Paper Soldiers


Medieval 500 - 1500 AD

Title Description Designer
11th Century Spanish (El Cid):   Pedro Pato
Anglosaxons   Jacob Johnson
Arab Infantry   Tulius Hostilius
Arabian Trade Cart   Shermanus
Arabs   Shermanus
Archers (Micro-Scale)   Simpson Bulliman
Bannockburn Scots Lowland Spearmen (8), Robert the Bruce, Ensign w/ Standard, Bruce's Spearmen   James Byers
Battering Ram   Matt Fritz
Battering Ram 2 Thomas Englehardt   Thomas Englehardt
Berber Infantry Islamized   Tulius Hostilius
Black Death Monks and Doctors   Ageust
Brigands Mounted and Foot (2)   James Byers
Brigands and Travellers   Tulius Hostilius
Burgundians   Benjamin Sharkey
Byzantine Catafracts   Dietrich von Sachsen
Byzantine Horse Archers   Dietrich von Sachsen
Byzantine Medium Cavalry   Dietrich von Sachsen
Byzantine Skirmishers Javelins   Dietrich von Sachsen
Byzantine Spearmen and Archers 10th Century   Dietrich von Sachsen
Byzantine War Galley: With Greek Fire Projector   Count Dracula
Byzantines 1: Infantry (4), Crossbows, Cataphract Cavalry   James Byers
Byzantines 2: Varangian Guard, Swordsmen, Spears, Maces, Archers, Light Cavalry (4), Cataphracts (2), Pronoiar   John Thiessen
Byzantines 3: Mercenaries - English longbowmen, infantry, commander, Frankish heavy infantry, crossbowmen, commander, knights (2), Scythian cavalry (4), horse archers (2)   John Thiessen
Byzantines 4: Fire projector, Siege drill   D.J.V.
Castle Attackers: Archers (2 different), Infantry (10 different), Artillerymen (2 different), Commander   Matt Fritz
Castle Defenders 1: Archers (2 different), Infantry (10 different), Artillerymen (2 different), Commander   Matt Fritz
Castle Defenders 2: Pikemen, Handgunners, Swordsmen Men-at-Arms, Knight, Flag, Civilians, Boiling Oil, Rock   Matt Hazelton
Castle Defenders 3: Lord, Spearmen, Axemen, Knight, Crossbowmen, Longbowmen, Man w/ pole   Josh Hazelton
Catalan Kings of the Crown of Aragon   NeilCaptain
Celtic Villagers   Masaccio
Celts: Mounted Warlord, Armored Cavalry, Gallowglasses, Kerns, Noble Warriors   James Byers
Charlemagne's Paladins 12 different   Tiresias
Chinese Song Dynasty Fire Siphons, Fire Lancers, Bomb Throwers   S. Purpurea
City Militia and Patrician Levies   707
Cog With and without crew   Tulius Hostilius
Crusader Archers: Bows (4), Crossbows (4)   Daniel Harper
Crusaders Knight, Horse Archer, Flag, Halberd, Axe   NicuS
Crusaders Hospitalers, Venetians   NicuS
Crusaders Guy de Lusignan   Vance Cannell
Crusaders James Avesnes   Vance Cannell
Crusaders Hospitalers   Carausius
Crusaders Teutonic   Carausius
Crusaders Richard the First of England   Carausius
Crusaders Frederic Barbarossa   Carausius
Crusaders Geza of Hungary   Carausius
Crusaders Conrad the 1st of Montferrat   Carausius
Crusaders Robert De Sable   Carausius
Crusaders 1: Infantry, Crossbowmen, Mounted Knight, Mounted Commander, Templar Infantry, Templar Mounted Knight, Templar Mounted Commander   Matt Fritz
Crusaders 2: Swords (2), Crossbow, Spearmen, Mounted Knight, Richard the Lionhearted   Josh Hazelton
Crusaders 3: Knights charging, 6 different   Daniel Harper
Crusaders 4: Knights galloping, 6 different, leader, banner, horn   Daniel Harper
Crusaders 5: Infantry armored and unarmored, 6 of each, leader, horn, banner   Daniel Harper
Crusaders 6: Peter the Hermit, Bohemond, Godfrey, Adhemar, Raymond   Daniel Harper
Crysaders Theobold the 5th of Blois   Carausius
Dark Age Infantry 1: Sling, Spears (3), Axes (2)   Cornet Leslie
Dark Age Infantry 2: Spears (2), Axes (2)   Cornet Leslie
DBA Based Anglo Saxons   Hannyabo
DBA Based Asuka to Nara Period Japanese   Hannyabo
DBA Based Avars   Hannyabo
DBA Based Avars   Hannyabo
DBA Based Carolingians   Hannyabo
DBA Based Emishi   Hannyabo
DBA Based Late Heian to Early Kamakura Japanese   Hannyabo
DBA Based Picts   Hannyabo
DBA Based Slavs   Hannyabo
Doors Medieval Castle   Thomas Englehardt
El Cid Soldiers  
English 1: Longbow men, Infantry, Commander   Matt Fritz
English 2: King Henry V, Black Prince, Longbowmen   Josh Hazelton
English 3: King Henry V, Black Prince, Edward III, John de Vere, Longbowmen (8 different), Foot Soldiers (2 different)   Josh Hazelton
English 4: Longbowmen (15)   Josh Hazelton
English 5: Halberds (2), Swords (2), Spears (2)   Josh Hazelton
English 6: Men-at-Arms (5)   Josh Hazelton
English Archers   The Viking
English Cogs (1340) 3 different   James Byers
English Galleons (1340) 3 different, Flag Ship   James Byers
English Infantry Heavy Billmen, Levy Spearmen, Town Militia, Peasant Archer, Peasants, Welsh Spearmen   Forrest Gump
English Late Medieval Army   Carausius
English Men-at-Arms   Emmet Hegarty
English Peasants Revolt (1381) Peasants (4), Wat Tyler   Matt Hazelton
English Troops Mounted Knights, Archers, Militia, Spearmen, Dismounted Knights   Forrest Gump
Equestrian Order of Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem   Russell McCreight
Estonian Pagans   Xaxk
Estonians: Armed Peasants, Unarmored Infantry, Chainmail Infantry   Xaxk
European Medieval Peasants   Tulius Hostilius
Feudal Knights Dismounted, 4 Different   The Viking
Flat Counters: Units listed below in counter form   Alex Kremer
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Based on Folio 108v the "Lorvao Beatus"   Tulius Hostilius
French 1: Infantry, Crossbowmen, Mounted Knight (2 different), Mounted Commander   Matt Fritz
French 2: Charles D'Albret, Duke of Bourbon, Duke of Orleans, Duke of Alencon, Duke of Bar, Count Dammartin, Bertrand de Guesclin, Louis de Nevers   Josh Hazelton
French 3: Mounted Knights (10 different)   Josh Hazelton
French 4: Flag Holder, Swordsmen (3), Spearmen Anthony Phan   Anthony Phan
French 5: Sword (2), Spear, Pole arm, Flag, Crossbow   Josh Hazelton
French Cogs (1340) 3 different   James Byers
French Galleons (1340) 3 different, Flag Ship   James Byers
Gate 1 Medieval Castle   Thomas Englehardt
Gate 2 Medieval Castle   Thomas Englehardt
Harlaw (1411) Western Islanders, Noble Clansmen, Light Infantry, Clan Warriors, Macdonald Lord of the Isles, Aberdeen and Lowlands Knights and Men at Arms   James Byers
Heroes William Wallace, Black Prince, King Henry V, Edward III, Richard the Lionhearted, Duke William, King Harold   Josh Hazelton
Highwaymen   Shermanus
Hindu Infantry   Tulius Hostilius
Horsemen of the Steppes Khazar, Magyar, Pecheneg, Mongol   Boron
Hussites Foot Command, Handgunners, Infantry, Spearmen, Peasants, Pavise Wall, Jan Ziska, Field Cannon, Wagon (2), Artillery Wagon, Packed Wagon   James Byers
Italian Wars Sword, Spear, Axe, Pole Arm, Crossbow, Cannon   Tulius Hostilius
James I the Conqueror   NeilCaptain
Kingdom of Asturias Cavalry   Tulius Hostilius
Kingdom of Asturias Cavalry   Tulius Hostilius
Kipchaq Warriors Mounted, Lance, Bow, Sword   Alex Kremer
Knights (Micro-Scale)   Simpson Bulliman
Knights 1: Mounted Knight (2), Swordsmen, Archers, Siege Engineer, Catapult - Red and Blue   Ben Harvey
Knights 2: Mounted Lord, Mounted Man-at-arms, Mounted Knight, Swordsmen (2), Dismounted Knight, Longowman, Pikes   Josh Hazelton
Knights 3: Full Armor (3), Men-At-Arms (3)   Matt Hazelton
Knights 4: 8 different   Mike
Knights Hospitaller   Russell McCreight
Knights Hospitaller   Russell McCreight
Knights Hospitaller Mounted   Russell McCreight
Knights Hospitaller Saint Lazarus   Russell McCreight
Knights of Saint John   Emmett Hegarty
Knights Templar 5 Different   Guynemer
Knights Templar   Russell McCreight
Koreans Infantry (4), Archers, Light and Heavy Cav   Mike
Lancastrian 1 Men-at-Arms (22), Artillery, Crew, Duke of Exeter, Earl of Oxford   Ungern
Lancastrian 2 Men-at-Arms (30), Banners (2), Viscount Beaumont, Earl of Warwick   Ungern
Lancastrian 3 Men-at-Arms (8), Banners (2), Archers (4), Crossbows (9), Artillery, Crew (2), Marquis of Montaigu, Two-handed Swords (4)   Ungern
Lancastrians (War of the Roses) Philippe Wentworth, Jhon Clifford, Humprey Stafford, Thomas Percy, Henry Beaumont   C.J. Fiorito
Lancastrians (War of the Roses) Thomas de Roos, John Wenlock   C.J. Fiorito
Lancastrians (War of the Roses) John Bultler, John Sutton   C.J. Fiorito
Lancastrians (War of the Roses) Thomas Courtenay, Jasper Tudor   C.J. Fiorito
Lancastrians (War of the Roses) Thomas Clifford, Henry Percy   C.J. Fiorito
Lancastrians (War of the Roses) Humprey Stafford, Edmund Beaufort   C.J. Fiorito
Late Byzantine Heavy Infantry   707
Lithuanian Knights   Lmaniac1
Lithuanian Sargents   Lmaniac1
Mantlets Thomas Englehardt   Thomas Englehardt
Medieval Army 1 Pikemen, Heavy Infantry, Dismounted Knights, Foot Soldiers, Halberdiers, Swordsmen, Men-at-Arms, Heavy Axemen, Longbowmen, Light Infantry, Peasant Volunteers   Josh Hazelton
Medieval Army 2 Swordsmen (5), Axemen (3), Spearmen (4), Mace, Archers (3)   Josh Hazelton
Medieval Army 3 Dismounted Knight, Axemen (2), Swordsmen, Archer, Wounded Knight Mounted and Dismounted, Spearmen (3)   Josh Hazelton
Medieval Army 4 Swordsmen (2), Archers, Crossbow, Mounted Knight, Spearmen (3)   Josh Hazelton
Medieval Army 5 Pole Arms (21), Swords (2)   JD321
Medieval Army 6 Pole Arms (10)   Alex Kremer
Medieval Fishing Boat Large, Small   Tulius Hostilius
Medieval Horse Saddles Black and White Generic Medieval Horse Saddles   Alex Kremer
Medieval House   Michael Krein
Medieval Levy Infantry (3), Archers, Local Lord   Matt Hazelton
Medieval Levy Spears, Swords, Axes, Polearms   Mike
Medieval Ships (Micro-Scale)   Tulius Hostilius
Men at Arms Pole Arms (4)   Kalashnikov
Men-at-Arms Hundred Years War, 8 Different   Ungern
Men-at-Arms   Ungern
Middle Eastern Army (Micro-Scale)   Boron
Middle Eastern Cavalry   Boron
Moldavian Infantry Javielins (2), Infantry (2), Pole Arms (2), Shock Troops (2)   Mike
Mongol Infantry Archers (2), Infantry, Banner, Drummer   Mike
Mongols: Light Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry, Elite Heavy Cavalry, Mounted Commander   Matt Fritz
Monks 2 different   Dan Meijers
Mounted Knights 1: Mounted Knights with lances (6 different), blank knight with 6 helmet choices   Ben Harvey
Mounted Knights 2: Light Cavalry, Lance (4), Bow (4), Sword (4)   Matt Smith
Muslim Army 1 Light Spearmen (15)   Alex Kremer
Muslim Army 2 Light Spearmen (22)   Alex Kremer
Muslim Army 3 Spearmen with shields (32)   Alex Kremer
Muslim Army 4 Archers (9)   Alex Kremer
Muslim Army 5 Infantry (18)   Alex Kremer
Nobles of the Crown of Aragon   NeilCaptain
Nordic Raiding Party   Saven
Normain Infantry   Venios
Norman Archers   Patridor
Norman Cavalry Duke William, Bishop Odo, Mounted Commander, Norman Cavalry (3 different), French/Breton Cavalry (2 different), Norman Standard, William's Standard   Rob Dear
Norman Infantry 1 French/Breton Infantry (3 different), Norman Infantry (3 different), Archers (2 different)   Rob Dear
Norman Infantry 2 Sword, Spear, Axe, Bow, Flag, red and blue versions   Ben Harvey
Norman Infantry 3 Heavy Infantry w/ Kite Shields (8)   Francisco J.M.Rodrigues
Norman Infantry 4 Heavy Infantry Infantry in Compact Order (2), Command Group   Francisco J.M.Rodrigues
Norman Knights   Jacob Johnson
NormanKnights   Jacob Johnson
Normans Duke William, Duke William's Standard, Norman Standard, Cavalry, Shield Wall   Josh Hazelton
Normans Axe, Spear, Sword   Vance Cannell
Normans: Infantry, Archers, Norman Cavalry, French/Breton Cavalry, Mounted Commander   Matt Fritz
Novogrod Rus (Lake Peipus 1242): Spearmen, Swordsmen, Heavy Axemen, Archers, Peasants, Alexander Nevsky   James Byers
Onager Thomas Englehardt   Thomas Englehardt
Peasants Sword, Bow, Spear   Venior
Peasants Farming, Hunting, Plowing, Wagons, Farm Animals   Tulius Hostilius
Pechengs Mounted Bow & Spear, Foot Bow   Soapy Soutar
Poles and Lithuanians Polish Infantry (4), Lithuanian Infantry (3), Polish Foot Knights (3), Polish Cavalry (4), Lithuanian Cavalry (4)   Night Wolf
Poles/Germans: Light Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Archers, Crossbowmen, Teutonic Infantry, Mounted Knight, Mounted Commander, Teutonic Knight, Teutonic Mounted Commander   Matt Fritz
Polish Knights 3 Different   Night Wolf
Portuguese Spears, Foot Knights, Peasants, Archers, Cavalry, Mounted Crossbow   Mike
Portuguese Barca Barca, Crew, Cargo, Lion, Seal, Rhino, Leopard, Monkey, Rabbits, Goat, Chickens, Sheep, Horse, Chests   Tulius Hostilius
Pre-Formated Chinese Army Print this page to have a quick and easy to use Chinese Army!   Ben Harvey
Rajput Warriors Northern Indian   True Revolutionaires
Robin Hood and the Merry Men   Tulius Hostilius
Russian Cavalry (Micro-Scale) Mounted Boyars   Boron
Saracens: Archers, Infantry, Bedouin Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry, Mounted Commander   Matt Fritz
Saxon 9 Huscarl (6), Banner, Harold, Fyrd (8)   Matt Hazelton
Saxon Spearmen   Panzerjoust
Saxons 2 Fyrd, Thegn, Huscarls (3 of each), King Harold, Saxon Commander   Rob Dear
Saxons 3 King Harold, Huscarl (2), Shield Wall (2), Thegns (2)   Josh Hazelton
Saxons 4 5 different   Josh Hazelton
Saxons 5 Spearmen, Axes, Flags, Spare Heads   John Wirth
Saxons 6 Fyrd with Spears (9)   Francisco J.M. Rodrigues
Saxons 7 Chieftain (2), Huscarl, Select Fyrd (6)   Francisco J.M. Rodrigues
Saxons 8 Huscarls (8), Banner   Francisco J.M. Rodrigues
Saxons: Fyrd/Militia, Housecarls, Commander   Matt Fritz
Scots (1400s) King of Scotland, Ensign and Piper, Pikes (2), Men-at-Arms, Urban Militia, Flag of Scotch Guard   James Byers
Scots 1 Spear (2), Sword (2), Axe   Josh Hazelton
Scots 2 16 different   Matt Hazelton
Scots Army William Wallace, Spearmen (3), Axemen (2)   Josh Hazelton
Scottish Army Pikemen, Highlander, Commanders   Carausius
Scottish War of Independence: Ghillies, Urban Militia, Highland Raiders   James Byers
Siege Weapons: Ladder, Cauldron, Mantlet, Catapult, Small Ballista, Large Ballista   Matt Fritz
Spearmen (Micro-Scale)   Simpson Bulliman
Sudanese Tribesmen   Tulius Hostilius
Sudanese Tribesmen   Tulius Hostilius
Sudanese Warriors Bows, Maces, Command, Spears   Vance Cannell
Swiss: Pikes, Crossbow (3), Halberds, Firearm   Matt Hazelton
Syrian Infantry   Tulius Hostilius
Templar Knights Archer, Sword, Spear, Mace, Mounted   Mad Mader Creations
Templars and Hospitalers: Dismounted knights (4 of each)   Alex Kremer
Teutonic Knights Dismounted (3)   Hound Knight
Teutonic Knights Knights, Dismounted Knights, Handgunners, Spears, Militia, Pike, Archers, Clergy   Forrest Gump
Teutonic Knights   Vance Cannell
Teutonic Knights   Carausius
Teutonic Knights (Lake Peipus 1242) 1: Knight, Hochmeister, Sergeant (2 different), Alternative Helmets (7 different)   Old Tyke
Teutonic Knights (Lake Peipus 1242) 2: Knights (2), Sergeants (2), Infantry w/ Spear, Crossbow, Danish Mercenaries w/ Axes   Old Tyke
Tournament Knights Jousting, King, Men-at-Arms   Ungern
Tournament Knights   Ungern
Tower 1 Medieval Castle   Thomas Englehardt
Tower 2 Medieval Castle   Thomas Englehardt
Townspeople Blacksmiths, Innkeeper, Inn Customers, Medieval Family   Josh Hazelton
Trebuchet Trebuchet, Crew (3)   Mike
Tuareg Warriors   Tulius Hostilius
Tuareg Warriors   Tulius Hostilius
Tuscan Knights Heavy Cavalry (2), Light Cavalry (2), Captains (2), Flags (3, Mercenaries (4), Duke of Florence   OttoBear
Venetian Armored Infantry and Crossbowmen   707
Viking Jarl   Jacob Johnson
Viking Longship   John
Viking Raiders   Jacob Johnson
Vikings Spears, Archers, Warriors, Leader   Viktor2a5
Vikings Longships: Three different   James Byers
Vikings/Raiders and Peasant Militia: Mounted Vikings (3), Foot (5), Peasant Militia (3)   Jacob Johnson
Vikings/Saxons/Rus: Hero, Standard Bearer, Huscarl, Freemen, Archer, Armored Archer   James Byers
Vikings: Spears (3), Archers (3), Axes (4), Jarl   Michael Krein
Visigothic Infantry   Tulius Hostilius
Wall 1 Medieval Castle   Thomas Englehardt
Wall 2 Medieval Castle   Thomas Englehardt
Warriors   C.J. Fiorito
Wars of the Roses: Dismounted Men-at-Arms (2 different), Crossbow, Archers, Billmen (2 different), Halberdiers, Mounted Men-at-Arms (3 different), Mounted Archer, Lord Fauconberg's Standard   Old Tyke
Yorkist 1 Men-at-Arms (20), King Edward IV, Duke of Gloucester, Artillery, Crew (2)   Ungern
Yorkist 2 Men-at-Arms (20), Banners (2), Lord Hastings, Lord Saye and Sele   Ungern
Yorkist 3 Men-at-Arms (8), Banners (2), Archers (4), Crossbows (9), Artillery, Crew (2), Humphrey Bouchier, Two-handed Swords (4)   Ungern
Yorkists (War of the Roses) John de Mowbray   C.J. Fiorito
Yorkists (War of the Roses) Walter Deveraux, Thomas Harrington   C.J. Fiorito
Yorkists (War of the Roses) William Neville, Henry Bourchier   C.J. Fiorito
Yorkists (War of the Roses) Richard Neville   C.J. Fiorito
Yorkists (War of the Roses) Edward & Richard Plantagenet   C.J. Fiorito

Modular Medieval - cut and paste to make your own figures

Title Description Designer
Arms Various armor and arm positions   Jon Oldham
Bodies Chainmail, Cloth, Padded Armor, Plate Armor, Brigandines cut and paste to make your own figures   Jon Oldham
Heads Kettle Hats, Sallets, Cervellieres, Bascinets, Barbutas, Bevors   Jon Oldham
Instructions How-to file with instructions and examples   Jon Oldham
Legs Various armor and leggings   Jon Oldham
Weapons Pole Arms, Maces, Axes, Swords, Daggers, Bows, Crossbows, Pikes, Hand Guns   Jon Oldham
Weapons and Armor 1 Swords, Pikes, Axes, Chainmail, Helmets, Poses, Padded Shirts, Pants   Josh Hazelton
Weapons and Armor 2 Swords, Shields, Helmets, Armor, Chainmail, Padded shirts, Trousers, Poses, Weapons, Fronts and Backs   Josh Hazelton