitzev
Navy Vehicle Crew (Pacific)Thompson, Grease Gun, PistolDoghnut Dude
North American A-36 ApacheP-51 Mustang Variant Dive Bomber, 1944John Gypson
Northrop P-61A-1 Black WidowJeff High
P-38J-15Jeff High
P-40BurmaJeff High
P-40Pearl HarborJeff High
P-40 Kittyhawk Fighter Pvt. Ryan
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 Combino
P-47 FighterLt. Col. Wayne BlickenstaffJeff High
P-47 FighterLt. Ray MurphyJeff High
P-47 M-1Tibor Horvath
P-47 Thundebolt2 Different, Bomb TrailerJeff High
P-47 ThunderboltAcrin
P-47 ThunderboltAcrin
P-47D Combino
P-47D RazorbackLt. Don KearnsJeff High
P-47D Stinger VIICombino
P-47D ThundeboltMajor Henry KuchemanJeff High
P-47N Thundebolt2 DifferentJeff High
P-51 C MustangMike Brady
P-51 MustangLt. "Kit" Carson, 2 DifferentJeff High
P-51 Mustang Lt. William YoungJeff High
P-51 Mustang Capt. Chuck YeagerJeff High
P-51 Mustang Jeff High
P-51 Mustang Jeff High
P-51 Mustang Night Hunter
P-51-30 NT MustangMike Brady
P-61A-1 Night FighterJeff High
Paratrooper Heavy Weapons Mortars, Bazooka, BAR, MGsUngern
ParatroopersRifle, SMG, Pistol, Sniper, BAR, Bazooka Team, MG Team, FlagJames Stanner
ParatroopersGarand, BAR, Thompson, Carbine, Medic, M1914A4 MGUngern
Paratroopers82nd Airborne, 1944Pvt Ryan
Paratroopers506th Regt, Battle of the BulgeVasily Zaitzev
Paratroopers506th Regt., Operation Market GardenVasily Zaitzev
Paratroopers506th Regt., Battle of CarentanVasily Zaitzev
ParatroopersBrecourt ManorVasily Zaitzev
Paratroopers506th Regt.Vasily Zaitzev
Paratroopers101st Airborne, NormandyVasily Zaitzev
Paratroopers506th Regt., Battle of the BulgeVasily Zaitzev
Paratroopers506th Regt., Operation Market GardenVasily Zaitzev
Paratroopers 1:5 DifferentAlex Kremer
Paratroopers 2Garand (4), Grease Gun (3), BAR (2), .50 cal MG, LT., Sgt.Josh Hazelton
Paratroopers 3Winter, Garand (2), Grease Gun (2), BAR (2), Lt., Sgt.Josh Hazelton
Paratroopers 4Rifle, Radio, Sniper .30 cal MG, LT, Sgt, Shotgun, BAR, Medic, Pathfinders (2), Bazooka (2), WeaponsHalf-Track
Paratroopers 5Rifle (3), SMG (2), BAR, Sniper, Bazooka Team, MG Team, FlagHernaldo Rios
Paratroopers 66 differentJosh Hazelton
Paratroopers Mortar Team506th Regt.Vasily Zaitzev
Passengers and Tank RidersArmy, Rangers, Airborne, MedicsHalf-Track
PBY-6A CatalinaBlackJorge68
Philippine DepartmentDennis Szabunia
Philippine DivisionDennis Szabunia
Philippine DivisionDennis Szabunia
Philippine ScoutsArtillery and CavalryReichswehr
Platoon HQArmy, Marines, Airborne, Platoon Leader, Asst. Leader, Guide, MessengersUngern
Prisoners of WarArmy, Marines, Airborne, Tank CrewUngern
Quad .50 MG:Jeff High
Raising Flag on Iwo JimaVasily Zaitzev
RangersRifle, SMG, Pistol, Sniper, BAR, Bazooka Team, MG Team, Mortar Team, FlagJames Stanner
RangersOmaha Beach, D-DayVasily Zaitzev
RangersRaid on Cabanatuan (1944)Raymond Farr
Rangers (D-Day)Vasily Zaitzev
Rangers (Omaha Beach)Garand, Carbine, SMG, NCO, Sniper, Greasegun, BAR, Captain, Medic, Radio, BazookaJudiel Lumbad
Rangers 1:Rifle (4), BAR (2), Sniper (2), Officer (2), Radio, Medic, Bazooka (2), .30 cal MGHalf-track
Rangers 25 differentJosh Hazelton
Rangers Normandy:Carbine, M1 Garand, BAR, Thompson SMG, Flamethrower, Omaha Beach and Pointe du HocMichael Smith
Rangers Omaha Beach 1:Rifle (3), SMG (2)Brandon Wells
Rangers Omaha Beach 2:Garand, Officer, BAR, Thompson, CasualtyJosh Hazelton
Rangers Omaha Beach 3:Garand, Thompson, Grease GunJosh Hazelton
Rangers Omaha Beach 4:Garand, Pistol, Thompson,Josh Hazelton
Rhode Island State Guard Scatter GunNathan McDonald
S1 Scout CarsScout cars used for airfield defense in AustraliaClive
SeaBeesNaval Construction BattalionVasily Zaitzev
Sherman Crocodile TankFlamethrower TankClive
Sherman Tankw/ and w/out SandbagsThe Viking
Sherman TanksA1 (3), A3W, Gen. Abram's Command TankJames Stanner
Sherman TanksM-4 (2), M-4A3, M-4A3E2James Stanner
Staff Cars1940 Plymouth, 1942 DodgeFlame Design
Super Heavy Artillery240mm Howitzer, 8 inch GunClive
Supermarine Spitfire Mk VbMike Brady
T-10 Mine ExploderPrototype, Never builtRDB1972
T-28 Heavy TankPrototypeJeff High
T24 Scout CarRfarr60
Tank BattalionM4A3E8, Jeeps, Trucks, Half-TracksJeff High
Tank Crew4 differentXaxk
Tank CrewOn Foot (5), In Tank (14)Ungern
Tank DestroyersM18 Hellcat, M36 JacksonLevantera
TBM-3 AvengerTorpedo BomberAcrin
TBM-3 AvengerTorpedo BomberAcrin
TBM-3 AvengerTorpedo Bomber, Black and White OutlineAcrin
TBM-3 AvengerTorpedo BomberAcrin
TBM-3 AvengerTorpedo BomberAcrin
TBM-3 AvengerTorpedo BomberAcrin
TBM-3 AvengerTorpedo BomberAcrin
Truck towing Quad .50:Jeff High
Trucks:Carrying Troops and with Empty BedPaul Rogers
Twin 40 mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft GunFiring at Aircraft, Firing at Ground Targets, Gun w/ Crew, Navy Crew (6)Clive
US Airborne101st, Summer 1944Swede94
US Navy 20mm Oerlikon CrewsClive
US Navy 20mm Oerlikon CrewsNorth AtlanticClive
USMCGuadalcanalVasily Zaitzev
USMC M4A2 Tanks5 DifferentJeff High
USMC M4A2 Tanks3 DifferentJeff High
Vought F4U-1 A CorsairMike Brady
Vought F4U-1 Corsair"Birdcage"NightHunter
Vought SB2U VindicatorFlying, On GroundUngern
Vultee P-66 VanguardNight Hunter
Vultee V-48X PrototypeNight Hunter
Vultee V-48X1999999Prototype from 1939Nighthunter
Waco GliderJeff High Brewster Buffalo
Waco Glider CG-4AThe Viking
WC 63Jeff High
Weapons CarriersWeapons Carriers (3), AmbulanceHalf-Track
White Model 444 Cargo Truck2 differentJeff High
Willys Jeep 2:Michael Smith
Willys Jeep 3:Christoph Patzer
Willys Jeep:Paul Rogers
Willys MB JeepSwede94
Wooden Bunker (Bataan)MG Team, Wooden Bunker, SandbagsDenis Szabunia
WW2 Early war US MarinesDoghnut Dude

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