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Paper Soldiers for Junior Generals

Many files have a black & white version available here. Simple rules you can use for battles with these figures can be found on the home page.  Contributions, Questions, and Feedback Welcome! Contact Matt

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Near Future (WWIII)
Science Fiction & Alternative History
Fantasy-Top Down


The war of the worlds of 1905
The Tutatian Civil War of 1940-1945
Bellum III


File LocationDescriptionDesigner
Mercenary Recruits Arcania starter set Knight Errant
15mm Roman legion troopsDarkMike3
Adventurers 1Three humans, a Centaur D.J.V D.J.V.
Adventurers 2Men, Minotaurs, Dwarves, Dragon Man D.J.V D.J.V.
Adventurers 3Three humans, a Centaur D.J.V D.J.V.
Adventures 4D.J.V D.J.V.
Arabish Army:Arab style army - swords and spearsAlex Kremer
Archers:Archers, Foot Commander, Mounted Knight, Flag, SpearmenAlex Kremer
Atlas GuardArcania starter setKnight Errant
Banner of Hate:Warriors and StandardAlex Kremer
Bazouk infantryPeaceman
BriefingD.J.V D.J.V.
Briona royal guard15mmDarkMike3
British foot infantry15mmDarkMike3
CentaursJohn Thiessen
Chaos CreaturesMichael Krein
Confederation of LupistanNapoleonic Infantry with dog headsTau0011
Dahomey AmazonsPeaceman
Dark LegionArcania starter setKnight Errant
Dark lord Kalkas and Ferrow SpiketalonArcania starter set Knight Errant
Dark Priests:4 differentAlex Kremer
Dark PrisonD.J.V D.J.V.
DemonsMichael Krein
Design a DwarfCarausius
DragonArcania starter setKnight Errant
Dragon KnightsD.J.V D.J.V.
Dragon MenD.J.V Dragon D.J.V.
Dwarven ArmyJosh Hazelton
Dwarven Army 2Josh Hazelton
Dwarven Army 3Josh Hazelton
Dwarven WarbandArcania starter setKnight Errant
DwarvesJohn Thiessen
Eastern armyPeaceman
Elven ArmyJosh Hazelton
Elven Army 2Josh Hazelton
Elven Army 3Josh Hazelton
Elven GuardiansArcania starter setKnight Errant
Elves - Normal and DarkD.J.V D.J.V.
Enforcer Infantry:8 differentAlex Kremer
EpilogueD.J.V D.J.V.
Evil ArmyJosh Hazelton
Evil DwarvesDJV
Evil Human ArmyBlood Knights, Blood Lord, Crossbowmen, Dismounted Knights Ben Harvey Ben Harvey
Fantasy Adventurers Orcs Goblins Skeletons trolls skeleton vampires.Mapleraven
Fantasy Hoplites 1Angel Fernandez Angel Fernandez
Fantasy Hoplites 2gorgons, amazons, harpies, undead, Cyclops, centaurs and minotaurs Angel Fernandez Angel Fernandez
fantasy Infantrylight scouts, Heavy archers, heavy phalanx, heavy sergantsCENTOR1EL
Fantasy soldiers3 Fantasy medieval soldiers on a base!Frithmister
Fantasy SoldiersRomanesque Crocs, Ogres, and individuals to fight them. MapleRaven
Fenris WolfMichael Krein
Figure Set B:Many figures, bows, melee weapons, cavalryAlex Kremer
Fire NinjasNight Wolf
GiantsJosh Hazelton
GoblinsMichael Krein
Goblins 1D.J.V D.J.V.
Goblins 2D.J.V D.J.V.
Good WarriorsInfantry and Cavalry D.J.V D.J.V.
Great Swordsmen:3 differentAlex Kremer
Halberdiers:3 differentAlex Kremer
Haldenburg line infantryCarausius
Heinkrassel infantry15mmDarkMike3
Heroes:3 differentAlex Kremer
Hesse-Kassel Teufelhunden Landwehr InfantryNapoleonic Infantry with dog heads Panzer Wolf Panzer Wolf
Holstein CavalryA man...on a Holstein...yeah, you read that rightJon Oldham
Horse Archers:4 differentAlex Kremer
Human ArmyHero, Knights, Polearms, Archers Ben Harvey Ben Harvey
Human Army 1InfantryJosh Hazelton
Human Army 2CavalryJosh Hazelton
Human Army 3InfantryJohn Thiessen
Human Army 4Josh Hazelton
Humans and Giants ArmyInfantryJosh Hazelton
Indaki Native calvaryJacob Johnson
Inquisitor's OrderArcania Starter SetKnight Errant
Julia seriesFriendship seriesDesign M.A.
King's MenD.J.V D.J.V.
Kyrie SectArcania Starter SetKnight Errant
Leaf Ninjas 1Night Wolf
Leaf Ninjas 2Night Wolf
Leaf Ninjas 3Night Wolf
Leaf Ninjas 4Night Wolf
Leaf VillagersNight Wolf
Lizard Hunters:3 differentAlex Kremer
Lizard men:12 differentAlex Kremer
Lost SwordLost Sword, Sword Guardians, Cyclops, Giant D.J.V D.J.V.
Mage of Mountain 1Mage, Map, Background Story D.J.V D.J.V.
Mage of Mountain 2Mage, Dragon Stone, Imp, Background Story D.J.V D.J.V.
Mages 1:2 differentAlex Kremer
Mages 2:Wood Mages, White Mages, Black MagesAlex Kremer
Make your own medieval AssasinCarsusius
Medieval troopsgreek/roman styleCarausius
Men for Hire 1:Merchant, Glaives, Standard, Archers, Mounted Warrior Monk, Monk carrying crossJames Byers
Men for Hire 2:Foot Knight, Billmen, Crossbow, Swordsmen, Iron Guard, BombardJames Byers
Mer PeopleMer Warriors and Sea Monsters D.J.V D.J.V.
More Mages:Storm and Fire MagesAlex Kremer
Mwadi Bwadi ConfederationJacob Jhonson
Mystery Brigade7 different, flagAlex Kremer
NecromancersD.J.V D.J.V.
Neo Guards:Napoleonic style fantasy armyAlex Kremer
Nizam armyPeaceman
Northern baltic Alliance infantryXaxk
Occasian infantryXaxk
OrcsJarrett Voight Jarrett Voight
OrcsMichael Krein
OrcsJosh Hazelton
Part AD.J.V.
Part BD.J.V D.J.V.
pindo 215mmDarkMike3
pindo 415mmDarkMike3
pindo tribe 115mmDarkMike3
pindo tribe 215mmDarkMike3
PiratesD.J.V D.J.V.
Prestor John's ArmyD.J.V D.J.V.
Priests:3 differentAlex Kremer
Quest for glory figuresHobb-goblins, Orcs, knights and vikingMapleRaven
RangersJosh Hazelton
Rangers 1InfantryJohn Thiessen
Rangers 2CavalryJohn Thiessen
Red DragonD.J.V D.J.V.
Robin hood styled men15mmDarkmike3
roman legion infantry 215mmDarkMike3
Roman town guard15mmDarkMike3
Royal Knights:5 mounted knightsAlex Kremer
Royal navy troops15mmDarkMike3
Scorpion ManJohn Thiessen
Sea LizardsMichael Krein
SkeletonsJohn Thiessen
Snakemen and Greek soldiersgreek soldiers, egyptian-style snakemen and a few orcsMapleRaven
Soldiers of CanniaNapoleonic Infantry with dog headsTau0011
Southern Spearmen:6 differentAlex Kremer
Spearmen:6 differentAlex Kremer
steampunk infantryCentor1el
Sultan's armyPeaceman
Supply Wagon:Horse drawn wagon and three teamstersAlex Kremer
Swordsmen:8 differentAlex Kremer
The Disgruntled:DwarfsAlex Kremer
The Followers:Martial ArtistsAlex Kremer
The King's ArmyJosh Hazelton
Top Down Fantasy Army 1Individual Top-Down Infantry and Cavalry FiguresAlex Kremer
Top Down Fantasy Army 2Top-Down Infantry and Cavalry UnitsAlex Kremer
Town MilitiaHorsemen, Archers, Foot Soldiers Ben Harvey Ben Harvey
Undead WarbandArcania Starter setKnight Errant
Urgo TribeArcania Starter SetKnight Errant
Villains 1Evil Warriors and Monsters D.J.V D.J.V.
Villains 2War Machine and Cyclops D.J.V D.J.V.
Villains 3D.J.V D.J.V.
Villains 4D.J.V D.J.V.
Water NinjasNight Wolf
Wood Elf ArmyScott McPherson
ZombiesD.J.V D.J.V.

Near Future (WWIII)

File LocationDescriptionDesigner
Acirema 1Panzer Wolf
Acirema 2Panzer Wolf
Acirema 3Panzer Wolf
Acirema 4Panzer Wolf
Acirema 5Panzer Wolf
Acirema 6Panzer Wolf
African MilitiaAlex Kremer
Alpine Assault ForceInfantry (8)Tau0011
AmericansChapter Master Pavlov
Argentinian Troops 1Dan Casquilho
Argentinian Troops 2Dan Casquilho
Argentinian Troops 3Dan Casquilho
Asian WarriorsSouth Korea, Japan, ChinaTau0011
Asian Warriors 2Japan, UK CommonwealthTau0011
Australian Defense ForceGeorge Lopez
Austrian Foreign LegionAlex Kremer
BDSA Hind HelicopterLeonhard Siegmeier
BDSA Infantry Squad 1Leonhard Siegmeier
BDSA Infantry Squad 2Desert CamoLeonhard Siegmeier
BDSA JeepsLeonhard Siegmeier
BDSA Medical HelicopterLeonhard Siegmeier
BDSA TrucksLeonhard Siegmeier
BDSA WeaponsLeonhard Siegmeier
Brazilian AFVsDan Casquilho
Brazilian Anti-TankDan Casquilho
Brazilian Armored CarsDan Casquilho
Brazilian Fighter PlaneDan Casquilho
Brazilian HelicopterDan Casquilho
Brazilian ShipDan Casquilho
Brazilian Strike TeamsDan Casquilho
Brazilian TanksDan Casquilho
Brazilian TroopsDan Casquilho
BritishChapter Master Pavlov
British IFVsDaniel Harper
British Infantry and CavalryDaniel Harper
British Mobile Combat Infantry14 differentAlex Kremer
Canadian Heavy WeaponsBrandon Wells
Canadian InfantryBrandon Wells
Canadian TankBrandon Wells
Canadian WalkerBrandon Wells
CanadiansBrandon Wells
Canadians 2Brandon Wells
Canadians 3Wolf Pack
Chinese Armor 1Tau0011
Chinese Armor 2Tau0011
Chinese Armor 3Tau0011
Chinese Armor 4Tau0011
Clone army infantry15mmdarkmike3
Clone human army15mmDarkmike3
Colombia's Secret WeaponDan Casquilho
Counter Terror UnitZak
Desert OpsZak
East Polish RebelsLeonhard Siegmeier
Egytian Special ForcesHalf-Track
Egytian TankHalf-Track
Empire of MexicoGeorge Lopez
Estonian PoliceXaxk
Estonian RebelsXaxk
Estonian Troops 1Xaxk
Estonian Troops 2Xaxk
Estonian Troops 3Xaxk
Estonian Troops 4Xaxk
Estonian Troops 5Xaxk
EU Secret PoliceTau0011
European Union InfantryTau0011
European Union MarinesTau0011
Exosuit SoldiersTau0011
Future British 1Josh Hazelton
Future British 2Josh Hazelton
Future British 3Josh Hazelton
Future US 1Josh Hazelton
Future US 2Josh Hazelton
German CommandosLeonhard Siegmeier
Green Berets:Austen
Hover TanksVizenz
Iranian TroopsDan Casquilho
Iranian Troops 2Dan Casquilho
IrishChapter Master Pavlov
Israelis 1Tau0011
Israelis 2Tau0011
Israelis 3Tau0011
Italian Super Cobra HelicopterScott McPherson
JapaneseMark Gilbert
Japanese Recon MechBen Harvey
Japanese Special ForcesSpecial Ops, Mechs Ben Harvey Ben Harvey
Latvian TroopsXaxk
Man with Grenade LauncherMax Monroe
Mexican Jet PackGeorge Lopez
Mexican TroopsGeorge Lopez
Nationalist InfantryNight Wolf
Philippines 1Judiel Lumbad
Philippines 2Judiel Lumbad
Polish Rebel InfantryLeonhard Siegmeier
Polish Rebel TankLeonhard Siegmeier
Polish Rebel TruckLeonhard Siegmeier
Polish Special PoliceNight Wolf
Polish TroopsScott McPherson
Red Hat PiratesAlex Kremer
Russian TankWes Kamerer
Saudi and Israeli TroopsMatt Hazelton
ScotsJames Byers
Scout SnipersAlex Kremer
Siberian MilitiaChapter Master Pavlov
SoldiersInfantry (4), Commander Ben Harvey Ben Harvey
Soldiers 1Alex Kremer
Soldiers 2InsurgentsAlex Kremer
Soldiers 3NBC / Desert SuitsAlex Kremer
Southern Saudi AuxiliaryAlex Kremer
Swiss Advanced SoldiersTau0011
Swiss APCsJonathan Nikitas
Swiss C-5 Pelican TransportTau0011
Swiss Hover TankJonathan Nikitas
Swiss Mobile ArtilleryJonathan Nikitas
Swiss Mountain TroopsMatt Hazelton
Swiss Mountain Troops 2Matt Hazelton
Swiss Scout CarsJonathan Nikitas
Swiss SoldiersInfantry (13)Tau0011
Swiss Tank GuardsJonathan Nikitas
Swiss WalkersJonathan Nikitas
UK Crab RobotsTau0011
UK Home GuardTau0011
UK in Africa TroopsTau0011
UK in Americas TroopsTau0011
UK in Burma TroopsTau0011
UK in Israel TroopsTau0011
UK in South America Troops 1Tau0011
UK in South America Troops 2Tau0011
UK MI-6Tau0011
UN Soldiers 1Alex Kremer
UN Soldiers 2Alex Kremer
UN Soldiers 3Mark Gilbert
UN TroopsTau0011
UN VehiclesTau0011
Urban Combat Infantry8 differentAlex Kremer
US Air Cav 1Tau0011
US Air Cav 2Tau0011
US ArmyForest CamoMatt Hazelton
US Delta ForceZak
US Hover HelicopterAusten
US Hover TankJosh Hazelton
US Land WarriorsTau0011
US Marines and SealsForest CamoMatt Hazelton
US Multi-CamAusten
US Tanks 1Josh Hazelton
US Tanks 2Josh Hazelton
US Tanks 3Josh Hazelton
US Tanks 4Josh Hazelton
US Transport 1Matt Hazelton
US Transport 2Josh Hazelton
US VehiclesTau0011
WeaponsMatt andJosh Hazelton
West African HummersFull-Auto
West African Special OpsFull-Auto

Science Fiction & Alternative History

File LocationDescriptionDesigner
bounty hunters Darkmike3
new Gunios DarkMike3
UAZ-SASN "Scud" Reichcana Series Forrest Gump
Yak-23 Fantoma Reichcanan Navy Carrier-borne fighter Forrest Gump
"the clan"15mmDarkMike3
AH-70 GunshipCopeious
Alien InfantryPrivate Toaster
Aliens 1D.J.V
Aliens 2D.J.V
All-Terrain MoverDaniel Casquilho
Ape InfantryCarausius
Arcon infantryMartian invasion seriesPeaceman
armored martian revolutionist 1877P51ftw
Army R490 nightstalkersdevastator
Austrailian Defense force 1877P51ftw
Barsoom Green MartiansThroat Rider, Radium Rifles, Tars Tarkus, Anti-Airship Artillery John Koziol John Koziol
Battle Armor:Foreign Rifles Company, Space UnitAlex Kremer
Belgian Colonial 2:Infantry (2), Grenadiers, Skirmishers, Drummer, Color Bearer, Officer, Line Infantry, Light Infantry, Foreign Legion, Nordenfelt Gunners (4), GeneralJohn Gypson
Bounty HuntersIcy Icy
Bounty Hunters 1Leonhard Siegmeier
Bounty Hunters 2Leonhard Siegmeier
British 'Ajax' GunboatMartian Colonies, 1890-92John Gypson
British Defense force 1877martian defense forceP51ftw
CAD Cyber Assult DroneWill R.
Canadian Defense Force 1877martian invasion seriesP51ftw
Clone 1Brandon Wells
Clone 2Brandon Wells
Clone Union TrooperBrandon Wells
Cyber Assault DroneWill R.
Cyber DronesWill R.
Drop PodMark Gilbert
DropshipWill R.
Extra Solar SoldiersGrunts (6), Commander, AA/AT/AP Launchers (2)Alex Kremer
F-4EM Southern AllianceRedneckHamster
Federal order unit(Desert)Mootaz
Federal Order unit: DesertMootaz
French Mars Defense Force 1Daniel Casquilho
French Mars Defense Force 2Daniel Casquilho
French Mars Defense Force 3Daniel Casquilho
French Mars Defense Force 4Daniel Casquilho
French Mars Defense Force 5Daniel Casquilho
French Mars Defense Force 6Daniel Casquilho
French Mars Defense Force 8Daniel Casquilho
French Mars Defense Force 9Daniel Casquilho
Future force warrior programassualt/w shotgun, DMR/w shotgun, light mg, heavy mgCENTOR1EL
Future Soldiers and Police 1Futuristic Weapons Paul Rogers Paul Rogers
Future Soldiers and Police 10Policemen Paul Rogers Paul Rogers
Future Soldiers and Police 11Vehicles - helicopters, tanks, armored cars, missile launchers, etc. Paul Rogers Paul Rogers
Future Soldiers and Police 12More vehicles Paul Rogers Paul Rogers
Future Soldiers and Police 13Aircraft Paul Rogers Paul Rogers
Future Soldiers and Police 14Mobile Weapons Platforms Paul Rogers Paul Rogers
Future Soldiers and Police 15Rogue Military Units Paul Rogers Paul Rogers
Future Soldiers and Police 16Military Vehicles - Drop Ships, Transports, Tanks Paul RogersPaul Rogers
Future Soldiers and Police 17Modular Combat Vehicle, Tanks, More Rogue Military Units Paul Rogers Paul Rogers
Future Soldiers and Police 2Special Tactical Assault and Retaliation Squad Paul Rogers Paul Rogers
Future Soldiers and Police 3Beefed up Hummvees Paul Rogers Paul Rogers
Future Soldiers and Police 4Two-man Speed Bike Paul Rogers Paul Rogers
Future Soldiers and Police 5One-Man Speed Bike Paul Rogers Paul Rogers
Future Soldiers and Police 6Attack Bikes and Armored Hummer Paul Rogers Paul Rogers
Future Soldiers and Police 7Double-Axle Hummer Paul Rogers Paul Rogers
Future Soldiers and Police 8Escort Bikes Paul Rogers Paul Rogers
Future Soldiers and Police 9Police Cruiser Paul Rogers Paul Rogers
Generic SoldiersGeorge Lopez
German Colonial Mars RegimentMartian Colonies Jacob Johnson Jacob Johnson
German colonial Maxim sectionJacob Johnson
German Defense Force 1877Martian invasion seriesP51ftw
German Indakistan platoonJacob Johnson
German Mars ColonialMartian Colonies Jacob Johnson Jacob Johnson
German PodsMartian Colonies, 1890-92John Gypson
German ZeplineAlternate History German ZeplineBurca Eduard
Ghost Recon TeamGeorge Lopez
grey armyXaxk
Grumman xf-5f SkyrocketTwin engine carrier-borne fighterForrest Gump
H&K 415 VariantsAusten Erblat
heavy support walker3d walker modelGuynemer
Human survivorsNickygio
IGU Assault InfantryCJM
IGU InfantryIGU Assault InfantryCJM
Infantry Fighting VehicleDaniel Casquilho
Irish War of Independence 1867 1InfantryJames Byers
Irish War of Independence 1867 2CavalryJames Byers
Irish War of Independence 1867 3ArtilleryJames Byers
japanese infantry15mmDarkmike3
japanese militia15mmDarkMike3
Japanese snipers15mmDarkMike3
Lyon 1Xaxk
Lyon 10Xaxk
Lyon 11Xaxk
Lyon 12Xaxk
Lyon 13Xaxk
Lyon 14Xaxk
Lyon 15Xaxk
Lyon 16Xaxk
Lyon 17Xaxk
Lyon 18Xaxk
Lyon 19Xaxk
Lyon 2Xaxk
Lyon 20Xaxk
Lyon 21Xaxk
Lyon 22Xaxk
Lyon 23Xaxk
Lyon 24Xaxk
Lyon 3Xaxk
Lyon 4Xaxk
Lyon 5Xaxk
Lyon 6Xaxk
Lyon 7Xaxk
Lyon 8Xaxk
Lyon 9Xaxk
lyon infantrymicroscaleXaxk
lyon K9 teammicroscaleXaxk
Lyon Tanks microscaleXaxk
Lyon tesla weaponsmicroscaleXaxk
Lyon townhousemicroscaleXaxk
Marine Command SectionCopeious
Marine Sniper SectionCopeious
Marine WeaponsCopeious
Martian CylinderWar of the Worlds Series : Martian CylinderUngern
Martian Heavy Tank 1877P51ftw
Martian POWs 1877Martian Invasion seriesP51ftw
Martian Revolutionist transport 1877P51ftw
Martian Revolutionists 1877martian invasionseriesP51ftw
Martian veterians 1877P51ftw
MercuriansMartian Invasion seriesPeaceman
MH-70 TransportCopeious
Mobile Satellite unitWill R.
Mobile Tactical Operations CenterDaniel Casquilho
Moon bugsPeaceman
MYO 15mm setDarkMike3
New spain15mmDarkMike3
Nova republic civiliansXaxk
Nova republic light infantryXaxk
Nova republic ranksXaxk
nova republic SnipersXaxk
NRP General15mmDarkMike3
NRP infantry15mmDarkMike3
NRP officers15mmDarkMike3
NRP snipers15mmDarkmike3
NRP snipers215mmDarkMike3
NRP sunka dorce15mmDarkMike3
NRT ParatroopersNight Wolf
Ping jong Airforce15mm ping jong serieDarkMike3
Ping jong Army 115mm ping jongDarkMike3
ping jong army 215mm ping jong serieDarkmike3
Ping jong army 3DarkMike3
Ping jong Police15mm ping jong serieDarkMike3
Ping-Jong Troops15mm "ping-jong serie)DarkMike3
Pong Jong Genersl15mm ping jong serieDarkMike3
Rebel army 215mmDarkmike3
Rebels 15mmDarkmike3
Rebels 315mmDarkmike3
Red MartiansAir Ship, Great White Ape, Swords, Radium Rifles, John Carter John KoziolJohn Koziol
robot gang 2darkmike3
robot gang 3darkmike3
Robot Gangsterdarkmike3
Royalist InfantryNight Wolf
Sci-fi starter setIcy Icy
Scientists and ZombiesSeth Lippa
Scottish Defense force 1877Martian Invasion seriesP51ftw
Smart carsBlastwave
Space ship15mmDarkMike3
Survivor Supply truckNickygio
Taowashian 's' corpNight Wolf
Terran Armed Forcesarmy, navy and marinesDevastator
Trade Union MarinesIcyIcy
Tunisian marinesmootaz
Tunisian marines 2Mootaz
UAE Space CommandosDevastator
UGT-1 APCCopeious
Us Navy InfantryMartian Invasion seriesPeaceman
Us paramilitary Gun trucks and vehiclesNickygio
US VolunteersMartian invasion seriespeaceman
US Walker/ MechJhigh
USA Defense Force 1877martian invasion seriesP51ftw
USSOCOM operatorsLegionIX
Venusian InfantryMartian Invasion seriesPeaceman
Victorian Fictional CharactersDr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, Dracula, Female Vampire, Frankenstein's Monster, The Invisible Man, Werewolf John Koziol John Kzool
World survivor union boatXaxk
world survivor union power generator pt1part 1Xaxk
World survivor's union fast attack forceXaxk
World survivors union assualt carsXaxk
world survivors union militiaXaxk
World Survivors union ore transport carsXaxk
World survivors union power generator pt2part 2Xaxk
yon battlefield AccessoriesmicroscaleXaxk
Zombie Gun-truckNickygio
Zombie guntruckNickygio


File LocationDescriptionDesigner
Dornier Do P247T-1 Prototyped Nazi War Machine! Forrest Gump
Fictional AH-64 Fictional AH 64 for German Bundeswehr Design M.A.
Ping jong militia 15mm ping jong serie DarkMike3
Polish Peugeot 1918 Wz.30Night Wolf
Union InfantryUS civil War (1861-1865)Darkmike3
walking armored tank walking tanks; crew Forrest Gump
(War of the worlds) Anti Tripod RailgunRailguns with and without crews; steam engine and crew quartersUngern
(War of the worlds) human Artilleryfrench 75mm gun; crewUngern
(War of the Worlds) human CrowdStanding; runningUngern
(War of the worlds) human fighting machine "Beetle"Ungern
(War of the worlds) human fighting machines; ECM Mle 1900/1901Ungern
(War of the worlds) Human infantry 2French Army Marines "Fusilier Marins"Ungern
(War of the worlds) Human Infantry 3Foot soldiersUngen
(War of the worlds) Human land ironclad Kaiser Wilhem der GrobeUngern
(War of the worlds) Human land ironclad 2HMLS ThunderstormUngern
(War of the worlds) Human land ironclads 2HMLS ThunderchildUngern
(War of the worlds) martians and handling machineUngern
(War of the worlds)anti tripod trainUngern
(War of the worlds)Beetle Mk III land carrierBeetle Mk III; aircraftUngern
(War of the worlds)human "tripod" fighting machine Type 01Ungen
(War of the worlds)human artilleryUngern
(War of the worlds)Human Horse Artillerytowed;gun and gun crewUngern
(war of the worlds)Human InfantryGerman Zeppelin crewman,gunners and marinesEduard
(War of the Worlds)Martian "Tripod" fighting machinewalking; walking with Heat rayUngern
(War of the worlds)Martian "Tripod" fighting machine mkI with heat rayUngern
(War of the worlds)Martian "Tripod" fighting machine Type 1Ungern
(War of the worlds)Martian "Tripod"fighting Machine Mk I with black smoke dischargerUngern
(War of the worlds)type01 and type 02martian flying machinein air; on groundUngern
13th SS luftstrum-division z.b.vthomas scardino
Allied State of Tunisia marine corpsMootaz
Allied State of Tunisia marine corps 2desert camomootaz
American Resistance FightersShankfisher
Argentinian Navy (1940-1950s) Naval microscaleDenis Szabunia
Austin Mini Cooper light urban assualt vehicleNightHunter
Austin mini cooper LUAVNighthunter
Blohm und Voss BV.178Forrest Gump
bounty huntersDarkMike3
canadian armored combat teamRussell McCreight
Canadian armored combat teamMaple Leaf Warrior
Curtis P-40QForrest Gump
Curtiss P-40Q (2)Forest Gump
Dunly HackerSwede94
F-4EM Southern AllianceRedneckHamster
F-5A Rhodesian Air Force 1982Nobunaga
Ghost Recon Ghost TeamMichael Smith
Giotan armyNickygio
Giotan army 2Nickygio
Giotan army 3Nickygio
Giotan army HMMMWVNickygio
Giotan army m1a1Nickygio
Giotan army mechanizedNickygio
Giotan Mi-24Nickygio
GioTan naval infantryNickygio
Grumman XF-5FForrest Gump
HMS ThunderchildNighthunter
Human fighting machine "Dragonfly"Mk I, MK II, MK III AND MK III HRUngern
Hungarian Spitfire MkISwede94
Italian Aircraft ww2Swede94
Jake weddBison seriesForrest Gump
M-18-W Hellcat Walkerswede94
Martian flying-whale flying machineunder water, on water, flyingUngern
Messerschmitt me-262T-1 "Eisvogel"forest gump
Nationalist Paratrooperstutatian civil war (1940-1945)Night Wolf
Polish Anti Aircraft teamDenis Szabunia
Polish Armored CarsDenis Szabunia
Polish Mobile Anti-Air TeamNight Wolf
Post war polish aircraftSwede94
Prospekt Marksa Weapon Sheet 1Bison seriesJake Wedd
prospekt marksa weapon sheet 2bison series-snowJake Wedd
Prospekt Marksa weapon sheet 3bison series-desertJake Wedd
Reichcanan BA-5 Armored Car FamilyForrest Gump
Reichcanan BT-10/11 FamilyForrest Gump
Reichcanan BT-12 FamilyReichcana seriesForrest Gump
Reichland rifle sheet 1RM-R1948, RM-R1954Jake Wedd
Rhodesian F-5ANobunaga
Royal Romanian Air Force IAR-15Forrest Gump
Royalist TankettesNight Wolf
Soviet Bear CalvaryVance Cannell
Soviet SU-41 and ZSU-40Non Historical what if russian weapons.Mors
Spys cops and soldiersMapleRaven
Steampunk downed pilot"flying Stanley"CENTOR1EL
Steampunk PirateCENTOR1EL
trouble in New Orleansvoodoo priests, voodoo zombies, allies and investagators Hannyabo
Tunisian Leopard-2A4Mootaz KHelifi
Tusnisian SH-60Mootaz Khelifi
Uaz-1980 multi-purpose truckForrest Gump
Union home soldiersroyal guard. officer, guard, infantryDarkmike3
Wss (Wojskowe Sluzby Specjalne) Army Special ForcesNight Wolf
WW2 US troops in europefor use from 1943 onwardsSwede94

Fantasy-Top Down

File LocationDescriptionDesigner
'Hi Tech' DwarvesDirk Schoenberger
Atlantis a la CinecittaDirk
BarbariansDirk Schoenberger
Beggar ArmyDirk Schoenberger
Border TerritoriesDirk Schoenberger
BrowniesDirk Schoenberger
Centaurs/BeastmenDirk Schoenberger
Chaos ForcesDirk Schoenberger
Chinese Dirk Schoenberger
City StatesDirk Schoenberger
Classical AmazonsDirk
CorsairsDirk Schoenberger
Dragon ArmyMicro topdownsHannyabo
DwarvesDirk Schoenberger
Elephant men of South East AsiaDirk Schoenberger
Elves of the great plainsDirk Schoenberger
Fantasy EgyptianDirk
Fantasy HittiteDirk
Fantasy SamuraiDirk Schoenberger
Fire ElvesDirk Schoenberger
Garden GnomesDirk Schoenberger
GnomesDirk Schoenberger
Goblin Steppe DevilsDirk Schoenberger
Goblin TribesDirk Schoenberger
Goblins of the NorthDirk Schoenberger
Goblins of the SouthDirk Schoenberger
HalflingDirk Schoenberger
High ElvesDirk Schoenberger
Hill DwarvesDirk Schoenberger
Hordes of the Chaos QueenDirk Schoenberger
Indo-AmazonsDirk Schoenberger
Kingdom of the DesertDirk Schoenberger
Kingdom of the LilyDirk Schoenberger
Last PtolemeansDirk
LizardmenBased on green grass.Kalashnikov
Lizardmen EmpireDirk Schoenberger
Lizardmen, late empireDirk Schoenberger
Medieval City State s (generic)Dirk Schoenberger
Medieval LizardmenDirk Schoenberger
Mediterran High ElvesDirk Schoenberger
Misty Mountains Coalition Dirk Schoenberger
Mounted BarbariansDirk Schoenberger
Mythical JapaneseDirk Schoenberger
Nordic Bronze AgeDirk Schoenberger
Oriental OrcsDirk Schoenberger
OstlingeDirk Schoenberger
PersiansDirk Schoenberger
Priests of the Forgotten GodsDirk Schoenberger
Pseudo Historic CretansDirk
Pseudo-Historic RomansJulius CaesarDirk
Pseudo-Indic PrincipalitiesDirk Schoenberger
Rat MenDirk Schoenberger
Sand LizardmenDirk Schoenberger
Sand OrcsDirk Schoenberger
Sea ElvesDirk Schoenberger
Steppe DevilsDirk Schoenberger
The EmpireDirk Schoenberger
TheocracyDirk Schoenberger
Tribal LizardmenDirk Schoenberger
Trogs/Cave OrksDirk Schoenberger
UndeadDirk Schoenberger
Wood ElvesDirk Schoenberger

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