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"History Lessons They'll Never Forget"

Some Useful Websites

Information about Historical Gaming

  • Free Wargames Rules: Pete Jones maintains this great index of wargames rules that are available for free.
  • Magweb archives thousands of articles from military history and wargaming magazines. It's a gold mine of useful information. You have to pay to get full access to the archive. It's my first stop when I start researching a battle.
  • The Perfect Captain: Free Historical games, many suitable for teachers and students, and all have extensive lists of useful Internet resources. Check it out!
  • Warflag: One of the most useful wargaming web sites you'll ever see. Warflag has loads of battle flags that you can download and print out for free. They really add pizzaz to a miniature army. The site includes instructions on how to make realistic banners for your miniature army.
  • The Miniatures Page: A web-magazine for miniature wargamers.
  • DBx Wargaming with 20mm Plastics Figures: This site goes beyond DBx wargaming, and includes a good primer on painting figures and useful links.
  • Wargames Journal: Interesting articles covering all historical periods.
  • Fanaticus: Information about ancient battles, aimed at DBA enthusiasts
  • Hamster Press: Chris Engle's web site for everything you want to know about matrix games
  • Academic Gaming Review - free educational simulations and classroom games for older students

Information about 1/72 Plastic figures

Sources for 1/72 Plastic figures

  • One of the premier mail order companies now has an on-line site for ordering your minis. Their prices are very low and they have a good stock of out of production sets. Get on their mailing list so you can received their monthly catalog supplements .
  • The Phoenix Model Company: Another of my favorite on-line retailers.
  • Michigan Toy Soldier Company: They sell figures, and are a good place to go for information about upcoming releases.

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